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Learn About Body Sugaring For Hair Removal

By Shannon O’Brien

Want To Learn About Sugaring Hair Removal?  

You might have been hearing lately about the push to practice Body Sugaring Hair Removal, a seemingly new way to remove unwanted hair with sugar.  You ask yourself, what is body sugaring? How does it work?

At first you might think of a scrub to get the hair off with sugar, but actually it’s an ancient form of hair removal utilizing a paste that is rolled smoothly over the skin to remove unwanted hair.  Beginning in the days of Cleopatra, Body Sugaring has been a common form of hair removal and the United States has just in the last decade or two begun to catch on.  Estheticians are seeking more natural and organic methods of skincare to meet their clients’ needs.  Once they make the sweet switch from waxing to sugaring, both estheticians and clients are hooked.

Sugaring For Hair Removal – the breakdown

Sugar paste is made simply from sugar, lemon juice, and water. The paste is used at room temperature and is spread, or “molded”, onto the skin against the direction of hair growth.  The sugar seeps down into the hair follicle and wraps itself around the shaft of the hair.  When the sugar paste is flicked off in the direction of hair growth, the entire hair, including the bulb, slides out naturally in the direction it grows.  Complete removal of the entire hair is achieved because the sugar wraps around the whole hair down to the dermal papilla.

Alternatively – wax sits on the surface of the skin, adhering itself to the hair above the surface and pulling the hair against the direction of its growth pattern.  By using this technique, this method can lead to broken hairs at the surface, leaving the bulb intact below, and skin that is inflamed from the heat.

Ingrown hair, pain and irritation to the follicles are commonplace with waxing.  Estheticians are finding that their clients are happy with the results from sugaring, and they are happier with a full book of returning clientele!  

Benefits of Sugaring Hair Removal for the Client


Sugaring Hair Removal doesn’t hurt too badly.

Because sugaring for hair removal is performed at room temperature, clients can relax and be assured that they will not be burned by product that is too hot.  Those clients with sensitive skin, varicose veins, or previous “bad hair removal stories” can all be treated safely and effectively with sugar paste.

Sugaring Hair Removal won’t cause irritation.

Clients are appreciative for the experience of body sugaring for hair removal because, done properly, the experience isn’t very painful, the skin stays smoother longer than shaving, and it leads to a significant reduction in hair growth over time.  Clients value being able to go about their day immediately without pain, redness, or irritation.

Sugaring Hair Removal provides long lasting, smooth results.

Sugar clients love how long it takes for the hair to grow back, if at all, after sugaring for hair removal.  They notice that after just a few visits, their hair grows back less dense, more refined, and with noticeably less breakage.  Because we can extract their hair in the early Anagen phase, we can achieve a more complete removal of the entire hair, which leads to permanency over time.  Clients see superior results after just a few treatments.

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