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Hit and Run Treatment vs Treatment Plans

Are you guilty of hit and run? Do you just look at the client and focus on the treatment they’re getting today? Do you treat and street? Do you send them home with no knowledge of how to care for their skin after the treatment? Do you help them formulate a plan to help them get the maximum results – so they can look their best? 

Treat + Street vs Offering A Treatment Plan 

It’s so important to look at the client as a whole and not just as the treatment that you’re providing on that day! What treatments will the client receive? What home care products are they using? What do they need to use the day of and a few days after the treatment? What is their nutritional situation? Do they drink enough water? Are they taking the right supplements? 

Formulating a plan is crucial!  If you’re not creating a plan, you’re not doing your job! If you don’t know what they eat, what they’re drinking, what they’re using at home – you’re doing your client a disservice! 

Check out this incredible treatment plan that Lipgloss + Aftershave created for Barry Eichner that combines ingestibles, treatments, home care devices, and home care products! 

1st Microneedling Session

On April 6, 2023, Barry went to Glowing Skin Med Spa to have a microneedling treatment with the Dp4 device by DpDerm. The treatment included the use of the DpDerm professional products as well as Celluma LED Light Therapy after the treatment!  

This was an intense treatment that went to a depth of 2.5 mm. The Dp4 device can go to a depth of 3.0 mm. 

For home care, Barry used a gentle cleanser from M.A.D Skincare to clean my skin combined with the ZAQ Silicone Brush with Microcurrent and LED. I also used an exosome rich serum.

EXO-SKIN™ from DpDerm, DMK International’s Beta Gel for traumatized skin!  The days after Barry’s skin was really red, so Barry used a customized foundation from Colore Me Perfect to camouflage the redness.  

Then on the 5th day, Barry had a recovery facial! 

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Unstress Treatment by  Christina

On April 11, 2023, Barry visited the headquarters of Christina Skincare and had their Unstress Treatment! This treatment is to help skin that is stressed, and mine was very stressed!  This treatment was incredibly nurturing. Barry’s skin loved the massage with serum infused massage lotion and the delicious masks that infused restorative ingredients back into his skin. 

Line Repair Nutrient Collection

The team at Christina gave Barry their Line Repair’s Nutrient Collection to use at home!  Barry used these products for the next few weeks and they gave his skin everything it needed to restore and rebuild!  

Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics PRP Microneedling

We visited Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics school in Portland, Oregon and on May 8, 2023, Barry had the PRP Microneedling treatment and the students in the Master Aesthetics program went to a depth of 1.5 MM on his skin for this treatment.

Barry used NOON Igloo Moist to hydrate his skin in the hours just after the treatment. Then, the evening of the treatment, he used Hale &  Hush Quiet Wash and Dawn Lorraine’s newly launched, Sal Butter Soothing Serum 

Sal Butter Soothing Serum

3 Days of Dawn Lorraine Sal Butter Soothing Serum. This fragrance-free serum has a slightly tan color and is ultra-rich! It glides on the skin effortlessly. The thin viscosity is deceiving because it’s incredibly luxurious and feels incredible. Barry’s skin soaked in the product. There wasn’t a greasy feeling – just smooth gorgeous (still red) skin! 

Home Care – Devices – Supplements

On May 12, 2023, Barry used the same ZAQ device as before with an assortment of products from NOON Aesthetics. NOON sent us an assortment of products to try on our skin to see if we’d consider working with them!  

On a daily basis, Barry has been taking the DMK International EFA+. Barry’s been eating a balanced meal plan and has included extra Salmon for more fatty acids. He’s also increased his green veggies for more vitamins and minerals.

He also increased his water intake to ensure that his skin cells are hydrated so they can perform at optimal levels. 

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