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Esthetician Spring Beauty Tips For Makeup, Hair, Lips + Lashes

Soft natural makeup look – is our number one tip for Spring 2023!  We also have 4 professional-only treatments that estheticians can offer their clients that you won’t believe! Also, scalp wellness and hair rejuvenation are HOT right now! Don’t sleep on this huge opportunity! 

4 Esthetician-Worthy Professional-Only Spring Beauty Treatments 

Diversification is the key to success! Want to grow and expand your business? Make yourself indispensable to your clients by offering all kinds of skin care and beauty treatments. We have 4 options for you. 

We love Intimate Bryghtening from Bryght! You can learn lash extensions from Elleebana. Learn how to create a custom foundation from Colore Me Perfect for your clients. Finally, boost your treatment sales with a delicious lip plumping treatment from ID SKIN Pro that you can add to any service. 

4 Scalp Wellness + Hair Rejuvenation Tips For Estheticians 

Scalp is skin – so scalp care is skin care! There’s no mistaking that! We love this amazing scalp care collection with a Leave-In Bonding Treatment from Keraceuticals. Then we found REVIVV Hair Growth Support Serum – they have a topical formulation for men and women! Our friends at Grande Cosmetics have their GrandeHair Starter Set – you’ll love this!  Then if you’re looking for an organic option KM Herbals has their Virgin Coco Creme Deep Conditioning Hair Masque!

8 Tips From A Medical Esthetician For A Soft Natural Makeup Look 

Jaclyn Peresetsky wrote an incredible editorial piece for L+A on creating a Soft Natural Makeup Look! It’s genius and it inspired us to use Jaclyn’s concept in our Spring Beauty Guide! Women are going to wear makeup – most will wear a soft natural makeup look. Use these easy tips to help clients get a great look that won’t ruin their skin like cheaper quality makeup from big box stores and other online retailers. 

Jaclyn suggests starting with a good concealer to hide redness or discolorations – check out Luka’s Hydrating Concealer.  Next, Jaclyn suggests using Colore Me Perfect Custom Foundation or a tinted SPF such as Dawn Lorraine’s Dawn To Dusk Moisture Tint SPF 30. To get the best coverage – you need to apply them with the  ZAQ Makeup Blender. Her next suggestion is to set that with  Baked Mineral Powder from Colore Me Perfect. Jaclyn loves a slightly more intense lip color so she recommends Luxury Lipgloss from Colore Me Perfect! She loves a little drama in the eye area. “Apply mascara and then tightly line the upper lash line with either black or black brown eyeliner. Push the pigment into the roots of the lashes as this creates a more voluminous lash look.” Jaclyn Peresetsky. We love GrandeMASCARA Conditioning Peptide Mascara and GrandeLINER Liquid Eyeliner with Lash Enhancing Serum.

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The 10 Hottest 2023 Spring Beauty Tips For Estys

Bryght Intimate Bleaching Treatment For Estheticians

First things first, get a Bryght Wholesale Account. After you do that – you’ll be able to learn all about how Bryght’s Professional Skin Lyghtening line was made by professionals for professionals.  It was designed to reduce hyperpigmentation and is safe enough to be used even in the most intimate areas. The 4-step treatment, used with the Let There Be Lyght Wand, an LED device, corrects uneven skin tone, reduces discoloration visibly by 1-3 shades Lyghter in the first treatment.

Bryght’s proprietary LED device, the Let There Be Lyght wand, is a must-use modality for any esthetician aiming to improve a client’s hyperpigmentation. With red, blue, and green LED, sonic, ion, and galvanic therapy, their device is perfect to be used not only in Bryght treatments but in many other treatments in your existing spa menu. The Bryght Professional Skin Lyghtening treatment can be done in as little as 15 minutes and with a low cost per treatment, it’s the perfect service to offer as an enhancement or upsell for your client.

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Custom Blended Foundation From Colore Me Perfect

If you’re not offering your clients a Customized foundation that can include advanced skincare ingredients to address laxity, large pores and shine after your advanced skincare treatments like needling and peels – are you really doing a facial treatment at all?  Ha! 

Clients are going to wear makeup – stop lying to yourself and think they’ll just go all-natural to their important functions after they’ve paid hundreds if not thousands of dollars on facial treatments, products, and injections. They want to look flawless AND THAT INCLUDES MAKEUP! 

It’s your job to show them high quality makeup – we love  Colore Me Perfect and their  Colore Me Perfect Custom Foundation is unparalleled in the industry. You have NO INVENTORY COSTS as you create the formula and place the order and Colore Me Perfect ships for you!  

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Dawn To Dusk Moisture Tint SPF 30 from Dawn Lorraine

This award winner is available in 3 luscious shades! You’ll love it for the blendable coverage – your skin will love it for the organic ingredients and protection against the harsh rays of the sun! 

Dawn Lorraine is proud to claim this product is Vegan. It’s also Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, and Nut Oil Free. The creamy moisturizer with superior sun protection and sheer mineral tint coverage contains only non-micronized non-nano Zinc Oxide.

It’s packaged in glass to reduce the amount of plastic on the planet.

Use it everyday and Love Your Skin! 

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Lash Extensions Certification + Supplies from Elleebana

Elleebana is a brand that we love so much! Barry’s had his brows and lashes tinted by their team and loved the results. They’re known around the world as a leader in lash and brow products! You can shop with their official distributors for your lash extension supplies! 

If you want to become certified in lash extensions, Elleebana offers several courses.  They have the Foundations Course and the Advanced Course, these are both considered Classic Courses. They can even be combined as a 2-day Classic Course.

The Beginner’s Volume Course is a 2-Day Course that would be taken generally after the Classic Courses are taken, as it is the most difficult and technical of the 3 courses that Elleebana offers. 

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GrandeMASCARA Conditioning Peptide Mascara

Where do we start? Alicia Grande Did The Thing! She’s a legend, she’s an icon, she is the moment! This mascara is epic!  Jenni raves about it! Condition while you coat! This exclusive mascara not only provides extreme volume and length, but is infused with a lash-loving blend of peptides, panthenols, and natural waxes. These key ingredients condition your lashes while you coat them to promote the appearance of healthier looking lashes over time. Its buildable, clump-free, water-resistant formula is easily removable to prevent lash breakage while keeping the lashes flexible and strong.

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Add-On Lip Plumping Treatment from ID SKin Pro

Ok, first, this treatment has a totally adorable retail kit! A zipper bag with “Hello Gorgeous” on it! So you can boost your retail sales and your service sales when you suggest this kit for home use after you add the lip treatment into any of your services.

The home care kit has 4 parts – There’s a Lip Sugar Scrub, a Hydro Boost Lip Recovery Mask, a Lip Nectar, and a Lip Plumper! 

We’d suggest doing a 4-Step Lip Add-On Treatment as follows: Apply the Sugar Scrub and remove. Add HydroBoost Lip Mask to the lips and allow it to remain for the duration of the treatment. As a final step to your entire treatment add on the Lip Plumper and seal it in with the Lip Nectar.  Your client will leave with smooth, hydrated, plump lips!  She’ll thank you for it!

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Leave-In Bonding Treatment from Keraceuticals

Take your treatments up a notch – spend a little quality bonding time with your clients’ hair! This is a great way to help clients look great so they can multitask! Offer them a Leave-In Bonding Treatment. The KB98 Leave In Bonding Treatment targets the important hair bonds and helps strengthen & add elasticity and shine.

When it comes to scalp care – Keraceuticals is leading the way with their Shampoo and Conditioner. These special formulations work at the scalp level to ensure the scalp is healthy, with open follicles to ensure maximum hair growth. 

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Hydrating Concealer In 4 Shades from Luka Cosmetics

We can’t express this emphatically enough – Jenni adores this concealer! The Hydrating Concealer is a terrific find if you need to hide dark circles! It’s newly formulated and Crease-Proof concealer. This gentle, yet High-Performance formula easily covers dark circles, blemishes, and discoloration all while nourishing the skin with Non-Toxic ingredients.

It’s so easy to use – just apply Hydrating Concealer with fingers or a synthetic makeup brush under the eyes and any area you need extra coverage. Use gentle brush strokes or patting motions with fingers until desired coverage is achieved. 

This bad boy is water and sweat resistant. It’s non-comedogenic. It’s fragrance-free, Paraben-free, and hypo-allergenic. Trust it because it’s Dermatologist tested – use it because it lasts up to 12 hours!

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REVIVV Hair Growth Support Serum 

Don’t let clients stress thinning hair! Thinning hair is a huge issue with women AND Men. Most women suffer in silence from embarrassment. Many guys just assume it’s their fate and don’t even try to address it.  Now you can offer them REVIVV Hair Growth Support System!  They have formulations for both men and women! 

REVIVV is a  dermatologist-recommended patent-pending topical formula that has been developed to support hair growth so that it looks thicker, healthier, and fuller. We use high-grade natural ingredients to target the key aggravators of hair loss through this multi-modal formulation – which never compromises safety. REVIVV for Her has been optimized with active ingredients to account for female glucose and hormone metabolism.

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Blending Sponge from ZAQ

Last but not least is one of the most important tools in any makeup kit. A blending sponge. You should have a few of these on hand! 

This is Non-latex, it blends foundation, BB Cream, CC Cream or SPF! It’s ointed for targeted application. The wide end blends all over. Pointed end is ideal for concealer application. 

soft natural makeup look

Thanks to all of the above brands mentioned for sponsoring this content. 

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