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Unstress After Microneedling + Chemical Peels

Christina Skincare’s Unstress treatment for distressed skin after needling, chemical peels, lasers, and any aggressive treatment brought Barry’s skin back to life after a very aggressive microneedeling treatment.

During a conversation with the team at Christina Skincare, they brought up their Unstress treatment. We decided to work the Unstress treatment into Barry’s ongoing treatment plan that included Microneedling with DpDerm’s Dp4 Pen – and OMG – was Barry so happy that they did!

Unstress For Stress-Induced Skin Damage

Here’s the deal – Unstress is desinged to help skin that’s been stressed! We all know microneedling brings a stress level to skin that is on par with taking final exams!

Unstress prevents premature skin aging. It also helps to rejuvenate and soothe stressed skin. This luxurious treatment relieves skin irritation, itchiness and edema, while improving skin texture.

Unstress infuses the skin with powerful antioxidants so it decreases UVA radiation damage and oxidative stress. It improves DNA protection and strengthens skin immunity. It repairs skin tissue and stimulates cellular regeneration.

Look for firmer skin as it Improves collagen bio-synthesis. It will leave skin glowing because it replenishes natural skin hydration and moisture.

Christina Skincare’s Unstress 5 Days After Microneedling

“I’ve had microneedling in the past and the recovery is always a tough process. It takes a long time for my skin to come back to life. We all know it takes months for the firming to kick in, but the recovery on the surface takes a while. But not this time! Thanks to the Unstress!” Barry

Again, we all know – microneedling creates a series of controlled wounds to the skin to stimulate the wound-healing cascade. This is why Christina Skincare’s Unstress treatment is so great after needling, peels and lasers. It delivers high doses of corrective agents to boost the body’s natural immune and cellular defense system, reducing skin vulnerability. Simultaneously, advanced anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming agents provide relief from stress-induced symptoms.

The Best Of Unstress

The Unstress treatment has 3 main parts. There’s a peel, a delicious amount of facial massage and 2 treatment masks.

Unstress Starts with the Pro-Biotic Peel

“It was nearly impossible to tell that this was on my skin. There was a very mild sensation. It just helps to remove any residual build-up left over from the needling treatment. Allows the skin to fully absorb the therapeutic powerhouse ingredients. The peel is brushed on to the skin and then gently massaged into the skin.”  Barry

Unstress Has So Much Massage

Serum + Vitamin Enriched Massage Cream
There is so much massage in this treatment. The first part uses Total Serenity Serum and the second uses a rich cream that’s combined with the Multi-Vitamin Supplement.

Unstress Features 2 Treatment Masks

There are two treatment masks in Christina Skincare’s Unstress treatment. The first, the Clarifying Mask minimizes environmental damage, reduces redness, and soothes skin with a potent combination of concentrated herbs and minerals. The second, the Optimal Hydration Mask provides intense hydration with its rich blend of Wheat Germ, Ceramides, and Calendula oils

Christina Skincare

“This treatment was incredible. After having my face needled and the subsequent days gentle care, it felt amazing to have my skin gently massaged – it was amazing!

One thing that I loved is that there was no fragrance at all. The products all felt great and the gentle massage worked to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic flow to ensure all of the advanced ingredients penetrated my skin to help Unstress my skin. I love when a protocol incorporates facial massage with advanced ingredients.

I know that I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t resist touching my skin after Mask #2 was massaged into my skin. Ugh, the softest, velvetiest, texture ever! It’s hard to believe that just 5 days prior my skin was a bloody mess!” Barry

5 Days After Bloody Microneedling To Post Unstress Glow

“For the 5 days after the microneedling treatment, I only used mild products and the Illustrious Christina Skincare SPF!

It’s obvious in the photo that the treatment was a success. You can see the glow on my skin! This is just 5 days after the an aggressive microneedling treatment.

My skin felt soft and supple – like velvet! It had a glow that you would never expect! My friends couldn’t believe how good it looked! ” Barry

If you do needling, lasers or aggressive chemical peels OR if you have clients who have skin sensitivities, OR if you have clients who are highly reactive, OR if you have clients who have Rosacea – you need to UNSTRESS their skin!

This treatment is a no-brainer for a first time client. It’s also a great treatment for a resort or destination spa. It’s incredibly luxurious and great for literally any skin type!

Christina Skincare

Line Repair Nutrient Collection

The team at Christina Skincare gave me their Line Repair Collection, Nutrient products to use for my home care. Line Repair is a collection of products that has different segments. Each segment of Line Repair treats a specific skin type. The Nutrient segment addresses tired, grey-ish and sometimes red and irritated skin.

Morning Serum + Moisturizer

“First, I love all of the Nutrient products but we have to talk about the AM Serum and AM Moisturizer. AM Bio Shield Serum is light and silky and the AM Bakuchiol Day Cream SPF 15 is like a soufflé, glides on like a feather on the skin and sinks right in! It’s amazing!

Evening Serum + Moisturizer

“The Bio Satin Serum!!!! STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND GET THIS! I’ve never had such a luxurious experience with a serum! It’s so satin-y when you apply it. A single drop is all you need! Then the Niacinamide Night Cream! Forget that it’s doing amazing things to your skin and just love the feel of your skin after you apply it. This is a lotion like moisturizer that your skin will drink in! Get it and thank me later!” Barry

Thanks to Christina Skincare for sponsoring this content.  

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