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Would You Perm Your Lashes?


“Sooo, you’re getting lash extensions?”

When I first showed the before and after photo of a Lash Lift to Barry, that is what he thought. The results were so dramatic it honestly looked like extensions!
LashLift Before and After Lipgloss and Aftershave
Lily Lotus Esthetics – Not my lashes 🙂
I’ve got to admit, I’ve been tempted to get extensions on more than one occasion. But I’ve got naturally long lashes, and would really only get them for fullness and volume. But the only thing holding me back was the time…or the lack thereof!
5:00 am Wake up and get one cup of coffee in me while enjoying total silence in my kitchen. 
5:30 am Answer a handful of emails, organize the day and try to squeeze on one project before Jack wakes up. 
6:30 am Jack Wakes Up. ME time is officially done. 
8:30 am Try to hit up a barre, Pilates or body pump class after dropping Jack off at school. 
9:30 am – 5:00 pm Stare at a computer all day. 
5:00 pm Hang with Jack for 1 uninterrupted hour (it’s how I feed my soul
6:00 – 8:30 pm Make dinner, continually remind Jack to eat it, maybe get 15 minutes of adult conversation in with Drew, give Jack a bath. 
8:30 – 9:15 pm Convince Jack he’s old enough to sleep in his own bed. 
9:30 pm Collapse in bed with hopes of staying awake for Workin’ Moms or some other mindless show on Netflix. 
So I’m not sure where in that typical day I can find time to get a lash fill every two weeks. Like seriously, it’s amazing I would have enough to be a blonde again. 

This handsome devil kept me brunette until recently.

So when I stumbled upon Lash Lifts, I was like whhhhhaaaaa?  That’s what I need.
Lash Lifts give the appearance of longer lashes by lifting them in an upward position; it’s basically a perm for your lashes, and it only takes 90 minutes every SIX Weeks. Now that, I can manage. 
The process is pretty straight forward.  Here is what Kim Shapiro from Lily Lotus Esthetics in Linwood, NJ did:

Use a silicone rod to lift the lashes in an upward position.

Apply advanced solutions to the bottom half of the lashes closest to the root for a perming/setting process.

BOOM! Done.

It was that easy! I was able to chill out in the chair for about 90 minutes (from start to finish).  There was no stinging or irritation…it was so easy!  Kim had me leave with a lash conditioner to use daily to ensure my lashes are strong and healthy. 
The curl will last about 6 weeks.  I’ll be using Lash Affair TLC cleanser as my makeup remover since it is oil free, and can use my normal mascara. 
Highly recommend this service to anyone that wants a little lash boost but isn’t ready to commit to extensions. I’m still totally going to use my LashesMD from California Skincare Supply on a daily basis to keep these beauties long!

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