What Is A TCA Peel? Jenni’s 7 Day Journey To Glowing!

What Is A TCA Peel?  What Will It Do To Your Skin?

What is a TCA Peel?  Ok, have you seen that Sex In The City episode when Samantha gets a chemical peel? That’s a TCA Peel. 

Yeah, that is the exact reason so many people are petrified when they hear the words “chemical peel”.  The fear that their face is going to be so red, irritated and hot for days gives them the immediate answer of, “NO THANKS”!


What Will A TCA Peel Do For Your Skin?

Reduce Hyperpigmentation/Sun Damage
Reduce Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Improve Skin Firmness
Make Your Skin More Smooth
Reduce Pore Size
Increase Product Absorption
Treat Acne Conditions

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Let’s get the basics straight.  This peel is a combination of:


Trichloracetic Acid


Phytic Acid


Lactic Acid


Mandelic Acid

Why Jenni Chose To Use A TCA Peel?

Ok, now that we’ve answered the question, “What is a TCA peel”, here’s why Jenni chose a TCA Peel

Not that she don’t get a breakout every once in a while – trust me on that.  She’s been working really hard to keep her skin plump and even-toned the past few years. Dark spots all over her face began to really bother her! She knew TCA Peels are a great way to help eliminate dark spots by resurfacing the skin. 

What Is A TCA Peel?  Here’s Photos of All 7 Days

If you have more questions beyond just “what IS a TCA peel”?  Like maybe, what do the after effects of a TCA peel look like.  You’re in luck! 

Day 1: Peel Application

Cleanse, pre-treat, then get to work applying each layer.  The first thing I noticed was the low-odor; typically, stronger peels have a strong smell that makes it almost hard to breath.  The Dermastart Isomer peel contains no phenol, resulting in less odor.

You can apply up to 6 layers, but I only made it to three.  It was hot – very hot.  Nothing that a little fanning couldn’t control, but it was no joke.  Once my third layer was applied, I used one of the after peel-condition pads.  That was it, no neutralizing.

Day 2: Tight, Tight, Tight

My face was  so tight! I could barley get my mouth open. Thank goodness it was Saturday and I didn’t have to talk much!  It was even tough to eat…seriously.  I was able to wash my face and apply the Post Care Treatment and Sport Shield later in the day.

By the end of Day 2, the skin had really darkened.

Day 3: Let The Cracking Begin

It was actually a relief to wake up and see that some of the skin around my mouth had started to crack and loosen up.  Nothing felt itchy, but you could see the skin starting to shed.

By the end of Day 3, the skin was REALLY peeling.

Day 4: My Least Favorite Day

The fourth day was probably the worst because the skin was loosening up so much, but not going anywhere.  Major sheets of skin were literally hanging from my face.  So instead of pulling them off (which you totally want to do), I would trim them so there was less temptation to yank them off.  

This was the day Jack couldn’t stop staring at me.

Day 5: An End In Sight

Best Day Ever! When I washed my face that morning, the steam in the shower had really softened up my skin, so as I was cleansing with the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, skin was just rolling off.  I spent a few minutes massaging my face and skin was just coming off.  So gratifying.  

This was also the day I checked in with Cherie and asked if I could use the Lumi Enzyme Masque to help accelerate the removal.  She recommended 1-4 minutes, and I was able to do all 4.  There was a slight tingle, but I knew it was loosening up so much skin!

Day 6: A Little Makeup Never Hurt

At this point, I’d been washing twice a day with the Gentle Foaming Cleanser, using the Post Treatment Care moisturizer, and applying Sport Shield every morning.  For two nights, I had used the Lumi Enzyme Masque and followed up with the Post Treatment Care moisturizer.  It was looking good!

My skin felt SO smooth and the pores were visibly smaller.  I did experience a breakout along my jawline and neck.  

I finally felt like I could put a little brow filler and mascara on.  

“You’ve Got That Pregnancy Glow”

After a full week, the major peeling had finished.  There was minor flaking on my neck and hairline.  I loved how smooth my skin felt, how dewey it appeared and how fresh it looked.  Someone even told me I looked like I had the pregnancy glow.  My skin was radiant!

I documented every day so that I could create side by side images to really see a difference.  

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