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Canada’s Leading Spa Distributor Wows At ESI Toronto

Spavaro – you know them because we’ve told you how much we love Spavaro! We were thrilled when they invited us to ESI Toronto, which is the leading spa and skincare trade show in Canada. All we can say is WOW – Spavaro was the standout distributor on the trade show floor! 

The Spavaro Booth Was A Total Vibe

The Spavaro booth at ESI Toronto was giving an upscale, on-trend, winning, fierce, “you’ll succeed if you work with us” VIBE! 

It would be possible to build out a complete day spa by walking into the Spavaro booth at ESI Toronto! 

“This booth is like a trade show in a trade show!”, Jenni Nagle. It was so true! 

Spavaro created a boutique-like vibe in their booth. This vibe was broken up into sections or what Barry called, “moments”.

“I’m loving this Celluma moment, with the lounge chairs and display area. In fact, I love all 4 of these corner moments that you’ve created for icoone, Celluma, Casmara, and Bioline-Jato.”  Barry Eichner.

They even had an entirely separate boutique for Equipro, they needed the space to showcase the extensive amount of equipment and supplies they offer.

We loved the white vinyl floor, it served a serious luxury boutique look. There was even a central checkout area that was covered by a floating Spavaro Sign! 

Spavaro not only had 4 focus vendors in this area, they also had 4 wax brands. They also showcased additional skincare brands and an all-new line of hydrodermabrasion devices! 

ESI Toronto attendees could shop for any type of spa supply or equipment. They gave the attendees a huge assortment of hair removal options. Attendees could also choose from a list of skin care brands, as well as specialized body treatment devices, hydrodermabrasion, and LED Light Therapy devices. 


Working With Spavaro Is Like Working With Family

Spavaro is a thriving business that can help you build a spa from the ground up! They have decades of experience offering spa consulting services as well as providing exceptional brands to help spa owners fulfill all of their equipment, in-use supplies, product, and device needs. They take pride in personalized service and offer extensive in person and digital education.

More importantly, when you work with Spavaro it’s like you’re working with family – because Spavaro is a family run business. Sophie and her children Christina and Jimmy will make you feel like a member of the Gogos family! We speak from experience. The two days we spent in Toronto – we felt the love! We also had the chance to meet and chat with many long time clients who LEGIT RAVED ABOUT THE GOGOS FAMILY!!! 


Alex Cosmetics

Spavaro is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Alex Cosmetics. We love the Herbs2Peel, which is the most natural of all professional treatment methods. It’s a modern, natural and safe alternative to apparatus-based procedures [such as needling, microdermabrasion] and other established professional peels [chemical peels, fruit acid, etc.] and can be individually adapted to your skin type and skin condition due to the large number of treatment variants.


Bioline Jatò is synonymous with quality, research, and professionalism.

These are the founding values of a company that – for 40 years – has been merging constant scientific research into its products with a consolidated method able to optimize outcomes and guarantee results. The application of formulas and special procedures for professional cosmetics is the mission of a company that was built up around the intuition of its founder and the dedication of her family. Quality, scientific rigor, and passion for the world of beauty are the secrets to the success of this brand that has won over beauty professionals all over the world.



Spavaro was featuring Casmara as one of their lead skincare brands. Casmara offers 40 years of cosmetic innovation. Casmara is a dermo-cosmetic laboratory of high prestige, present in the best beauty salons, medical clinics, and spas in more than 60 countries all over the world. We offer unique facial and body solutions with corresponding retail products, that include innovative compositions, exclusive ingredients, exquisite textures, and perfumes. There are treatments adapted to you, in each stage of your life. Our strength is in the high quality professional dermocosmetic laboratory. Our secret: the formulation of the products.

An ideal concentration and appropriate combination of each active ingredient as a result of the research by our chemical & pharmaceutical engineers.



Celluma is Health Canada approved and classified at class II medical device. Celluma is unique and quite unlike any other low-level light therapy device available today. Based on NASA research, most Celluma devices deliver blue, red, and near-infrared light energy to safely address a wide variety of conditions, including acne, wrinkles, and pain. Each wavelength is absorbed by different molecules that act as a signaling mechanism for different cellular processes. For example, some reduce inflammation and some kill bacteria, while others enhance localized circulation. Its unique flexible design and extra-large light panel facilitates effective energy absorption by tissue and molds closely to the body for more optimum outcomes.  Celluma is the only single LED panel device FDA cleared to treat with 3 discrete wavelengths simultaneously. Celluma is equally effective as a pain management or aesthetic modality.



Icoone is the only device in the world to perform Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS), with visible results after the first session. The innovative Roboderm® patent treats skin flaws and blemishes by stimulating the connective tissue effectively and in depth. It’s main action is to deliver 3 simultaneous actions; lymphatic drainage, skin toning, and body contouring.

Paris Hilton Loves Icoone 

“I have a whole wellness center at my house with the sickest equipment you’ve ever seen….. The Icoone that goes and does a lymphatic thing, but shapes your whole body….” Paris Hilton from an excerpt of her Elle.com interview. 



For more than fifty years, Equipro supporting beauty and wellbeing professionals.

Equipro manufactures high-end beauty and spa equipment, and they have always understood that their products are your work tools. That is why excellence is their commitment: so you can provide clients with the very best care day after day.

Their most sincere desire is to become and remain your true partners every day of the year. Don’t just take their word for it—the best people to tell you about their products and after-sales service are our clients. 


Thanks to Spavaro For Sponsoring This Content.

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