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5 Steps To Start Sugaring

5 Steps To Start Sugaring

By Shannon O’Brien

The start of a new year always means so many new possibilities for your business!  Plans take shape, goals are being set, and your clients are ready for new and fresh offerings.

Are you ready to stand out in a crowd?  Is it time to boost your skincare business and fill up your books?  Is 2020 the year to significantly increase your income?  If your answer is yes, yes and yes, then sugaring should be for you.  Your clients are more savvy now than ever.  They see the latest trends and techniques on social media.  They hear from friends about the smooth results from body sugaring.  More and more clients are searching for something a little bit different. Your clients, and your competition’s clients, are looking for sugar pros.

If all of this sounds right to you, then 2020 is going to be a sweet year! If you are ready to take the plunge, but aren’t quite sure where to start, we’ve got you covered.  Adding sugar to your business doesn’t require a major investment in equipment or products, and you can learn and practice at your own pace.

Business Benefits Of Sugaring

Want to know the benefits of sugaring from an industry leading sugaring expert?  Shannon wrote an article entitled

3 Key Benefits Of Sugaring.

Shannon - The "Sugar Mama"

Shannon’s 5 Simple Steps To Sugaring

1.  Get Sugared

If you haven’t already experienced body sugaring for yourself, find a skilled sugar pro near you and get yourself sugared.  If there isn’t a sugar pro anywhere around, hurry on to the next 4 steps!

2.  Get Certified

Start with online training.  It’s a great way to get unlimited access to theory and technique to get the basics down.  We are talking about a real online training program.  It is worth every penny to invest in a quality training program rather than learning poor technique from free internet videos.  Once you are ready, find a certified trainer and perfect your skills with a hands-on training session.  You can always refer back to your basic videos to remind yourself of the details.

3.  Practice

Refine your technique and get your comfort level and timing down.  The more you practice the faster you will be able to master the techniques and confidently add each new service to your treatment offerings.

4.  Choose a Professional Product Line

Keep in mind you will want a company that is a good fit for you.  Look for a vendor that is near you for quick shipping, provides great customer service and estie support, and offers a few different paste formulas for you to play with.  Try out a few companies to get the right fit.  Even though the ingredients are simply lemon, sugar, and water there are so many different ways to create it!

5.  Establish A Passionate Promotion Plan

There are so many ways to promote your new sweet skills!  From a strong social media campaign to a good referral program, you can really have fun promoting the benefits of sugaring in your shop!  Give your clients a little taste of the sugar on the end of a stick…once they taste it and realize it’s all natural (and not hot!)…they will be hooked!

Benefits Of Sugaring For Clients

Shannon wrote  great article for us on why clients will love sugaring!  You’ll want to read this to understand why your clients will love sugaring.

Learn About Body Sugaring For Hair Removal

Shannon - The "Sugar Mama"

Specializing in sugaring was the natural path for me.

Once you perfect the skills and have a large clientele of happy, loyal regulars you might want to consider owning your own specialty sugaring studio.  When I added sugaring to my menu, I quickly realized that the consistent income and quick turn around in the treatment room was very lucrative.  

I changed my business to capitalize on the fun name “SugarMama” and my business tripled to the booming practice it is today, complete with our Sugar Guides working the front desk and our Sugar Pros that are providing service to our clients.

If you are interested in going down the “all-in” path to opening your own specialty shop.

Shannon’s 4 Tips To Being A Total Sugaring Shop

1.  Establish a Sugaring Business Plan

THIS STEP IS CRITICAL to the success of any skincare business!  Trust me, do your market research, be serious about having 6 months of savings in your business account, and factor in your startup costs.  There is no need to go into debt to start your sugaring business.

2.  Establish Client Base Of Sugaring Fans

Create a buzz first and have a baseline of people who can sing your praises.  You will need to encourage and reward your fans with spreading the good word about sugaring.  Once they experience the difference, they will be hooked.  Having a loyal foundation will be the stronghold with which to start.

3.  Engage With Your Professional Sugaring Product Line

Once you have chosen the product line that makes sense for your business, let them help you grow your business.  As you get busier, work with your product partner to order in bulk to lower product and shipping costs.  Share shout-outs on social media and take advantage of extra training and support. Fortunately, beginning a relationship with your product line is pretty easy…opening/startup orders are minimal because all you need is a sugar warmer, a few pre/post products, paste, and basic supplies like cotton rounds and you are set!

4.  Don’t Get To Too Big Too Fast

Start small, fill your days and develop a solid base of sugar fans before hiring on more sugarists.  Continue to develop your skills, build a solid foundation of clients, and work hard to launch your sugar business.  The payoff will definitely be sweet!

Starting anything new can feel daunting.  However, some training and practice, combined with a solid business plan, and you are on your way to a thriving career as a Sugaring Professional!  And don’t hesitate to seek out the dynamic skincare and marketing gurus in our industry as your business grows.  They have been down the same road, and are always happy to share some knowledge.  Cheers…I look forward to hearing your Sweet Success Story!!

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Shannon O’Brien is your “Sugar Mama”!

With over 18 years of experience working as a licensed esthetician She is the founder of Love2Sugar.com which includes her training academy iSugar University and her podcast The SugarShow.  She has achieved great success with her savvy team as the owner of SugarMama’s Studios in Folsom, California.

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