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15 Tips For Fighting Acne

Fighting Acne – 15 Tips To Purify + Detoxify

You’ve heard the expression that there’s more than one way to skin a cat?  Well, that saying is true for fighting acne!  If you’ve been in the skin care business long enough, you have probably seen your share of acne cases.  Fighting acne can be kind of an uphill battle if you’re not really sure what to do.

If you’re looking for some great advice, you’ll want to read the June Advice From Our Experts column by Jenna Kent.  She outlines causes, foods to avoid, ingredients and treatments that she’s used.  

June’s Advice From Our Experts

Quick Reference Guide To Understanding Acne

What Causes Acne

Acne is often an inherited condition of the pore and is onset by the following factors : hormones, retention hyperkeratosis and c. acnes bacteria (which was formerly known as p. acnes bacteria). Though there are many triggers for acne, retention hyperkeratosis is the real culprit here. A normal skin will shed 1 layer of skin per day within the pore, whereas an acne prone individual will shed up to 5 layers, which becomes (literally) a sticky situation when the body cannot keep up and the pore becomes clogged. This clog creates the perfect environment for anaerobic c. acnes bacteria to proliferate. The overactive pore becomes an acne lesion starting as a microcomedone and it evolves into a blackhead, whitehead, pustule, papule, cyst or nodule, depending on the circumstances. Read Full Article 

Jenna Kent

Guest Blogger

Some Practical Advice For Fighting Acne

Theory on treating acne is great!  Learning what acne is and what how to treat it is vital.  But finding products with the ideal ingredients for home care and the most effective back bar products for treatments is a whole different story!  

Let us break it down for you! 

6 Treatments For Fighting Acne

2 Facial Treatments

Two brands that we love have complete facial protocols designed that are ideally suited for fighting acne.  The Oxygen RX Facial by Circadia will kill the p.acne bacteria and make extractions a breeze.  Barry had the Oxygen RX Facial as part of his 30 Days of Circardia and loved it!

Repêchage offers their Hydra Medic Facial with full treatment protocol that features their Hydra Medic® Collection, it is your answer for oily skin at any age.  The unique formulas found in this collection include an antioxidant tea blend, sea muds, and herbal extracts.  

In June of 2020 you can enjoy a VIP Exclusive Offer on the Hydra Medic® Collection if you use the Lipgloss + Aftershave Mobile App’s $ VIP Exclusive Offer Tab.

fighting acne

2 Treatment Masks

We love a good mask! Who doesn’t right?  However, masks are especially important for fighting acne.  Treatment masks are an opportunity to purify + detoxify the skin.  You can use a mask with ingredients such as clay that draw out impurities, strip away dirt and debris from the surface, and infuse the skin with a variety of important ingredients.  Hale & Hush has the BeeDazzle Mask that will recondition skin’s texture and complexion while bioactive Manuka Honey nurtures healing with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and conditioning effects.  

We love this mask and have used it many times.  Trish Kinderman, Owner of HiBrou Spa loves it for acne and she explains why in 10 Active Hale & Hush Ingredients For All Skin

A surprising option for treatment mask comes from SculptICE, they offer an Anti-Acne ICE Facial Mask, the mask is filled with natural & organic herbs that gently cleanses pores for clean skin; optimizing the healing of acne. Clean existing pimples and prevents new ones, dries out skin break outs, eliminates acne spots, reduces the appearances of scars of redness. 

Here at Lipgloss + Aftershave we’re huge fans of SculptICE Facials !  We love the cooling sensation and the therapeutic benefits on our skin.  LEGIT, gorgeous, amazing, glowing, soft skin after!  Here’s a webisode of L+A Now “Facials Frozen Or On The Rocks”? where we work with Ania, the CEO on her new charcoal SculptICE Facial Mask! 

fighting acne

1 Famous Skin Revision Treatment 

If you’ve been paying attention to the Lipgloss + Aftershave Instagram, then you’ve seen the before and afters from DMK International. Their now famous skin revision treatment has been used all over the world in countless clinics to help improve skin.  It’s highly effective for treating acne.  

1 Outside Of The Box Solution

During a podcast in 2019 with Nichelle Mosely of Queen City Beauty Group we learned about the O2 To DERM – IONIZED OXYGEN DOME MACHINE, by AOMedical.  Nichelle told me that she used this machine in her case studies that helped her win 1st place at The Skin Games.  “The ionized oxygen speeds up the healing process which is  paramount for detoxifying, followed by increased wound healing for acne. The ionized oxygen stabilizes free radicals, which in turn regenerate new cells, reducing bacteria, rebalancing pH levels!?”  

Learn more about O2 To Derm at Queen City Beauty Group’s Private Professional’s Page Access Code:  QCBG2017

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9 Home Care Helpers For Fighting Acne  

2 Options For Fighting Acne On A Cellular Level

The most obvious goal is to fight blemishes when you’re fighting acne.  M.A.D. Skincare’s Blemish Repelling Gel is an ultra light weight gel cream that absorbs rapidly while delivering a potent blend of Benzoyl Peroxide, Green Tea, Licorice, Aloe Vera and Epilobium Fleischeri Extract.

You can also fight Herbal Skin Solutions’ Neroli Repair Oil offers high-potency hydration alongside powerful inflammation fighting and antimicrobial properties! It will be your go-to natural aid in your acne-fighting arsenal. Enjoy its richness in omegas and antioxidant activity.

In June of 2020 you can enjoy a VIP Exclusive Offer on these 2 products  if you use the Lipgloss + Aftershave Mobile App’s $ VIP Exclusive Offer Tab.

Neroli Repair Oil Herbal Skin Solutions Lipgloss Aftershave

5 Cleansers, Serums and Mask… Oh My….

Finding the best combination of home care products to cleanse the skin, detoxify, clear and purify is like the finding the Holy Grail!  It’s an estheticians dream come true!  Well, fasten your seat belts…..

Sesha Skincare’s Clarifying Face Wash is jam packed with salicylic acid to unclog pores and botanical extracts, such as ginkgo biloba to detoxify skin from environmental toxins. 

Have clients follow up the cleansing step with a mask.  They can choose the CBDetox™ charcoal mask from dmSkincare This mask is packed with acne and inflammation fighting ingredients that reduce breakouts and ensure skin is hydrated. CBD is not only a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent but it also works to restore balance in the skin. 

If blackheads are an issue, we’ve got you covered there too! HydroPeptide has The Black Head Banisher, these pore-refining nose masks are formulated with volcanic ash and charcoal to draw out impurities and leave skin looking clearer and healthy.

After clients mask, instruct them to break out some high performance serums!  We love 2 acne serums!  BiON Research Skincare’s Follicle Clearing Lotion which works to keep the follicle clear of dirt and debris, minimizing breakouts.  KM Herbals Anti-Acne Facial Serum is also a winning go-to choice! Ideal for congested, oily conditions, this formula helps purify and balance troubled skin. It’s gentle, smooth, and lightweight, and can be used as a spot treatment or as an all-over preventative facial treatment.

2 Spot Treatments

You gotta go after the spots when fighting acne!  Nature Pure Clinical Skincare’s Spot Treatment Serum is Jenni’s Go-To overnight extra-potent breakout diminishing spot treatment. Rapidly reduces the size and severity of pimples and zits in hours. Maximum strength Salicylic Acid exfoliates dead skin cells allowing the all-natural, 10% Medicated Colloidal Sulfur and French discovered patented innovative marine agent, Sebocea®, to penetrate pores and work to regulate sebum secretion and to inhibit excessive inflammation, in addition to its ability to scavenge free radicals.

Then the ULTRA Spot Treatment is from PFB Vanish!  Their ULTRA Roll on helps to exfoliate, brighten any PIH and offers a burst of antioxidants! Originally formulated for ingrown hairs, this roll-on gel has found a cult following with men and women who suffer with acne to help clear up breakouts and lighten any dark spots left behind!  

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