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Ugh Winter! Who likes winter? Do you like winter?
Kids! That’s who likes winter! Remember when you were a kid and chose to go outside and play in the snow?

     Snow Angels…
     Snow Men…
     Ice Skating…

I totally remember all of those as a kid. Ahh, the memories of my childhood….. I’d grab the figure skates that Santa brought and hike over to the pond on my cousin’s farm where I’d pretend to be an Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skating Champion. My cousin Beth and I would figure skate, and I’d try to replicate the routines that Brian Boitano did in the 1984 Winter Olympics in Sarajevo while the other boys played hockey.  I was an effervescent child, who didn’t quite fit in, while growing up in a rural hills of central Pennsylvania….

How I looked in my head.

How I actually looked. 

Those were the days when the cold weather didn’t dry the shit out of my skin. And those hard falls on freezing cold ice didn’t create aches and pains. Ahh, winter as an adult, literally every skin cell on the surface of my body is totally dehydrated. Everything hurts! Isn’t cold supposed to reduce inflammation and make things feel better?

My body DOES NOT feel delicious!

I need help! I need some Body Deliciousness! I asked some of the best product lines out there for some help to get my summer groove back. I want that summer suppleness back. I want that dewy summer glow that comes naturally with 90 degrees and high humidity. In winter, nature won’t bring the glow, but don’t worry; I’ve found 5 products that will give you some Serious Body Deliciousness in this hateful winter season.

This Week’s Pop 5 Products For Winter Body Deliciousness

California Mango Travel Kit Lipgloss Aftershave
California Mango Travel Kit

California Mango Travel Kit

This kit has everything you need for to get some Body Deliciousness:
Want total body deliciousness?  You’ll  taste like a Mango from head to toe!  

Tu'el Body Glow Kit Lipgloss Aftershave
Tu’el Body Glow Kit

Tu’el Body Glow Kit

If you’re gonna be a #PoreStar, you need to make sure you got that body delicious glow!  Lisa + Lori at Tu’el, have got your back.  They’ve also got your front, your top and your bottom!  Want to know how you’ll get that glow?  

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YonKa Paris Gommage Scrub Lipgloss Aftershave

YonKa Paris Gommage Scrub

Yon-Ka Paris Gommage Sucre

Class Baby! If you don’t do anything else this winter, treat your senses to this Gommage Sucre.  Or… as people not nearly as fabulous as Yon-Ka, say it: Sugar Scrub.  Want to know what they use to make it smell like heaven is baking chocolate chip cookies and what they use to make your skin feel like cream cheese and velvet had a baby?   


WELL Products Bath Soak and Massage Oil Lipgloss Aftershave Blog
WELL Products Bath Soak and Massage Oil

WELL Products Bath Soak and Massage Oil

If you got aches – WELL.  If you got pains – WELL.  If you work out – WELL.  If you have arthritis – WELL.  If you have trouble sleeping – WELL.  If you have anxiety – WELL.  Want to know why you should WELL?  

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Lumen8 Lotion from PFB Vanish


This winter – kill 2 birds with one stone!  Hydrate + Brighten in one step!  Want to know how this luxe, rich moisturizing cream can also get rid of those dark spots?  

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Thank you to California Mango, Tu’el, WELL Products, PFB Vanish and YonKa Paris for sponsoring this article.

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