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The L+A Holiday Gift Guide!


Lipgloss + Aftershave Saves The Holidays!

For the love of all things wintery and bright.  For the love of all those candles and lights. For the love of all those songs and traditions. We’re here to save the holidays!

What you celebrate in December doesn’t matter –  we’re not here to discuss that! We’re here to talk about something very important!  We want to save you from giving awful gifts!

We’re here to rescue everyone from those awful, hideous, stupid, boring holiday gifts!  Let’s face it – no one wants to open another gift card on the 3rd night of Hanukkah! We’re certain you’ll agree that, if you have to smile at the ump-teenth pair of hideous earrings – you may lose it!  

Seriously, can we all agree to just retire the “As Seen On TV” kitchen gadgets?  Honestly, who needs another piece of plastic in the a drawer that can help you peel potatoes faster?  Honestly – when was the last time you peeled potatoes? Last Thanksgiving?

And can we all agree that saying Happy Holidays with a cheese log or fruit cake is just wrong?

We all know that the absolute best gift this holiday is wine – oh wait, that’s not THE BEST gift, it’s just the only thing Jenni wrote on her Holiday Wish list.  But that’s probably because she already has a LightStim, Beauty of Hope Candles and the Tu’el Pore Star Glow Kit! Oh, shit, I may have just given away our secret!  

So we’re here to save the holidays! We’re here to save the world from bad gifts!  So stop giving gifts that suck! Start to giving gifts that people that people will go bonkers over!  We swear, we’ve found a gift for LITERALLY everyone!

The Dudes…


The Lash Queen…


The Body Treatment Babe…


The Candle Collector…


The Lipgloss Lover…


The Product Junkie…


The Device Diva…


Trust – our top 20 Holiday Favorites will make you the Holiday Hero!  


The Lipgloss + Aftershave Holiday Gift Guide!


Gemstonz-LipIt-CBDBalm-lipgloss-aftershaveGemstonz Lip It CBD Balm

Get 10% off your kissable order with code: LIPITUP!

Pucker up in all your holiday #selfies with the most hydrated and stunning lips! Find out why this balm with rock your holidazeeeeeee!  

Lash-Affair-Lash-Pillow-lipgloss-aftershaveLash Affair Satin Lash Extension Pillow

You know you want perfect lashes in your holiday pics!  When you bat your lashes you want to make sure they look amazing! Sleep like a princess on this yummy pillow!  


Hip & Chicks Holidaze Candles from California Skincare Supply

If you’re ready to totally chill out this holiday, get hip with these chicks!  Kelli and Julea from California Skincare Supply will make your holidaze truly special with these organic, yummy candles.  


Rx Canna Care Infused Pain Relief Cream

This is Mom and Father-In-Law approved.  Barry’s mom (Hey LINDA) and Jenni’s Father-In-Law (Hey DAVID ) both use this cream to get rid of pain from arthritis!  Give the gift of comfort this year!  

LightStim-for-Wrinkles-lipgloss-aftershaveLightStim for Wrinkles

Love + Light this holiday season!  Show your love by giving light!  Especially light that will help fight back the hands of time!  We LOVE LIGHT!  We really love LIGHTSTIM!  


Saian Skincare FirmAge

Santa Baby – put a FirmAge under the tree for me!  Honestly, this little guy packs quite a punch!  Give the gift of amazingly firm skin!  


Beauty of Hope Holiday Candles

You won’t even believe how good these candles smell!  Sweet, Invigorating or Spicy – take your pic!  The trio has a scent for everyone this holiday season!  We love all 3 and have them in different parts of the house!  


Sesha Skincare Active Recovery Hand Cream

Take 10% off with code GLOSSY10

Do not shake hands at holiday parties with the cracked, rough hands of a dock worker!  Get Active Recovery!  This hand cream will give you a velvety soft touch!   

Alexanders-Aesthetics-Lycon-Apple-Cranberry-Scrub-lipgloss-aftershaveLycon Apple Cranberry Scrub by Alexanders Aesthetics II

Winter skin can be dry.  Dry skin is bad.  Scrub away surface dead, dry skin – AND enjoy the holiday fragrances of cranberry while you do it!  Show up the holiday party with glowing – gorgeous skin!!!  


Shira Shir-Gold Rose Gold Serum

Who wouldn’t want to get a jar of gold?  Especially when it’s totally organic!  This ultra hydrating serum is the perfect gift!  Romantic fragrance, highly effective and a gorgeous golden bottle!  


Tu’el Pore Star Glow Kit

Want to be a Pore Star?  Tu’el can get you glowing this holiday season!  They’ve created this amazing multi-step kit.  After you use it, don’t be embarrassed if someone stops you to ask if they’ve seen one of your films.  


Tu’el Fresh Eyes

Cyber Monday Deal – FREE Fresh Eyes with the purchase of a Glow Kit!
Baby, if you wanna glow – you gotta have Fresh Eyes!  Make everyone else in your group pics jealous!  Be the one in the holiday party selfie that everyone points to and says – Oh My God – she has an amazing glow!  



There’s really nothing like it!  This little guy is truly not a buddy it’s a BESTIE – let’s rename it MYSKINBESTIE!   This device will give you a deep clean and infuse product deep into your skin.  It will also give a burst of LED and ultrosonic love!  You need it – bottom line!  


Circadia The Pillowcase

You didn’t know how much you needed it until the morning after!  You wake up and look at your skin and realize, “Yes, Virginia, a pillowcase can make a difference.”


Nature Pure Herbal C Nourisher

There’s LITERALLY nothing bad in any of the words above!  You want ALL of that on your skin during the holidays.  You know you’ll be having a few extra drinks, and a little nibble here and there. Maybe you’ll be out later than usual and a little stressed  – you’ll want some Nature Pure in your life!  


Olive + M Shimmer + Glow Body Oil

New to Lipgloss + Aftershave – Olive + M has everyone glowing for real this holiday.  Want to get noticed – add a little shimmer to your legs and arms in that amazing cocktail dress!  This way it won’t just be your personality that sparkles.  


GrandeLIPS Hydrating Lip Plumper

There is nothing sexier than beautiful lips!  Flash a smile with confidence knowing that you’ve maximized your smile with one of the industry’s most popular hydrating lip plumpers! 


SilcSkin Hand Treatment 

Treat your hands like a celebrity would treat her’s!  Emmy Award-Winning make up artist  Camille Calvet, has created a hand treatment that will give you the hands of a famous tv actress!  


H.I.M.-istry Anti-Aging Shave System

We’ve even got the guys covered!  Here’s a shave kit that they’ll love!  3 Steps to a smoother shave!  


Lipgloss +Aftershave #7

Who would we be if we didn’t throw a GLOSS in there?  The perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite person!



We collaborated with some amazing female entrepreneurs to bring you the boss ladies bundle. It it packaged in the pictured box and SHIPS for FREE! Here is what the boss ladies bundle includes: 

hair band // nine lives health

coffee mug // kiloh + co

lip gloss // lip gloss + aftershave

notepad  // boss ladies referral crew

5X7 print + inspirational sticker  // small moments

bracelet // divine dimes

Now if that didn’t give you some AMAZING ideas….you can stick with the cheese log.  Happy Holidays Lipglossers! 

Thank you to all of our sponsors for making this Gift Guide possible!

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