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Shave Isn’t a 4 Letter Word

That’s so obvious.  I mean it’s 5 letters.  Even a 3rd grader can count out the number of letters in that word.  I was trying to drive home a point. Sometimes, in life a little rain must fall, a little milk gets spilled, and yes, sometimes a little shaving happens.  All I can say is, “When Shaving Happens, Thank God for PFB Vanish!” Especially their newly launched and hottest product PFB Vanish ULTRA!

We’re Here We Groom – Get Over It

Let’s face it – unless guys are rockin’ a full beard, many dudes are shaving their faces on a daily basis. That’s probably never going to change.  There are some guys who shave other parts of their body too.  It’s true we can talk about this. Ok, before the TV show Queer Eye, it was as if men were neanderthals who were barely capable of showering daily, let alone doing any type of grooming or self care.  But here’s a fact for you, in the new millennium men are grooming. They pluck, spritz, scrub, moisturize and shave – all over. Not just the gays, like in the 90’s, but, like, all guys. It’s a fact: Guys Groom, Get Over It!  

Now, For The Ladies

pfb vanish bikini mask

There’s like miles of body that the ladies need to groom on a weekly basis.  I mean we get it, the legs can go a few extra days between shaves in the winter time, so long as there’s no planned exposure.  There’s the daily under arm that needs attention and then the semi-regular bikini wax. That’s if you’re a year round waxer. Sometimes, it can be relegated to a spring/summer situation.  

We get it, some ladies prefer to get waxed or sugared from nose to toes.  To those ladies, we say, your waxer at the spa truly appreciates the business.  But to the ladies who haven’t seen the light, we understand! Sometimes, it’s time; sometimes, it’s money; sometimes, it’s being modest.  There’s like a thousand reasons a lady will opt to shave at home.

PFB Vanish For Shaving

We found a line of products that are amazing to use after hair removal.  They’re great for after waxing, after sugaring, AND after shaving! We’re here to suggest these products to every single man and woman out there.  

PFB Vanish is a line of roll on post hair removal products that are designed to eliminate and prevent ingrown hairs, eliminate dark spots and fortify the skin.  The line also has a dual action exfoliating scrub and after shave masks.

The L+A Shave, by PFB Vanish

I have very sensitive skin on my neck and am obsessed with getting a smooth shave.  I asked PFB Vanish to help me get a really close shave and to offer some suggestions for post shave care that will help comfort the burn.  The L+A Shave works for men and women! Follow the steps for any area that you shave!

How To Shave – The  L+A Way

Step 1 Cleanse/ Exfoliateliquid-luffa-pfb-vanish

PFB Vanish suggested to start by cleansing the skin, and 3 x week to exfoliate with their Liquid Luffa Scrub.  This will help to ensure that the skin is smooth and that all debris is off the surface and the area around the hair follicle is clear.  It also warms the skin and makes it more supple.

Step 2  – Apply Shave Cream

PFB Vanish highly recommends using an ultra rich, shave cream to ensure that the razor can glide across the skin providing an even shave.

Step 3 – Shave

PFB Vanish stressed using a clean, fresh razor to make sure there was minimal drag on the skin.

Step 4 – Roll On Your Favorite PFB

Here you get to choose which of the 3 roll ons is best for your skin.  

PFB Vanish, “the original” will focus on eliminating ingrown hairs.  

PFB Vanish + CHROMABRIGHT will give you all the ingrown hair fighting power of “the original” and will help to eliminate dark spots in as quickly as 8 weeks.

PFB Vanish ULTRA, the newest roll on in the collection. Designed with additional brighteners for stubborn spots and the added boost of antioxidant protection. 

Step 5 Apply Mask For Additional Hydration/Soothing

Shaving can definitely cause irritation.  It’s a form of exfoliation so you may need to add one of the PFB Vanish leave on hydrating masks.

Guys – you would use Man Mask

Ladies – you would use Bikini Mask

If you’re going to shave, make sure you’re having a good experience.  Stop scraping. Say goodbye to razor burn. If you’re a darker skin tone – you can kiss dark spots good-bye! If you’ve got coarse hair, razor bumps can be a thing of the past with the PFB Vanish line of products.  

Thank you to PFB Vanish for sponsoring this article.  You can read more about PFB Vanish here.

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