Do You Know The Glow? The dmGlow?

It was 1986, I was 16 years old, just trying to survive, living in Central PA, on what used to be my great grandfather’s farm.  It wasn’t a great time for me, I was a solid 240 pounds and had a serious case of acne. But there was one bright spot in my world – Madonna!

She had just released True Blue and I was obsessed with the song Open Your Heart!  I would play the cassette tape over and over and over again.  I knew all the words by heart!

Open your heart to me, darlin’, I’ll give you love if you, you turn the key”

Ah, that song gave me life, well, in a way it helped me to bring my inner beauty to life.  It was a bright spot, that made me happy, and made me smile. I would just glow when I would dance and sing to it in the mirror in my bedroom!

Now at this point, you’re probably wondering why I am rambling on about Madonna, and turning a key and what dancing in my bedroom to give my inner beauty life!  Well, cut to 32 years later….

Jenni and I were lucky enough to work with DermaMed Solutions to help them create an amazing new treatment, that, if I dare say is a TOTAL GAME CHANGER!  We helped them create……


dmGlow™ is going to change the way you think about skincare treatments.  It’s literally everything. It combines ancient, holistic modalities, modern technology, scientific medical skincare and pure botanical products.  It’s a turn key treatment for any skincare business. Just get dmGlow™ and you receive everything you need to go to business on one kit.

Treat Every Client

This 3-Step Professional Only treatment, is designed for everyone, regardless of skin tone or age!  It will encourage the internal energy inside every client to be the catalyst that brings about profound change in their skin.

Facial Cupping

dmGlow™ is the first professional only treatment to bring facial cupping into an all encompassing treatment protocol, flooding the surface skin cells with oxygen and lymph to literally, breathe life into the cells while bathing them in protection.

dmGlow Cupping Facial Treatment lipgloss aftershave

Manual + Chemical Exfoliation

The treatment continues with manual and chemical exfoliation, so that these newly fortified skin cells, just bursting with life force energy, are now on the skin’s surface… giving inner beauty life!  

dmGlow Microdermabrasion facial treatment lipgloss aftershave

Botanical Infusion

The treatment is concluded with a botanical facial experience that floods the skin with the potent power of plant and flower extracts, ensuring an improvement in skin’s luminosity, tone and texture that no other skincare treatment protocol for estheticians can provide.

dmGlow botanical skincare treatment lipgloss aftershave

One Kit – You’re Ready To Do Business

The most amazing part of all of this is that dmGlow™ comes with a complete turn key kit.  That means – when you purchase the dmGlow™ kit, you are given everything that you need to begin providing the treatment the day after you complete your training.  

Pay For Your dmGlow Kit In About 35 Treatments

dmGlow will provide you the device for facial cupping and manual exfoliation, the MegaPeel machine can also do stand alone microdermabrasion.  You also receive the Glow Box, which will give you enough back bar product to complete 45 dmGlow treatments, however, at a suggested average treatment price of $150, you will be earning pure profit in about 35 treatments.    


dmGlow has designed an entire program to support everyone who offers the dmGlow in their skincare practice.  They offer a complete social media presence with dynamic content that you can share. There are dmGlow email templates for you to use, as well as dmGlow signs for your skincare business.  dmGlow has a private Facebook group for you to join and become part of dmGlow community. You can also call or email their customer service.

Before + Afters

The results speak for themselves!  dmGlow has been so successful for many satisfied clients.  You can see the before and after images the marked improvement.  Look at the #dmGlow in all of these images!

Here’s What People Are Saying…

Be Part Of The Game Change!  

If you want to be a part of this game changing phenomenon, get dmGlow for your skincare practice. dmGlow is a remarkable treatment is easy to learn, easy to perform and easy to sell.  You can be a game changer for your business and be a game changer for your clients This treatment, will allow you the opportunity to grow your business and help clients by giving their inner beauty… life.

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