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Post Wax Soothers

Want to watch a dude cry like a baby? Just mention that you want him to wax his back to get ready for your sister’s pool party over Memorial Day Weekend. Then sit back and sip your wine while you watch the terror set in.

Oh sure, he’ll act like it’s an affront to his manly-ness. But, as you sip your Rosé, you can smugly enjoy the fact that he’s terrified at the thought of being waxed. Let’s face it, ladies, guys just aren’t as tough as you! I mean, if you can push a baby out, there’s pretty much nothing you can’t deal with! #Respect #ToughAsNails

Hot Wax On Your Lady Business

Just because most ladies have a massively higher pain tolerance than virtually, oh…. ANY MAN out there, doesn’t mean ladies need to suffer! Yeah, we all know waxing can be uncomfortable. Especially after someone has just poured hot wax on your lady business! Having your downstairs de-forested can leave one feeling a little tender. Well, for that matter, getting waxed anywhere on your body can leave your skin a lil sore.

No Need to Suffer!

L+A to the rescue. We sent out a call to our skincare peeps to see who had products to help calm and soothe skin after waxing! We found 4 amazing products that you can use after waxing to help calm, heal, and soothe skin.

4 Skin Calming Post Wax Options

Skin can become inflamed and irritated leaving it slightly pink or even red after waxing. These can be natural reactions. No need to be alarmed…. but DAMN, no woman wants to walk around with pink stripes under her eyebrows. Trust, for damn sure, no woman wants to walk around with a red mustache on her upper lip from being waxed…….

…….because as we all know – no woman gets her upper lip waxed EVER……

….and that’s the official statement to the press!

No Questions!

 Post Waxing Lotion - BiON

Post Waxing Lotion – BiON


Post-Waxing Lotion is beneficial in preventing ingrown hairs that develop after waxing and shaving. Applied before waxing, it will prevent the development of inflammation and ingrown hairs by weakening hair follicles and exfoliating the skin. When used after waxing or shaving, it will also treat and prevent razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae). The tea tree oil helps to soothe and clean the skin.

 Jelly Globes - Saian Skincare

Jelly Globes – Saian Skincare


The ultimate refreshing tools and can be used for all beauty and health purposes. They eliminate redness and calm the skin after waxing, extractions and electrolysis, stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate skin. They are excellent after various peels, and for helping close the pores after nutritive facials. Jelly Globes are also an excellent treatment for sinus, puffy eyes, headache, and migraines.

 Bikini Mask - PFB Vanish

Bikini Mask – PFB Vanish


The rich, hydrating, calming botanical leave on mask is ideal for after waxing or shaving.  Bursting with humectants to hydrate and Chamomile Flowers, Aloe, Leaf Juice and Rose Petals to calm and hydrate. PLUS! Ingredients to combat bumps, blemishes and ingrown hairs!


 Aftercare Healing Cream - Zensa

Aftercare Healing Cream – Zensa


Restore. Refresh. Relax. This soothing cream is clinically proven to reduce itching, speed up healing and minimize scarring. With Sunflower Seed oil to soothe and hydrate after waxing.

You can trust that its effectiveness as it is Health Canada certified. It contains all natural ingredients with an intoxicating natural, grapefruit fresh scent.

So ladies, and those few brave guys who are really secure in their masculinity, pick one of these 4 amazing options and keep it in your go purse or man bag. We promise it will help keep you happy and smiling after every waxing service! Enjoy!

Thank you to Saian Skincare, BiON Skincare, PFB Vanish, and Zenza for sponsoring this post!

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