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3 Benefits of Sugaring

By Shannon O’Brien

What Are The Benefits of Sugaring?

Want to know the benefits of sugaring for a skincare professional?  Sugaring is fast becoming a go-to hair removal option in the U.S. More men and women are learning about the benefits of sugaring for hair removal, it’s easy to inventory the supplies for sugaring and it’s easy treatment to clean up after.    This list includes just a few of the many benefits of sugaring to the practitioner! 

#1 Simple Room Set Up + Easy Clean Up

Room setup for the treatment is simple.  You just need to prep the product. You need gloves and a small ball of sugar paste.   Only one ball is needed per body part. There’s no need for any implements to apply the sugar, you apply it with your hand. Sugaring paste is water soluble, so it’s easy to clean up after a service.  Setup and cleanup is quick and sanitary as only water is needed to make turning the room over faster and more efficient, providing more time to fit in more clients.

#2 Sugaring Is Versatile 

Sugar paste can be used for all parts of the body.  Sensitive areas such as upper lip, chest, and bikini are a breeze to treat because the use of sugar paste makes it safe and easy to remove hair without fear of causing damage to the skin.  Sugar does not adhere to live skin cells but rather dead skin, which means that clients with eczema and dry psoriasis can even be sugared. The paste is gentle enough to pass over the same area of skin more than once to extract the shortest of hairs without causing skin damage or irritation.

#3 Clients Are Searching For Sugaring

Sugaring is growing as a hair removal option in the U.S.  More and more esthetics and cosmetology schools are beginning to educate their students about this method.  When students graduate they are using sugaring to set themselves apart.  

“Happy clients mean happy books!”  Sugaring has provided certified estheticians with a versatile and stress-free treatment to offer their clients, which in turn sets them apart in their area.  Clients are now seeking out practitioners who are skilled in this art. Sugaring distinguishes your business from the other shops. Men and women are googling this “sugaring” in order to find a practitioner who is skilled at sugaring. Once clients are sugared, they almost always stay loyal to your services and regularly book every 3-5 weeks.

Join in the Sugar Rush

Body sugaring is a bit tricky to master and it truly does require patience and practice.  Understanding the consistency of the sugar and perfecting the Mold & Flick technique can be a challenge, but once learned will be so worth it.  Your clients will see the transformation in the condition of their skin, and the comfort of their experience from their treatment.

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With over 18 years of experience working as a licensed esthetician She is the founder of Love2Sugar.com which includes her training academy iSugar University and her podcast The SugarShow.  She has achieved great success with her savvy team as the owner of SugarMama’s Studios in Folsom, California.

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