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5 Ways Your Clients will Fall in Love with Sugaring

5 Ways Your Clients will Fall in Love with Sugar

By Shannon O’Brien

Everyone’s favorite month for love is here!  If it crept up on you and you haven’t put this holiday’s promotions into your marketing calendar, you better get on it!  Marketing your sweet sugaring skills is a perfect time to bring more clients in the door and get them to fall in love with your services.  Help your clients get prepped and ready for Valentine’s day…whether single, dating, or longtime loves, the day of love always seems to make them want to look and feel their best.  Your clients are ready to get their swagger back and you, their amazing esthetician, are there to help! From packages to gift certificates, you hit the motherlode for ideas to use your sweet sugar to bring in more traffic!

Make sure your marketing is simple and fun, as most of the purchases will be made by significant others as a gift for their love.  Bundle your services to make it easy for loves to choose the perfect gift for their partners. Your clients will love their gift, and so will their partners!  Make the shopping experience easy for them and they will come back for every holiday, because you made it so simple and comfortable. Plus…you might be able to convince them to get sugared as well!

5 Simple Steps to Start Sugaring

Want to know the easiest way to start sugaring from an industry leading sugaring expert?  Shannon wrote an article entitled

5 Simple Steps to Start Sugaring

Shannon - The "Sugar Mama"

Here are some ideas to push in your shop and on social media:

1. Kissable Faces

Bushy eyebrows, a hairy upper lip, or fuzzy cheeks are all solved with a gentle sugaring treatment!  Because the results are so smooth and the treatment is less aggressive, clients of all ages can benefit from a freshly sugared face.  Makeup will glide on beautifully too!

2. Sugared “Cookies” 

Sooo many marketing opportunities here!  Love is in the air and bodies should be bare this month!  Remind your clients of how beautiful the results will be with sugar, both to see and to feel. 

3. Sugar & Glow

Winter is the palest time of the year and a little glow can help anyone feel renewed!  Combining sugaring with a spray tan is the perfect combo for Valentine’s Day or Weekend!

4. Get Ring Ready 

Does your client think their partner might pop the question?  Lots of closeup pics will be taken of the ring and hairy hands are hard to unsee!  A quick treatment of sugar and hydration will help your client love their hands and be ring ready!

5. Partner with a Neighbor Business

Pair your sugaring services with a local business (restaurant, florist, photographer, clothing boutique) to create bundles for a fun day of romantic pampering.  This gives your customers the ability to easily provide a whole day of Valentine’s Day experiences, and gives you new reach into a new set of customers.

Benefits Of Sugaring For Clients

Shannon wrote  great article for us on why clients will love sugaring!  You’ll want to read this to understand why your clients will love sugaring.

Learn About Body Sugaring For Hair Removal

Shannon - The "Sugar Mama"

Remind your lovebirds to prepare for these appointments by:

  1.  Let their hair grow for at least 10 days so the sugar has a better chance of extracting the entire hair
  2. Gentle weekly exfoliation will help their skin (both face and body!) by removing dead skin cells and allowing their serums and moisturizers to do their job and hydrate.
  3. Daily hydration will keep the skin at its healthiest and keep the follicles happy.  Happier follicles will result in less ingrowns and less irritated skin!
  4. Keep regular appointments to continuously extract the hair from the follicle properly.  Sugaring can lead to permanency for the majority of follicles which helps to lighten the density of the hair and makes the clients oh so happy they chose sugar!

Help them to look their best wherever the night takes them!  Whether they want to feel smooth and renewed for the start of a new year or they have serious weekend love plans, using your sugaring skills really can bring in the best traffic for your skincare business!

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Shannon O’Brien is your “Sugar Mama”!

With over 18 years of experience working as a licensed esthetician She is the founder of Love2Sugar.com which includes her training academy iSugar University and her podcast The SugarShow.  She has achieved great success with her savvy team as the owner of SugarMama’s Studios in Folsom, California.

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