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She’ll Wear Makeup On Her Birthday – Show Her How

A soft natural makeup look is the “every woman” look! They wear it to their birthday party. They wear it to date night. They wear it on their anniversary! They wear it to special events.

Think Clients Shouldn’t or Won’t Wear Makeup?

Think clients shouldn’t wear makeup? Think clients don’t want all the fuss and mess? Think you don’t know how to do makeup?

Think Again! 

Help Them Get A Soft Natural Makeup Look

What is achieving the perfect natural look? To most, it is achieving a look that is defining their features and evening their skin tone, giving them a natural, effortless look. The no makeup-look has been popular since skin identity has been a trend that is here to stay. Embracing the beauty of your natural skin is in! Perfecting the beauty of your skin tone and softly accentuating your facial features enhances the simplicity and beauty of your face. This sounds super easy but there is one major hurdle that needs to hit the mark and that is choosing the perfect shade of foundation and concealer to match your skin tone and pull this look off seamlessly. If this isn’t accurate, then the makeup looks more forced and contrived; which is totally missing the whole point of the perfect natural look.  

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It is key to avoid an overly bronzy, sun-kissed look unless you are going for the just got back from vacation look. The most beautiful natural look is showcasing the color and beauty of your natural skin tone any time of the year. Consider getting a custom foundation created just for you so you can nail this look and learn about the perfect undertone, shade, depth, and texture of your unique skin tone. It makes finding other complexion products so much easier as you will better understand the right family of complexion products with the correct undertone and texture.

 9 Tips For A Soft Natural Makeup Look

1.  Prime And Prep

Skin is the major star in this makeup look so giving your skin the proper care and attention is a must-do in order to pull off the natural makeup look. Exfoliate the night before and apply moisturizer 10 minutes before applying a primer that balances your skin texture, tone, and will help anchor down the rest of your makeup products.

2. Choose The Right Shades 

The right shade of foundation that is an exact match for your skin tone is crucial.

This helps the makeup look effortless and minimizes any skin imperfections. Most people need a customized shade as it is very difficult to find a perfect match straight out of the bottle. A medium coverage shade works best as you can apply all over, blend well, then layer and gently stipple over areas that may need more coverage. Make sure to blend and buff the foundation all over the skin and blend and down the jawline and swipe and taper down the neck. Be mindful of light application and light touch so the skin shows through the foundation. Buffer foundation brushes seem to be the best in achieving a natural yet flawless complexion.

makeup for rosacea

Contribution by Jaclyn Peresetsky

Jaclyn Peresetsky began her career as an esthetician in 2003 and created Colore Me Perfect in 2010. During her day to day interaction with clients, she learned that her clients desperately desired to know their perfect colors and were tired of wasting money on the wrong colors. Her expertise in color from the Columbus College of Art and Design along with her knowledge of skin science from Ohio State Plastic Surgery gave her the know how to begin the journey of creating a color analysis system to define one’s perfect makeup colors, hair color, nail color, and clothing color for all complexions. Being a born entrepreneur, she opened a small color studio followed by opening Skin Perfect Spas and Identity Retail Store.

The additional experience made her realize she needed to define the color analysis system and color palettes even more so she created the patent pending 16 global city palette that encompasses all color characteristics and intricacies of all global complexions. Colore Me Perfect is now sold in spas and salons across the country so more people can discover the power of their colors. Skin Perfect spas continue to thrive and be the research and development headquarters for Colore Me Perfect. Jaclyn’s book, “Discover the Power of Your Colors” is sold on Amazon to color seekers across the world. She is a noted speaker and travels all over the country teaching advanced makeup and skincare techniques. She is opening an advanced esthetic and color school, Skin Perfect University to continue elevating the expertise of the skincare industry.

3. Choose The Right Concealer

Choose a concealer according to your skin tone that helps brighten up the face. It should cover redness around the eyes or any discoloration throughout the complexion.  The concealer should be buffed in with a concealer buffer brush or concealer flat brush, so it melts into the skin and unifies the complexion.

4.  Set It And Forget It

Set the foundation with a baked mineral powder that will keep the skin looking hydrated or dewy and not looking powdery. It should match your skin tone and create a velvety soft appearance mimicking the look of natural skin. For oiler skin types, t-zones, or oilier eyelids, apply a clear mattifying powder to t-zone for all-day shine control.

5. An Eye Trick To Save Time

Next, enhance your eyes by focusing on the lashes and lash line. If lashes are straight, make sure you curl your lashes and apply a complete coat of mascara. Let the mascara dry and then tight line the upper lash line with either black or black brown eyeliner.  Push the pigment into the roots of the lashes as this creates a more voluminous lash look. If desired, you can softly line the bottom, but be mindful to softly apply the liner as the goal is to enhance eye definition without creating a “lined eye” look. Run a damp Q-tip over your eye’s water line to make sure there is no over-application so it maintains a natural lash line definition and keeps the eye looking bright and open.

6. Cheat On Your Brows

Brush up the brows and fill in sparse areas softly with a pomade or pencil that matches your brow hair color. Avoid overfilling the front of the eyebrow so you can avoid an overly accentuated and stern eyebrow look.  Use a clear eyebrow gel to set your brow hairs in place so it creates a beautiful frame for your face.

7. A Bronzer Hack

Choose a bronzer that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone and softly contour under the cheekbone, brush along the temples of the forehead, and brush along the edge of the jawline and under the chin. If you want to softly minimize your nose, use a soft blush size brush to brush across the bridge of the nose and under the tip. The goal is to avoid an overly contoured and sharp, angular look to the face; instead, the goal is a natural, soft focused finish.

8. Try Some Cream On The Apple

For the apples of your cheeks, choose a cream blush or soft, iridescent powdered blush that is a shade of pink or peach to mimic your cheeks when they are naturally flushed. Use your ring finger to tap and blend upward or use an angled blush brush to swirl upward on the high point of the apples of your cheeks. It is important to follow the premise of “less is more” and blend upward and avoid dropping the blush below the nose.

9. Pop That Lip Honey!

Finally, choose a lip color that is slightly more intense or pigmented than your natural lip.  dab a lip balm or apply a sheer or butter lipstick on the lips. You can also use a lip stain that is not overly matte and drying.

Voila, this is a fresh, no-makeup look that is using just enough products to protect your skin, cover up inconsistencies, blemishes, dark spots, etc. and give your complexion a natural glow. The natural makeup look is not about using bright or super dark colors, but instead, the look is about creating a smooth consistency with your skin tone, a natural enhancement of your features and effortlessly creating a highlight effect of your natural bone structure. This look is perfect for any time of the year and will definitely convey confidence and allow your natural face to showcase it’s best attributes!

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