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Canadian Estheticians Get Top Spa Brands From Spavaro

Estheticians in Canada now have some incredible clinical skin care and body care options thanks to the forward-thinking of Spavaro for adding M.A.D Chemical Peels, launching in May, and icoone® to their arsenal of exclusive brands that already include the award-winning Celluma LED Light Therapy, Alex Cosmetics Herbs 2 Peel and Bioline Jato.

One thing we know about estheticians is that they love to perform facials that get results. We know this from the hundreds of hours of L+A Now Webisodes where we interact with estheticians from around the world. We love seeing so many estheticians from Canada on our webisodes of L+A Now – so we know Canadian estheticians are smart, savvy, and looking for incredible clinical skin care products, devices, and training!

Canadian Estheticians Win With Spavaro Family of Brands

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M.A.D Skincare + Celluma

We met Spavaro CEO + Founder, Sophie Gogos in New York City and had a chance to chat with her about the all-new clinical skin care options that Canadian estheticians will have with Spavaro in the near future! We loved hearing that our northern neighbors will now be able to offer M.A.D Chemical Peels to their clients – when Spavaro launches M.A.D Skincare’s Chemical Peels in May. We instantly suggested that Spavaro show how the M.A.D Peels can be combined with Alex Cosmetics Herbs 2 Peel to create an incredibly therapeutic facial peel treatment. We couldn’t allow any clinical facial to end without suggesting a 30 Minute Celluma LED Light Treatment!  


Spavaro is an innovator, embracing advanced technology, which is evidenced by their newest addition, icoone®. Through microstimulation, the innovative icoone® technology offers a 100% natural, non-invasive and customized treatment for the face and body.

Jenni has received a treatment and was blown away at the combined modalities for anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage, and skin tightening and firming simultaneously. It offers 11 handpieces that can treat the entire body and face.

We’re obsessed with this incredible machine – look for an article that does a deep dive into the specifics of how it works and what a client can expect.

Esthetician Education + Training With Spavaro

We know estheticians love education! We respect this, as it’s one of our core values, and it’s part of our mission! This is why we love partnering with Spavaro because they pride themselves on offering education and training on all of their brands.

Spavaro has an extensive training schedule. They also have a huge library of educational videos, just log in and start watching!

Estheticians Can Trust Spavaro For All Their Needs 

During a conversation with Sophie Gogos, CEO + Founder of Spavaro, we learned that she has been working in the spa industry for more than 25 years. In that time she has helped thousands of estheticians and entrepreneurs realize their dream of owning a spa by creating a full, “go-to-market” plan for clients.

Spavaro is the proud distributor in Canada for Silhouette-Tone and Equipro, allowing them to help provide all spa furniture and spa equipment and supplies. Now, with the addition of ICOONE, M.A.D Skincare, Celluma, and other high-quality skin care and hair removal brands, such as NuFree. Spavaro can help estheticians throughout Canada offer cutting-edge, clinical skin and body care treatments.

Estheticians Can Meet Spavaro At ESI 

In our Post-Covid world, trade shows are booming again! Spavaro is proud to partner with ESI in Canada. You can look for Spavaro at the ESI shows throughout Canada. Look for them in Toronto, Montreal, Moncton, and Vancouver!

Spavaro will be on hand to showcase the new brands that they will be offering!  We’re looking forward to meeting Canadian estheticians at ESI in 2022!

Thanks to Spavaro for sponsoring this content.  

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