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Beauty In A Capsule – Navigating Wellness Supplements

Relevance of Wellness Supplements In A Capsule and What To Consider 

Wellness supplements ingestibles are a fast growing segment of the wellness industry. In fact, its projected to reach 3.33 Billion dollars by 2026. This growth is bringing more and more ingestibles into the beauty industry. Ingestibles come in many forms, one of the most popular are capsules. 

Consumers are savvy and intellectual! Everyone wants the best bang for the capsule and why shouldn’t they? Consumers want to make sure their personal goals for body aging and beauty are achieved with their wellness supplement of choice, and not all consumers have the same aspirations. A product line has the burden of considering predictable milestones stakeholders might have in order to create a perfect formulation.  No small task!  Taking our daily aging prevention should feel like a positive ritual we trust and believe in, vs a hassle and just hoping for the best, right?

Contribution by Maria Crisler A.S., B.S., CLS(NCA), MBA/HCM

CEO/CSO Shaman Productions and the Abeytu’ Naturals Natural Product LineShe’s a firm believer that manufactured drugs don’t have spiritual abilities and Plants Just Do It Better.

 She is a successful medical business owner and has a great deal of experience in the subjects of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology. In addition to management activities, Maria engages in clinical product design and creation. She assists in recognizing and facilitating applications for patients with chronic ailments via the supplement, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.

Maria works directly with our CSO on product development specifics and timelines, and implements marketing coordination in parallel.

A Path To Wellness

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Shaman Productions considers beauty from an internal vantage point, focusing on aging of our cells and body system functions.  We don’t want to waste good Hepatic (Liver) processing power on just any ingredient list.  We don’t want to muddy our delicate Interstitial Space (highway for our cells) with synthetic ingredients that cause cellular breakdown.   These are important aspects of body function that many product developers leave out; assuming consumers will make a quick judgement and “hope for the best”.

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Four Aspects of Aging

Addressing multiple body systems to create solid solutions that include the Hepatic, Renal, Immune, and Metabolic systems is essential in the fight against total body aging. These systems are direct contributors of our physical appearance and body wellness, as the health of our insides reflects outward. 

Shaman Productions accepted this challenge and developed one Wellness Weight Management Capsule using a hand- picked ingredient list.  This unique blend uses Cannabinoid Isolate and Organic Black Sesame Seed Powder as a lymphatic system delivery method.  The Long Chain Fatty Acid of Black Sesame helps us achieve maximum bioavailability of our ingredients, avoiding first pass effect.

First Pass Effect

Shaman Productions works to make sure we are achieving bioavailability in our capsules and uses natural ingredients to help us not only protect the Liver, but bypass loss of essential nutrients as a result of “first pass effect”. Local blood flow is a strong determinant of the rate of absorption of any capsule. Orally administered drugs for instance, utilize the blood supply draining the gut that passes through the liver before reaching our systemic circulation.

Since the liver is a major site of drug metabolism, this first-pass effect may reduce the amount of drug reaching the target tissue.  Many capsules lose the efficacy of their labeled concentrations due to this first pass effect.  We know bioavailability depends on rate and absorption and that generally, the bioavailability of oral drugs follows the order: solution > suspension > capsule > tablet > coated tablet.  It’s important to consider this when choosing your perfect beauty solution.

Less is More

 Our wellness supplement capsule formulation works to keep body systems healthy and in homeostasis preventing cellular breakdown and aging.  When consumers are considering supplements as a form of wellness, beauty, or anti-aging; read the labels. Consider the effects of too many supplements on the liver and kidneys.  Look for a great all-in-one solution that addresses your personal aspirations. Remember, less really is “more” and we are what we eat!

Can We Achieve Beauty When Our Internal Systems are Ill?

When choosing a beauty brand or wellness supplement capsule for your wellness goals, understand all body systems are connected and your capsule ingredients should leave a positive impact on the cells of those systems. Focus on those most important to you in your quest for beauty and wellness. 

Read scientific studies or make sure opinion pieces have scientific references when you have questions about ingredients and their effect on cells. When one system is overwhelmed, over time we manifest the physical symptoms of dysfunction. Can we be beautiful on the exterior when our internal cellular and organ environments are ill?  The earth is full of amazing gifts and Eastern medicine for instance, relies heavily on nature. The Abeytu’ Naturals Product Line uses a similar principle and is focused on natural solutions that support homeostasis and functionality of both cells and body systems.

Consumers have a great deal to consider when choosing the perfect beauty or wellness capsule.  Product developers have a great deal of competition, must consider the science behind nutrition, consider customer demand, and have a basic understanding of the function of internal body systems and how they work together. 

Wellness supplements in a capsule is not so easy; but when you find a brand you believe in and trust, there’s no better way to thank your body for supporting you than with a great formulation that feeds its cellular needs.

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