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2021 Guide For Mind | Body | Skin Wellness Tools For Spas

Do You Have The Trifecta? Mind, Body + Skin?

Our wellness tips to achieve the “Trifecta of Wellness”… Mind. Body. Skin.

Over the past few years we have written dozens of articles on skin care treatments and products that can help clients achieve healthy skin. We’ve also written articles that discuss how taking care of the body can lead to improved skin. We’ve also had guest bloggers write about stress and its negative impact on skin as well as overall health.

Our goal now is to continue the conversation, offering wellness tips that can help achieve the “Trifecta Of Wellness”!  We want to explore how skin care and spa professionals can help clients achieve an improved sense of total wellness by focusing on Mind, Body and Skin.

Our wellness tips include meditation guides, digital fitness memberships, tools for recovery after workouts, body contouring, nutricosmetics, acupressure ear seeds from Swarovski Crystals and of course – SKIN CARE! 


Skin Wellness Is Our Passion

Looking for some seasonally appropriate wellness tips for skin?

Our L+A Spring Guide To Skin Care Science has 15 products that we love to help keep your skin fit this spring!

Wellness Tips For Body

Lymphatic Drainage Massage + CBD

Lymphatic Drainage Massage For The Body

PressoTherapy after a hard leg day helps to flush toxins and improve recovery.

PressoTherapy from DermaJEM

Stimula Pressotherapy Detox System is the latest in Pressotherapy technology with a 20 channel Pressotherapy unit that will provide a customizable lymphatic drainage massage treatment. The elegant presentation provides a blanket for the air channels, that way the client is lying comfortably and not on cables. This is the perfect treatment to do post fat reduction sessions like Cavitation and Radiofrequency, or Lipolaser to enhance the body’s natural detox process. It has 4 programs and full customization options for intensity and time.

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CBD For The Body

CBD is one of our go-to post workout products. We love using this to deal with the aches and pains from the day after a heavy workout, long run, or intense hike!

Full Spectrum CBD Freeze from Flower of Life 

Full Spectrum CBD Freeze roll-on is amazing cold therapy relief for sore muscles, joints, aches, and pain. Simply roll-on Freeze to the area of concern and quickly experience relief from muscle tension, pain, and stiffness. Infused with 500mg Full Spectrum CBD, Menthol, and Aloe to enhance your recovery. Relief is just a few strokes away!

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Wellness Tips For Skin + Body

LED Light Therapy + Microcurrent + Nutricosmetics

LED Light Therapy For Skin + Body

We love this device for use after a hard workout, vigorous yoga practice, a relaxing facial or aggressive microneedling treatment!  The benefits of LED Light Therapy are ideal for Skin + Body!

iPRO from Celluma LED Light Therapy

The Celluma iPRO is the battery-powered option of the Celluma PRO. This breakthrough technology offers all the benefits of the original Celluma PRO with even extra mobility and versatility. With the Celluma iPRO, there are no limits to where you can take your Celluma. First ever battery-driven full size LED panels. Ideal for mobile practitioners and those on the go. Freedom to use anywhere!

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Nutricosmetics For Skin + Body

Nutricosmetic = (Nutrition + Nutraceutical + Personal Care)

Nitric Oxide Recovery + Nitric Oxide Rejuvenation Pro by TruBeauty from California Skincare Supply
Empower Your Health for Beauty! Nutricosmetics are nutritional Science-based supplements designed to deliver beauty and healthy aging benefits with an emphasis on skin, hair, nails, and overall wellness from the inside-out.

Nitric Oxide is a key “messenger” molecule, assisting trillions of our cells to communicate with each other, while supporting the body’s ability in the absorption of essential nutrients, enhancing oxygen and healthy blood flow.

REJUVENATION – Feel better, younger, or more vital. Supports healthy aging, blood flow, vitality, skin, hair, nails.*
RECOVERY PRO – Supports collagen synthesis for skin, connective tissue, bone, and eye health*
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Dynamic Microcurrent For Skin + Body

SX4500 Dynamic Ultimate Facial & Body System with the ANMA Lift Hand piece from NeurotriS 

Results You Can Achieve on the Facial Skin

The power of NeurotriS Dynamic Microcurrent can help you achieve great results for your clients. When clients are on a regular home care routine with quality products, regular NeurotriS treatments can help achieve incredible results using the ANMA Lift with the SX-4500 Ultimate Facial & Body System. 

Clients will experience an overall refresh in their skin’s appearance because dynamic microcurrent improves cellular function and cellular respiration, literally breathing new life into the skin that improves luminosity, volume and firmness.

Perform Level 2 Body Toning – Complete Body Contouring Options
Level 2 body sculpting featured with the SX4500 will offer the most basic body contouring options to improve superficial skin surfacing i.e. improve the décolleté by minimizing crepiness, toning and tightening the arms, legs, and buttox.

Perform Fat Reduction, Anti-Cellulite Treatments, Muscle Toning
Body contouring treatments are hugely popular.  More and more consumers are demanding effective body contouring treatments such as cavitation and lipolysis for fat reduction.


Wellness Tips For Mind + Body Connection

Meditation + Acupressure

Meditation Fosters Mind+Body Connection

We found the Embodied Liberative Meditation Course, a Foundational 10 week course focusing on meditation through Yoga by Noah Julian.

This self directed course requires 5-15 mins daily of your time for the first 5 weeks and never exceeds 30 minutes in a single day for the 10-week course. You will need a timer and a journal / phone note / or calendar for scheduling and tracking progress. It is recommended that unless you have a pre-existing movement practice that allows for alternative options, you sit in a chair keeping the spine tall and alert for all seated meditation assignments.

Ear Seeds with Swarovski Crystal For Acupressure by Immunocologie 

You’re seeing it here first! The Swarovski Crystal Ear Seeds by Immunocologie have JUST launched!  We have the exclusive announcement.  

We are over the moon excited to try the acupressure ear seeds by Swarovski Crystals!  These are not only a unique wellness tool, they’re also so beautiful and add a little zing!

Wear your Swarovski Crystal Bling with your #SPF365 Pendant by Be The Good to make a total Wellness Statement! 

Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Ear Seeds are adhesive seeds placed on specific acupressure points on the ear to address symptoms and areas of the physical and emotional body. These at-home kits, offered in partnership with Nao Wellness, will help you upgrade your self-care from anywhere. Ear seeds are safe, non-invasive, needle-less, and promote wellness for your daily intention. 

Complete Mind - Body - Skin Connection

Circadia at LifeSpa in Life Time

Facial – Workout – Yoga

Firming Peptide Facial by Circadia at Life.Spa

Digital Membership To Life Time

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The Circadia Firming Peptide Facial includes the Firming Peptide Mask.  This firming and tightening mask combines some of the latest technology in peptide, antioxidant and dermal regeneration science, resulting in micro circulation, detoxification and instant firming, lifting and tightening. It’s ideal for advanced signs of age, dull, sagging and UV damaged skin.

Clients will see instant tightening and firming, it has antioxidant & anti-glycation properties and will detoxify the skin.

Every Life.Spa Visit Allows Use of Life Time Location

Nothing gives the skin more glow than an overall heathy lifestyle. A visit to Life.Spa allows you to use the Life Time facility to workout, do yoga and enjoy LifeCafe.

Life Time Digital Membership

Life Time offers a digital membership, truly outside of the “box” thinking!

Thanks to NeurotriS, Celluma, Immunocologie, TruBeauty | California Skincare Supply, Circadia, Flower Of Life, DermaJEM, for sponsoring this article.

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