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3 Way To Support Beauty Businesses on Small Business Saturday

Support Your Beauty Businesses on Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is a huge day for small businesses in your neighborhood!  Especially in 2020!  Especially beauty and wellness  businesses that specialize in makeup, lashes, waxing, nail, hair, yoga, and massage,   However, the one segment of the beauty industry that has been heavily impacted is the skincare segment.  Many states and local governments have not allowed skincare businesses to operate for months. Then when they were able to operate, they were required to have clients keep their masks on, which made it challenging to provide services.

Real Talk – Want To Change The World – Shop Small in 2020

If you love getting waxing, lashes, eyelash tinting, eyelash lifts, and skin care treatments – Small Business Saturday is the time to act! If you want your local beauty business to be there in 2021 after the worst of Covid is over – shop with those businesses NOW and show support!  The large majority of local beauty and wellness businesses are small businesses, meaning, the dollars you spend go to pay someone’s rent or mortgage on their home.  The dollars you spend at a small business – LITERALLY puts food on the table for the families of the men and women who you see every time you walk in the door.

Your support can literally mean the success of small businesses in 2020!

3 Ways To Support Beauty Businesses on Small Business Saturday

# 1 Get A Treatment

If your local government is not on lock down, if you are not a member of any risk group, you can #SpaResponsibly!  So many spas and beauty businesses are instituting the most incredible sanitation guidelines to help insure they are mitigating the risk factors.  Jenni wrote an article on how to Spa Responsibly! 

Barry and Jenni have both been supporting their local beauty and wellness businesses, from Botox and skin revision treatments from DMK, to massage, hair and Barry’s secret treatment that will be revealed in 2021! We’re here for the local businesses and we are asking everyone who reads this to do their part!

If you don’t feel comfortable getting a treatment – that’s fine we get it!  But get that credit card out and ready because we have some ways that you can do your part!

#2 Gift Certificates

So Covid won’t last forever! If you want to wait til it’s over – that’s cool. But a gift certificate now and especially on Small Business Saturday!  Buy them for friends and family!  It’s a gift that will show you care about their well-being AND it’s going to help these small beauty businesses to survive the long cold winter of 2020!  Many of the small beauty have online shopping, you can find the links to shop in their Instagram Profile, on their Facebook page, on their website!

#3 Buy Products

All of the beauty businesses sell products!  These are some of the highest quality products available.  Buy products from these businesses this year, especially on Small Business Saturday!  Remember that the purchase of products from these small businesses over Target, Walmart, Sephora or Amazon mean that you’re feeding someone’s children, your keeping a roof over another human being’s head vs adding to the balance sheet of a multi-national corporation.  We’re not here to bash big business – but these smaller businesses are fighting for survival and product sales are the energy they need to keep fighting!

Jenni’s here showing off an adorable gift set that’s being offered by Queen City Beauty!

Meet A Few Small Beauty Business Owners We Love

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Black Skin

Shirley Avila

Shirley is an esthetician in California and owns CleanHealthySkin by Shirley! She’s a smart, funny, kind woman who is a wife and mom!  You can watch Shirley in action as she gives Barry an incredible treatment!

Shirley is an award-winning esthetician, product educator and product sales representative for several major skincare brands.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Black Skin

Melissa Bivelacque

Melissa is an is a multi-faceted entrepreneur!  She’s esthetician, spa owner and trainer for Hale & Hush! She also does marketing and eduction for several other brands.  She’s a mom and  owns, The Nail & Wax Room. I’ve taken Hale & Hush training classes where Melissa has presented and have called on her for information on Hale & Hush when writing articles.  Melissa is a multi-faceted entrepreneur

How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Black Skin

Stephanie Andresen-Stevens

I don’t have enough room or time to express how much I love this woman and her husband Adam!  They own Brilliant Bodywork and are just the most a and kind human beings I’ve ever met!  They are incredibly generous and make large donations of time and money to local charities!  They own a non-profit helping women who’ve been impacted by domestic abuse.
Stephanie has won countless awards from The Skin Games and has won best overall esthetician – TWICE!
How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots On Black Skin

Adrian King

Adrian has been my go-to massage therapist for about 10 years.  He’s a magician!  He’s a kind, humble guy who is always positive and optimistic.  He’s a dad and husband and an he is a hard working running Healing Arts Collective!

If there is ever anything wrong with my body –  Adrian can fix it!  He’s just intuitive to what’s happening!  

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