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Spa Responsibly: Spa Safety During COVID

How Can You Maintain Spa Safety During COVID?

Spa Safety During COVID?  Can you really go the spa and be safe?   Let’s face it: we’ve all had a few reservations at one point or another over the past few months.  Should I wipe my groceries down before I bring them inside? Is it safe to get takeout? Should I take that Uber?

We are surrounded by conflicting viewpoints, facts, and ever-changing guidelines.  What is the one thing that has remained consistent? The level of safety at the spa and in treatment rooms.  As industry professionals, we have always held high standards of sanitation, and the past few months have really been a time to reiterate what we have been doing all along: maintaining spa safety during covid.

Spas Improve Your Wellness Factor

Whats a wellness factor you ask?  It’s how we rate an individuals overall wellness level and we think that different activities contribute to your overall wellness factor.

Going to a spa contributes to your wellness factor.  Hydrotherapy, such as hot tubs and steam rooms are good for your body.  Salt rooms and saunas improve your wellness factor. Taking a yoga class or working out pre-spa will provide exponential benefits.  Getting skin care treatments, body treatments and massage all improve blood circulation and lymphatic movement.

This all reduces stress and improves your well-being!  So it’s vital that we have strict spa safety during COVID.  We love going to Life.Spa inside Lifetime Athletic Clubs around the country.  You can get a workout in – then experience their hydrotherapy – then get a massage and facial.  We know that Life.Spa is taking spa safety in COVID seriously.  

Our Visit To Exhale Spa in Atlantic City

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It’s Still Safe To Celebrate

One of our favorite ways to celebrate any occasion is at the spa. A spa day is so important to a personals overall wellness; a steam shower, a soak in the jacuzzi, and maybe a little celebratory champagne!  So once COVID hit, most spa plans were scrapped.   There were so many varying state guidelines, it was just too much to think about.  But once spas started to open and get back to business, we were ready to book!  We are here to tell you, it is still possible to relax and enjoy the day…even in a mask. Yes, you can spa safely during COVID. 

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New Spa Safety During Covid Procedures

In order to ensure spa safety during Covid, at Exhale Spa in Atlantic City, we were asked screening questions before confirming our appointments.  There was a temperature check before we even entered the facility.  And every step along the way was socially distanced and guided by a masked employee.  Our group of 4 was provided lockers very spaced apart.

Spa Safety During Covid In Our Treatments 

All employees were masked at all times.  During our massages, we kept the mask on for a majority of the treatment, with the option to remove the mask once face down on the treatment table.

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Available Amenities

As one of our favorite spas in Atlantic City, Exhale Spa never disappoints! Even when majority of the amenities are unavailable, it still provides an atmosphere of relaxation and zen.  The salt grotto, a forever favorite, is still open and can accommodate up to 4 guests, which was ideal.

The entire locker room was open and available…and we were sure to take full advantage of the amazing waterfall steam shower.

Spa Safety Going Forward

For us, the only thing that felt different was the limited amenities and the masks.  Other than that, protocols have always been in place to keep spa guests safe and to uphold the highest standards.  We couldn’t be happier to support our industry and demonstrate the need for customers to feel safe, confident, and most importantly relaxed when visiting the spa.


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