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20 in 20! 20 Top Skincare Moments In 2020

A Look Back – 20 Top Skincare Moments In 2020

We take pride in being one of the media outlets that brands look to when they want to announce something new!  We love to know about anything new coming on to the market.  So when a brand launches a new line, a new product, creates new packaging or does anything that’s really cool, we need to know!
We ask brands to send us important information so that we can publish it in our Industry News section and then put it in our Monday – HOT TOPICS EMAIL.  Every Monday, you’ll get A L L  of the hottest news topics that we have!  These will be from any brand in the industry, it’s an open call, we don’t discriminate so that our readers get the hottest topics – no questions!  

2020 Was Crazy

We get it – 2020 was crazy!  Close, open, pivot, virtual this – digital that, put on a mask, wash your hands, don’t hug, don’t touch your face, touchless check-in, rapid test, drop ship, new normal – OMG!!!!!  

Make it stop!!!


2020 Brought Some Exciting New Skincare

Even in all that chaos.  All that mess.  All that yuck – the professional skincare industry kept going! The professional skincare industry kept growing!

Brands launched new products, new devices, repackaged goods, and made bold changes!  

Here’s Our Top 20 Skincare Moments In 2020

  1. DermaJEM launched an all-new Equipment Business 
  2. HydroPeptide launched their New Vibrant C Facial 
  3. MAD Skincare launched 4 New Products!!!!! 
  4. NeurotriS launched their New Infinity Probes 
  5. Celluma launched the iPro 
  6. Lira Clinical launched A New CBD Product!  
  7. PFB Vanish launched Triple AntiOX Serum 
  8. Circadia launched their new Pumpkin Mask 
  9. Nufree launched their new Professional website 
  10. California Skincare Supply is Rocking a New Website
  11. dmSkincare launched Ageless CBD Oil 
  12. E.F. Tropics + NewMark Beauty Created Skintastic Virtual Education Events
  13. Dawn Lorraine launched a New Dawn To Dusk Tinted SPF
  14. MedSpa Distributors launched the new Jeunesse Petite 
  15. Sesha Skin Therapy launched their New Bio-Barrier Line
  16. Repêchage launched Hydra Dew Pure Collection 
  17. KM Herbals launched Aroma Wellness Kit 
  18. DMK SEBA-E and PORE REDUCTION PLUS have transitioned to new packaging!!
  19. MYSKINBUDDY launched new sanitize carry case 

Honorable Mention to Hale & Hush, they Launched Mist Me for 2020 – but we got a sneak preview in Dec 2019!!!!  They were way ahead of the game for 2020!

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Advanced Mineral Makeup
BiON Research Skincare
Celluma LED Light Therapy
Dawn Lorraine Consious Skincare
DMK International
Dermamed Solutions [dmSkincare + dmGlow]
E.F. Troics [EpilFREE +Illuminating Collection]
Equilabs [Finipil + Nufree]
Hale & Hush
Herbal Skin Solutions
KM Herbals
NewMark Beauty
MedSpa Distributors
PFB Vanish
Sesha Skincare
7E Wellness

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