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“The Ultimate Symbol For Femininity & Sexuality…”

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I had the chance to chat with Jenelle Paris, Founder of Lash Affair on our Podcast, Skin. Body. Soul.  We talked about my upcoming Valentine’s Day article featuring an homage to lips and lashes. Jenelle gave me some insight into why she thinks that the lash extension business is booming! 

 “Lashes are the Ultimate Symbol For Femininity & Sexuality…”.  Jenelle Paris, Founder of Lash Affair. 

 Jenelle went on to say, “It’s powerful to have them!” 

… Lashes do something to you.  When you look back at cartoons, there would be two little bunnies and the only distinguishing characteristic from the female bunny and the male bunny was her lashes.

Jenelle Paris

Founder, Lash Affair

Check out Mini and Mickey below, obvi Jenelle nailed it!  

Femininity and sexuality are relative terms, but then again so are the volume of lashes.  One could ask is the volume of your lashes proportional to your femininity and sexuality?  Obvi, that’s a personal choice that every woman gets to make for herself and, I’m gonna say this loud for those of you in the back.  It’s a woman’s choice – and it’s no body else’s business!  

Ladies, take your pick!  The lash industry is growing every day.  New and exciting things are happening.  You can express yourself with natural lashes (with or without  a little help from a lash enhancement serum) long lashes, lash extensions, volume lashes, feather lashes, or even glitter lashes.  Your options are endless and we’re here to fully support your choice!!!   

If we’re gonna talk about femininity and sexuality, we have to talk about lipstick and lipgloss!  It’s a fact that women love lipstick!  They love it so much so, that there’s an economic term called, “the lipstick effect”. 

“The “lipstick effect” can be traced back to the Great Depression of the 1930s. In the four years from 1929 to 1933, industrial production in the US halved, but sales of cosmetics rose.”  The Guardian

You can’t argue with those facts.  It’s no surprise that at this same time in history, Coco Channel was ruling world wide fashion trends!  She probably helped bolster the lipstick sales with her now famous quote.  

“If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.” Coco Channel

I mean, it was the depression, everyone was probably a little sad!  Lipstick helped!  

But some women today, don’t want lipstick, they want something different.  Lipgloss has become a staple for so many women today!  

“Lipgloss is my calling.”  Vanessa Hudgens

“I just… put on mascara and lipgloss and I’m ready to go!”  Kelly Clarkson 

It’s Valentine’s Day…….


If you do want to make the choice to add some lashes or enhance what you have, we’ve got some great ideas for you.  If you want to some lipgloss or just a bit of shine, you’ll love this Week’s POP 5!  We reached out to our Skincare Gurus and asked for ideas for lips and lashes for Valentine Day and they had some truly great ideas!  


This Week’s Pop 5 Treats For Lips + Lashes!

Lipgloss + Aftershave – No. 7

This barely there shade of pink is 100% Jenni approved.  We’ve not met a single girl or guy who hasn’t loved this versatile shade of easy to wear lipgloss –   Click Here

Lash Affair –  TLC 3 in 1 Lash Cleanser 


Jenni + Jenelle both say the TLC foaming cleanser is great for your extensions, but also amazing for your entire face.  Want to know why – Click Here


Want a hint of shine?  Want the natural, fresh look?  This lip balm will hydrate and refresh your lips while giving you that barely there look.  Want to know the yummy flavor  –  Click Here.

LASH ARTIST BOX – Professionals’ Only Subscription Box

We met Katie, owner of LASH ARTIST BOX during one of our classes at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference.  She’s a dynamo, and a guest blogger for us!  She wrote a series of articles that we’re calling the Lash Extension Trilogy.  If you’re a licensed lash artist, you can subscribe to her box Click Here.

California Skincare Supply – LashesMD

This amazing growth serum by M.A.D Skincare is one of Jenni’s absolute favorite lash products.  She fell in love with it last year and attributes her gorg lashes to this truly remarkable serum.  Want to get more information –  Click Here.

Gorgeous, feminine, sexy lips and lashes are what you make them!  You can be sexy with a barely there lip balm.  You can be sexy with long, full, voluminous lashes.  It’s up to you!  No matter what you choose, any of our POP 5 products will help you get there.

Thanks to Lash Affair, Lash Artist Box, GLYMEDPLUS, and California Skincare Supply,  for sponsoring this article.

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