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4 Calming Products For Irritated, Red, or Rosacea Prone Skin

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Our 4 Favorite Calming Skincare Products For Irritated Skin

Sometimes, there’s no explaining it, sometimes skin just gets a little unhappy!  Irritated skin is the worst, it’s like traveling in  unchartered territory.  Maybe you know what causes it?  For example, sometimes if you’re a little sensitive and get a brow wax – maybe your brows get the slightest flush of pink. 

The irritation can be can be subtle, like a mother’s gentle kiss on her beautiful baby’s sweet-smelling head.  

But sometimes…. Let’s say you have been diagnosed with Rosacea and you try a new skincare product that has an ingredient that is known to irritate Rosacea? 

In these situations….

Skin irritation can be explosive…like a 2 year old having a full-on meltdown in the toy aisle of Target. 

 Raise your hand if you’ve been the parent of said 2 year old.

Raise your hand if you’ve witnessed said 2 year old and given that parent a comforting, “I feel your pain, we’ve all been there.”  supportive smile. 

Ok back to irritated skin – yum – what a fun topic! 

Seriously, angry, irritated skin, will scream at you until it’s calmed down!  Just like that 2 year old.  All Moms have a few tricks up their sleeves to help calm down an irritated toddler.  Well, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves for irritated skin.  

Irritation can be redness, swelling, or itching.  But most of the time it’s redness. 

Try a new product?  Skin reacts:  redness.
Sensitive?  Get an eyebrow wax:  redness.
Have Rosacea?  Have some Tequila:  redness.
Have Under Eye Bags?  Get a PlasmaPro Lift:  redness.

No matter the reason for the irritation, the goal is to get rid of it!  We’ve got your go-to list of calming skincare products for irritated skin.  These should become staples in your arsenal for those “post treatment reaction situations”.  Our list of calming skincare products for irritated skin are perfect to use after aggressive treatments.  Have you been diagnosed with Rosacea?  These products are from some of the most respected brands, that are loved by reactive skin types!  

This Week’s POP! Calming skincare products for irritated skin.


Hale & Hush Soothe Essence Calming Treatment Lipgloss Aftershave
Hale & Hush Soothe Essence

Hale & Hush Soothe Essence

It says it right in the name “Soothe”.  Hale & Hush is one of the most respected brands of products for reactive, sensitive and Rosacea prone skin types. The line is so gentle that 9 of the products in the line are oncology approved. 

Want to know, what soothing ingredients Hale & Hush uses to calm skin  – Click Here

Read about the entire Hale & Hush line here.

Dawn Lorraine Aloe Blossom Soothing Mist Calming Treatment Lipgloss Aftershave
Dawn Lorraine Aloe Blossom Soothing Mist

Dawn Lorraine Aloe Blossom Soothing Mist

Nothing says calming like aloe.  It’s almost become the universal symbol for calming. If you want to take calming to a new level, make it 100% natural and organic.  Want to know how this aloe based mist will help calm skin – Click Here

Read more articles on Dawn Lorraine Skincare here.


dmSkincare Hydra Repair Mask Lipgloss Aftershave Calming Treatments
dmSkincare Hydra Repair Mask

dmSkincare hydra-repair mask

The word “repair” is in the name of the product. This mask is the ultra-rich botanical mask that is part of the dmGlow treatment by DermaMed Solutions + dmSkincare.  This mask is designed to flood the skin with a botanical infusion after microdermabrasion and chemical peel.  Want to know which botanicals dmSkincare uses to repair – Click Here

Read more about the dmGlow here.


DMK Beta Gel

DMK Beta Gel lipgloss aftershave calming treatments
DMK Beta Gel

Literally, have first hand knowledge of how good this works on red, irritated skin.  I used this on my eyes after the PlasmaPro Lift.  Started applying it on Day 3 Post Treatment and my skin instantly began to calm down, with reduced inflammation and reduced redness. If you’re not familiar with DMK, you can get to know them in their upcoming webinars – Click Here

Read more about Barry’s 30 Days with DMK here.

If you have get the occasional subtle pink flush after a brow or lip wax.  Maybe you have Rosacea and want to enjoy a few cocktails on Saturday night and know that will cause some redness on Sunday morning?  No matter what causes your irritation, you can trust that these calming skincare products for irritated skin.  

Thank you to DMK, dmSkincare, Hale & Hush and Dawn Lorraine for sponsoring this article.

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