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4 At Home Beauty Hacks To Boost Your Immune System

4 At Home Beauty Hacks To Boost Your Immune System

Want to boost your immune system?  You’ll love these 4 beauty tips that you can do at home to help you get a glow and boost your immune system.

Did you know that some of the products used to help keep you looking young and beautiful can also help you boost your immune system?  Sometimes that natural glow that we think is a good bronzer or tinted moisturizer is actually coming from within!

If you’re looking for tips for getting a glow this spring – the L+A Spring Skin Care Guide has 15 go-to items that you’ll love for spring!  

Lymph + Beauty

In the everyday operations of a beauty business, we talk about lymph all of the time.  We discuss it when we’re talking about inflammation. We discuss lymph when we’re talking about massage.  When we are relating lymph + beauty  –  we’re mostly discussing how to move lymph to reduce fluid retention and swelling.  However, when we improve lymphatic flow, we’re improving the lymphatic system’s ability to do it’s job!  Did you know that one of the lymph system’s main jobs is to boost your immune system?

Beauty Modalities That Stimulate The Lymphatic System

When we learn about facial massage, microcurrent and dry brushing, we are given so many benefits of each modality.  Many are focused on how the modality improves the appearance of the skin.  One of the many benefits of these modalities is improved lymphatic flow.  It’s usually at that point that we’re taught the main benefit is how the lymphatic drainage can help decrease inflammation in the skin.

However, there’s another huge benefit to improved an lymphatic function – it helps boost your immune system.

“The Lymphatic System plays in integral role in the immune function…

… of the body. It is the first line of defense against disease. This network of vessels and nodes transports and filters lymph fluid containing antibodies and lymphocytes (good) and bacteria (bad). The body’s first contact with these invaders signals the lymphatics, calling upon this system to orchestrate the way the infection-fighting cells prevent illness and diseases from invading microorganisms. “

Excerpt from :  The Lymphatic System, by Lymphangiomatosis & Gorham’s Disease Alliance

Microcurrent + The Lymphatic System

“….improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, rejuvenates the natural “glow” of youthful hues…”

EY Skincare regarding NeurotriS Microcurrent, read more….

Dry Brushing Stimulates Your Lymph System

“While dry brushing (“garshana” in Ayurveda) can superficially remove dead skin cells, there is so much more to this traditional practice………can have a sedative quality for your central nervous system, stimulate your lymph system, and increase local circulation greatly contributing to your body’s overall health and wellness.”

Excerpt From Body Exfoliation: The Science Behind The Glow  Read Full Article

Richard Maher

Dry Brushing Tips

If you’re looking for instrucitons on how to dry brush toboost your immune system, you can read Lydia Sarfati’s article, Dry Brushing: 10 Things You Need To Know

4 At Home Beauty Hacks To Boost Your Immune System 

1. Aromatherapy Dry Brush Kit – KM Herbals

Enjoy the delicious Aromatherapy Dry Brush self-care Kit!  Dry brushing is a gentle and effective way to stimulate the lymphatics and encourage detoxification. Use several drops of essential oil on the brush bristles and brush the skin with gentle pressure in upward strokes – always towards the heart. Create an at-home spa experience by dry brushing before showering and enjoy your personal aromatherapy steam room. Set includes 1 dry brush, 1 essential oil blend, and 1 canvas bag.

Our feedback: It’s important to note that when using this to use light pressuure. The lighter the pressure the more effective it will be in stimulating the lymphatic flow. Barry used the Peppermint essential oil will the dry brush to help stimulate the skin.

2. OctoVie Skincare Brush

This must have OctoVie Skincare Brush comes in two sizes: BODY + FACE (firmer feel) in signature colors; vineyard rose and ocean blue.  The FACE Mini (squishy feel) in the clear version so you can see all of the impurities and makeup extracted from your skin during your beauty routine. Brush until skin is slightly pink, not red. Brush WET daily with your favorite cleanser or brush DRY before showering or after toweling off. Use as a beauty tool to apply moisturizer, makeup, masks and foundations. Rinse after each use, store brush-side up.

Our feedback:  These two brushes are great!  The smaller Face Mini is great! Barry used it on his face and neck on a regular basis – left the skin feeling smooth, and glowing!  He used the larger Body + Face on his abdomen, butt and thighs to help stimulate the lymph flow – he then applied a firming gel.  He used several:  skini cream by PFB Vanish, Firming and Shaping Gel by Circadia and Anti Cellulite Cream by Glymed Plus

3. PICO Toner – NeurotriS

The PICO Toner is the world’s most advanced personal face and body sculptor. The NeurotriS PICO Toner™ is the only hand held microcurrent device intended for home use featuring 2nd generation microcurrent “Constant Waveform Morphology” utilizing our patented Silver Sculpting Gloves™. If you are not ready for surgical procedures because of time, financial or medical limitations, we can offer a non-invasive approach to improve and return a youthful appearance. The experience is wonderfully relaxing and euphoric, causes no pain, swelling or downtime, and noticeable results begin immediately.

Our feedback:  Jenni did an online tutourial on how to use the PICO Toner with Patricia from NeurotriS, you can find the video in our article, NeurotriS At-Home Microcurrent Device.  

4.  Clareblend Mini – MedSpa Distributors

Lift & tone with the Clareblend MINI handheld microcurrent device. MINI uses low-level electrical current at unique, variable frequencies which mimic the body’s natural current. The current stimulates the facial muscles for a natural, toned appearance.  

Our feedback:  Jenni did an demo with the Clarblend Mini on Facebook, she’s even had a full microcurrent treatment with MedSpa Distributors.  If you want to hear Pam, from MedSpa Distributors explain microcurrent during the treatment you can find the Facebook Live video in the article, Be Basic – But Have a Touch Of Flair


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Thanks to KM Herbals, NeurotriS, MedSpa Distributors and OctoVie for sponsoring this article.  

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