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Celluma’s Summer Sale Shines Light On Vegas 2021

Celluma Looking To Light Up Vegas in 2021

Celluma Light Therapy took to their IGTV on June 23, 2020 to announce an upcoming sale.  In lieu of the 2020 IECSC Vegas show, which has been cancelled due to COVID-19. Celluma has created a promotional campaign, that not only offers what would have been their IECSC Vegas show special, but they’re shining their very therapeutic light on the IECSC Vegas show in 2021, by offering to pay for their customers hotel rooms next year.

As part of the week long promotion, Celluma is offering up to 4 nights of hotel in Las Vegas during the 2021 International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference.  A truly impressive and creative marketing campaign.  Supporting their customers and the trade show franchise at the same time.  Lifting the spa industry up in a time when it needs help the most!

Celluma’s Outside Of The Box Summer Sale

Love Celluma, Get a Room! Even though we won’t see you at this year’s IECSC, we’re still offering a trade show special and this is one you won’t want to miss. You can get your IECSC Show Special today PLUS free accommodations at the IECSC Las Vegas in 20201!

Here are all the details you need to know!

Buy a Celluma PRO/iPRO
• Get $100 off ($1295/$1,495)
• Plus get 1 FREE night in a Vegas hotel for IECSC 2021 for each PRO/iPRO purchased
• Plus get a FREE carry tote for each PRO/iPRO

Buy an ELITE
• Get $200 off ($2395)
• Plus get 2 FREE nights in a Vegas hotel for IECSC 2021 for each ELITE purchased

• Get $500 off ($6995)
• Plus get 3 FREE nights in a Vegas hotel for IECSC 2021 for each DELUX purchased

• Get $1000 off ($9995)
• Plus get 4 FREE nights in a Vegas hotel for IECSC 2021 for each DELUX XL purchased

Call your dedicated Clinical Specialist today at (714) 978-0080 to get all your questions answered! Or email Celluma at info@celluma.com. Make sure you follow Celluma Light Therapy on IG at @celluma_led_therapy or on FB at @CellumaByBiophotas so you don’t miss anything!


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