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5 Body Scrubs You Will Love In Your Tub

5 Body Scrubs You Will Love In Your Tub

Who doesn’t love a scrub in their tub?  Well, a body scrub, not like a scrub that TLC sang about.  Cuz, if it’s one of those kind of scrubs then…..”I don’t want to scrub” either.


Our L+A Spring Skin Care Guide has a featured body scrub and body lotion combo, call the Get A Glow Duo!  You have to check them out!  

Excerpt From Body Exfoliation: The Science Behind The Glow

What Is The Best Body Exfoliation Method?

Best methods can vary based on experience level and the state of the skin. Starting out can be as straightforward as using a clean washcloth or buffing pad while you shower. Some post shower products can incorporate chemical exfoliants like lactic/glycolic acid or gentler enzymes as an alternative. Depending on formula, some chemical exfoliants are mild enough to become a part of a daily routine. Beginners can lighten the intensity by applying products before drying off. For tougher, heartier skin, chemical and physical exfoliation can be combined. 

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5 Body Scrubs You’ll Love In Your Tub!

1. Emulsifying Sugar Body Scrub with Sandalwood + Vanilla – pampering with JLaché

You’re seeing it here first!  This is the newest of the body scrubs featured this week. This coconut oil based sugar scrub is a dream!  Scrub away dead skin and hydrate all at the same time!  The subtle fragrance is a treat!  Check out the Instagram profile of this tiny new brand founded by a Towson University student!

2. Rose Geranium Body Polish – KM Herbals

A soft and delicate fragrance is combined with a creamy, ground pumice scrub that will give your skin the perfect polish!  The Rose Geranium Body Polish will smooth away dry or rough skin with this smoothing and nourishing luxury product. KM Herbals uses natural pumice in a cream base to create a gentle but effective exfoliating formula that sloughs off skin without causing irritation or discomfort.

3. LipoMelt® Grapefruit Hippophae Body Polish – Nature Pure

LipoMelt® Grapefruit Hippophae Body Polish is a wholesome antioxidant enriched stimulating body exfoliant that delicately sweeps away dead skin cells revealing healthier and smoother skin while indulging all senses with awakening and mood elevating Grapefruit Extract and Hippophae Berries. Jojoba Seeds effectively renew skin texture and radiance.  This is one of the body scrubs that Jenni has raved about! 

4.  Sea Spa Glow – Repêchage

The Sea Spa Glow is based on mineral salts from the Dead Sea and infused with hydrating and moisture-binding Laminaria Digitata, Ulva Lactuca and Chondrus Crispus seaweed extracts. Combined with refreshing Mint and soothing Aloe. You will feel energized and refreshed, with smooth, silky, soft skin. One of Repêchages best selling body scrubs.

5.  Solar Energy From the Dead Sea – Face & Body Scrub – California Skincare Supply

When you use the  Solar Energy From the Dead Sea – Face & Body Scrub , your entire body will thank you for using this exfoliating and cleansing scrub that is enhanced with water and minerals from the Dead Sea. The exfoliation removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood circulation. This fresh and exfoliating cleanser can be used daily for a fresh, clean feel that lasts all day!  Legit one of the coolest body scrubs – if you click through and see all the ingredients – it’s like a container full of the dead sea!!! 

Last Week’s POP!

5 Spring Beauty Tips For Face + Body

1. Lumen8

Just scrub away the gunk of winter!  In March, find a great body scrub like Liquid Luffa and start scrubbing away the dead skin and gunk that’s been gathering on the skin you’ve been hiding under long pants and long sleeves all winter!  After you’ve scrubbed away all the dead skin work on Lumen8-ing with Lumen8 Lotion.  You can Lumen8 your skin with a brightening product that will help to even out skin tone!

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Thanks to Repêchage, Nature Pure, California Skincare Supply, pampering by JLaché and KM Herbals for sponsoring this article.  

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