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3 Benefits Of LED For Acne

3 Benefits Of LED For Acne

LED For Acne Has Become A Staple In Skin Care

LED for acne may seem a little “space aged”, but we have learned so much about LED light therapy over the past few years, to know that it’s an incredibly therapeutic treatment for acne.  It’s become common place over the past 5 years for day spas and medical spas to use red and blue LED for acne.  This is being used in treatment and for home care to help acne clients manage their skin issues. 

15 Products To Combine with LED For Acne Treatments 

We have the ultimate guide to treating acne at home and in the treatment room!  These unique treatment options are ideal options to combine with LED for acne treatments.  They range from from masks to peels to oxygen chambers!  Then we have a list of home care products for treating acne that cover everything from spot treatments, cleansers, masks and serums.

What Treatments Help Clear Up Acne?

“… LED Light Therapy and Microcurrent are also effective since they are able to calm down inflammation, stimulate cellular ATP and assist in wound healing.”

Read the Quick Reference Guide To Understanding Acne

Jenna goes on to say, “I love LED light therapy! It is one of the few, non-invasive modalities that creates visible change in the skin at the cellular level. Because I know that inflammation is a prominent characteristic of acne, I use LED Light therapy in every single acne treatment to combat redness.  It’s ability to reduce inflammation, kill problematic bacteria and assist in collagen repair is so helpful when clearing and keeping clear an acne client. As with anything, regular use is always best, so for clients who are serious about getting their skin clear quickly, I will recommend professional, FDA cleared LED device for home use.”

Jenna Kent

Guest Blogger

What’s the science on LED For Acne?

Jenni and I have been working closely with Kaelin Jutras at Herbal Skin Solutions. Herbal Skin Solutions brand offers some great acne solutions so I went to Kaelin to ask get her input on LED For Acne, because we know that she loves LED after her microneedling.

Kaelin broke it down in one sentence, and in a way that made it so clear!

“In a nutshell, these light therapies work since our skin has the ability to absorb light and transfer it into energy to assist with healing on a cellular level.”,  Kaelin Jutras at Herbal Skin Solutions

 Pam Huck, owner of MedSpa Distributors and educator on LED light therapy gave us this little tidbit on LED for acne.

“Blue LED gets at the core of what causes P. acne. The bacteria responsible for causing acne inflammation, pumps out tiny molecules called porphyrins. When those porphyrin are exposed to certain wavelengths of light, they produce free radicals that kill the bacteria. Without P. acnes around to cause inflammation, certain types of acne can clears up.”,  Pam Huck MedSpa Distributors 

3 Reasons To Use Microcurrent For Acne

1. Regulate Sebaceous Activity

We know one expert in the skin care game is Ghada from MYSKINBUDDY! She’s worked with lasers, products and devices over the years and is the creator of MYSKINBUDDY, a 4 in one device that features LED for acne.  We asked her why she loves LED for acne. 

“LED is a safe and proven way to naturally achieve overall better skin and appearance. For acne sufferers, incorporating Blue, Red and Green LED into their skin routine will help with outbreak prevention, reducing redness and maintaining a calmer and clearer complexion.

Blue light has been shown and proven to work on the surface by killing P. acnes bacteria that leads to break outs, while red and green light penetrate deeper to target the molecules and sebaceous glands that contribute to excess sebum production, inflammation and hyperpigmentation.” Ghada from MYSKINBUDDY


2. Kills Bacteria

One of my go-to skin experts to talk to is Aliesh Pierce! Aliesh is the founder of askaliesh.com as well as an accomplished writer, educator and expert on treating multi-ethnic skin.  I wanted her to weigh in on using LED for acne.  She had a great pro tip on LED for acne, especially on richly pigmented skin.

“I love using Low-Level-Light Therapy to treat acneic skin. Blue light penetrates through the epidermis to target porphyrins within the pilosebaceous unit, which ultimately kills p.acnes and reduces inflammation. Red light penetrates through to the dermis. So, it reduces inflammation of the sebaceous gland to prevent additional breakout over time.  When utilizing light therapy post peel on clients with richly pigmented, reactive skin, be sure to select an LED device that emits the least amount of heat.” Aliesh D. Pierce, askaliesh.com

led for acne

3. Reduce Inflammation

In April, Celluma was a guest during our Virtual Skin Care Festival.  As one of the leaders in the LED Light Therapy industry, I wanted to hear their thoughts, so I reached out to them for help. Here’s what they had to say.

“We all know that acne can be a tenacious and difficult condition to treat. However, the good news is that research has shown that LED light therapy can successfully treat acne and even prevent future outbreaks. 

For Practitioners researching LED for acne, blue light is very important.  However, if you are looking for additional skin healing and recovery, then you will want an LED device that uses blue and red light, or blue, red and near-infrared wavelengths.

Celluma’s Acne Program utilizes three different wavelengths of light energy; blue, red, and near-infrared for simultaneous benefits. Each wavelength reaches different cells types at different tissue depths to provide energy to under-functioning cells to bring about a variety of beneficial results. Blue light is the shallowest penetrating wavelength, and is proven to kill acne-causing P. acnes bacteria. Red and near-infrared light energy reaches cells deeper in the tissue to reduce the inflammation associated with acne lesions and generally enhance overall skin tone and texture. Red and near-infrared also increases micro-circulation which brings more oxygen and nutrients to the area to help heal the lesions and reduce the associated redness.” Denise Ryan, Celluma 

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