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The L+A Fall Guide: 12 Tips To Resurfacing Skin

The L+A Fall Resurfacing Skin Care Guide

Resurfacing skin care treatments come back to life – full throttle in the Fall!  Nothing feels better than to be able start focusing on skin conditions that need a little, or in some cases a whole lot of resurfacing!

12 tips to help you offer effective resurfacing skin care treatments this fall, effective on hyperpigmentation, fine lines, improving texture + firmness.



12 Resurfacing Tips 

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Barry + Jenni’s PRO TIPS Below

What's In Your Tech Tool Box

Fall is a powerful time in the skincare industry! Take your treatment to the next level by adding some gadgets to your treatment room, read our Tech Tool Box  article.

Barry + Jenni's PRO TIPS

2B Bio Peel - California Skincare Supply

“This resurfacing peel is no joke! I got this at the Las Vegas IECSC a few years ago and loved the results!  I love how it can be done more aggresively by pressing the peel into the skin!” Barry 

“Can we talk about the GLOW that you get from this treatment? Customizable in so many ways.” Jenni

0% Acid, 100% Natural, 100% Professional Use ONLY!

Unlike other peels which only work on the surface, 2B Bio Peeling activates the exfoliation process from within the skin. The natural and powerful agents of this treatment stimulate the skin to reject the impurities that smother it. The powerful and unique antioxidants found in the 2B Bio Peel and 2B Bio Beauty line of supporting professional and homecare products are capable of balancing the consequences of prolonged tissue dysfunction caused by long term dermal stress, hypo-tonicity and subcutaneous inflammation or loss of muscular function.

2B Bio Beauty products are manufactured by Libinvest Cosmetics of Belgium. Libinvest has been a leading developer of European skin products for women and men for more than twenty five years. All of their products have been thoroughly tested and approved by the Belgian Health Ministry and the United States Food and Drugs Administration.

Ageless CBD Facial Oil - dmSkincare

“I can’t wait to try this product! I’m a huge fan of the Ageless CBD line and used it in my 30 Days Of dmSkincare.  I love a facial oil with the addition of CBD, this will make a D E L I C I O US oil to use for dermplaning and to use at home after a resurfacing peel.”  Barry

“You had me at “natural botox”. Jenni

Ageless CBD Oil is a silky, calming and youth-preserving CBD face oil featuring three firming and nourishing powerhouses:  CBD, Polyplant oily seaweed, and Volufiline™. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD and hemp oil, the firming and soothing from Polyplant Oily Seaweed and Volufiline™ (dubbed natural botox without the needle by many) all contribute to the facial oil game changer that restores the skin’s balance, texture, and overall glow.

Use alone or layer under your favorite dmSkincare moisturizer for an intensely hydrating experience.

BeeDazzle Revitalize - Hale & Hush

“I got an education on this resurfacing peel from one of Hale & Hush’s top clients. Trish Kinderman told me how she loves it for resurfacing and acneic clients.  I’ve tried and just love it for a brightening and resurfacing treatment!”  Barry

“Don’t underestimate the strength behind this treatment. Just because the line is known for sensitive skin, it is still so active and can be used across the board.” Jenni

BeeDazzle Revitalize is a professional only, in-treament peel.  It delivers quality rejuvenation without fuss or downtime by uniting refinement and recovery in one unique formulation.  Sensitive-friendly AHAs (mandelic and lactic) recondition skin’s texture and complexion while bioactive Manuka Honey nurtures healing with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and conditioning effects.


  • Reconditions skin’s texture and complexion
  • Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial
  • Supports skin’s barrier function
  • Improves hydration
Eye Pads + Cleanser Kit - SilcSkin

“Why wouldn’t you use these? You can work on wrinkles while you sleep…it just makes sense.” Jenni

“LEGIT!  These pads just work! I have used them and love them.  I also know several medical estheticians who swear by them!  They just “re-train” your face.”  Barry

Wrinkles are inevitable! Age, poor health, environmental factors and genetics can all be a cause. Over time, the production of collagen and elastin production slows down and wrinkles form. The area around the eyes is one of the thinnest and most fragile areas of skin making it susceptible to deep wrinkles and fine lines.

SilcSkin’s Eye Pads are specifically designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. The Cleanser is used to prep the skin — removing any makeup residue, lotion or other products. Now Lipgloss + Aftershave readers can get both for a very special price.

CIT Pen - Herbal Skin Solutions

“Hooked.  This pen is so versatile, from microneedling to nano infusion, you can treat anyone.  The new advanced cartridges for needling are really impressive.” Jenni 

“I used this pen to infuse products into my skin. A great way to improve product penetration.”  Barry

Between the CIT Pen’s array of applications to effectively solve a variety of skin issues including acne scarring, stretch marks, sun damage, sagging skin, and fine lines, in addition to its ability to render resurfacing results with little to no downtime, collagen induction therapy/micro-needling and nano-infusion treatments have quickly become one of the most in-demand esthetic services in the industry.

Hydra Dew Pure™️ Elixir Balm - Repêchage

“A great massage medium that does double duty to protect and nourish skin.  Combine this with the Kansa Wands and you have a magical treat!” Jenni

“Ok, this is a huge hit!  This product has a thick consistency but it easily disolves into the skin and just disappears.  The skin literally drinks this balm like a refreshing cocktail on a summer afternoon!  This will be perfect for clients who have aggressive microneedling, microdermabrasion and strong chemical peels to use at home.  It’s so light, healing and easily absorbed, you could even use it directly after a peel to help hydrate and nourish. It will help to begin rebuilding the acid mantle.”  Barry

Hydra Dew Pure™️ Elixir Balm is a concentrated balm that helps support the skin’s natural barrier. Traditional Mastic Oil from the island of Chios, Greece, and Seaweed extract help create an immediate sensation of comfort, while Camellia Japonica Seed Oil and Cannabis Sativa Hemp Seed Oil help soften and lock in moisture. Dermatologist-tested.* Use anytime on extra dry, compromised areas or patches.  REGISTER FOR A PRO ACCOUNT TO LEARN MORE! 

DiamondTome Microdermabrasion - MedSpa Distributors

“I’m most intrigued by the new Micro Wand from DiamondTome, this little guy will let you treat hard to reach areas, like the nose and ear lobes.” Barry

“Bigger body wands, smaller Micro Wands…you can literally treat any surface of your body!” Jenni

DiamondTome® systems stand out because they are crystal free.  Instead, they use a diamond tipped microdermabrasion wand to remove the damaged outer layer of skin, where shallow surface imperfections reside.  The procedure can be adjusted to offer either a gentle or aggressive approach.  It also safe for clients with sensitive skin.  

Pre + Post Peel Kits - BiON Skincare

“Honestly, I’d have a bunch of these on hand to recommend to my clients who need that little bit of extra love and attention.  You know the type of client that I’m talking about – they need everything to be as easy as possible.  Just sell them the kit and tell them to use it step by step for a specific number of days!  It will make your life easier and cut down on the number of text messages you get asking for help on what product to use when.”  Barry

“The prep before a series of peels is just as critical as the aftercare; your results will be maximized if you take the time to prep the skin, and this is one of the best ways to do it!” Jenni

This professional strength Peel Prep Kit contains everything you need to prepare your skin for a professional chemical peel treatment.

The Post Peel products are gentle, restore skin’s health, protect, speed up healing + provide comfort to the skin. The kits are designed to focus on restoring the skin’s barrier and to intensely hydrate the skin which boosts the healing process.

Lemon Pumpkin Peel - Dawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare

“Organic Peels can sizzle and this one is living proof!  I’d create a Fall Lemon Pumpkin Brightening facial and use this peel and then combine it with Dawn’s Lemon Acai Lightening Masque. Clients will go crazy!”  Barry

“We learned never to doubt the power of natural ingredients after exploring Dawn’s line.  It is not only delicious, it’s effective.” Jenni

Vegan, Gluten, Dairy, Soy & Nut Oil Free. With a pH of 3.5, this Lemon Pumpkin Peel will give you a great Specialty Treatment For Fall, that celebrates the season and is strong enough to dig into all of that summer sun damage. It features Pumpkin & Papaya Enzymes, Gycolic Acid, Organic Sugar Cane/Fruit Acids Fruit acids, Ferulic Acid and Lemon.

Unscented CBD Salve - Hempfield Botanicals

“Hempfield’s products, both oral and topical, have always impressed me.  The team’s medical background provides an added layer of research and experience behind the brand.” Jenni

“Honestly, I’m a sucker for a salve!  But not like gross salves – I’m obsessed with high quality salves that just give up when they meet with the friction of being massage between two fingers – melting into a luxurious, healing tool for the skin.  Now you add the anti-inflammatory, wound healing benefits of CBD into a salve and you’ve got something that I would drench my skin with after a really deep microneedling treatment.”  Barry

Hempfield Botanical’s Unscented CBD Salve is perfect to apply to the face for healing wounds and reduce inflammation. 

It offers concentrated, relief. It is incredibly nourishing as it’s made with whole-plant cannabidiol (CBD), hemp oil, shea butter, soybean wax, arnica and beta caryophyllene (pain relieving terpene), it has just the right consistency to directly target painful areas.

Mineral Retinol Solution by LIRA Clinical

“Lira never disappoints with their treatments; the ability to create a beautiful experience with products that are so powerful and show immediate results is remarkable.” Jenni

“Love having a peel on the back bar that can be used in so many ways!  Makes doing up-grades easier!  Makes adjusting treatments to meet the client’s needs easier.”  Barry


Offering limitless versatility, Mineral Retinol Solution is Lira’s 3-in-1 formulation. This innovative solution can be used as a standalone resurfacing treatment, a peel sealant, or a booster in any of Lira’s protocols with Madonna Lily plant stem cells, gold, and silver mineral infusion. Give yourself the creative freedom of limited inflammation and less downtime.  Create A Professional Account With Lira To Learn More

ProCell Therapies - NewMark Beauty

“Thinking outside of the box is always the way to go in my book and ProCell does that with their microneedling delivery.”  Barry

“The education and experience that you receive when working with NewMark beauty is what sets them apart; you should expect that from your distributor!” Jenni

ProCell was voted the #1 Microchanneling device 3 years in a row. A ProCell treatment creates thousands of invisible microchannels in the skin + induces new collagen + reduces the signs of aging via stimulation of your Stem Cells, + the introduction of potent peptides, growth factors + Stem Cytokines. It rejuvenates w/ little to no recovery time + produces both corrective + anti-aging results.

Thanks to California Skincare Supply, Bion, New Mark Beauty,  Hale & Hush, Repêchage, Herbal Skin Solutions, dmSkincare, Hempfield Botanicals, Lira Clinical, MedSpa Distributors, Dawn Lorraine and SilcSkin for sponsoring this article.

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