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Say Bye Bye Crepey Eye

Ok, if you’ve ever seen any of my interviews, you know that my eyes are the area of my face that I am most self conscious.  After I turned 40, the fine lines around my eyes began to get deeper. It’s evil, I hate these damn “Crepey Crow’s Feet”!

See, I’m what they call “an expressive talker” which means I move a lot of the muscles of my face when I talk.  So, when I smile – I have a big cheesy smile – which causes the skin around my eyes to just crinkle up.

Now – know this – I’m a realist and accept that there’s no peptide-rich serum or cream that’s going to stop those deep wrinkles that amplify my “Crepey Eye”!

I’ve even had Botox around my eyes, but that only relaxed the muscles outside of my eye. I’m so expressive that my cheeks still push the skin up around my eyes.   Even with Botox, I had tiny little lines under the eye and that damn crepiness that just makes your skin look old, tired and worn out!

My solution? Just accept that I was getting older.

UNTIL.  NeoGenesis. And it’s been ….. Bye Bye Bye Crepey Eye….. ever since!

I’m not kidding.  After about a week of using 6 NeoGenesis products – I looked at a #selfie that I did after a NeoGenesis mini facial home treatment and was blown away!

I had been using 6 products from NeoGenesis:



Eye Serum

Moisturizing Mist

Skin Serum

Intensive Moisturizer

Enzyme Crème Mask


I can’t really narrow down which product was the hero that smoothed out the skin around my eyes, but I will tell you this:  there are many industry professionals and estheticians who rave about the NeoGenesis products – Recovery and Eye Serum. I’m totally convinced, and so many other people have amazing things to say.


While I was at the San Jose Face and Body Spa Conference & Expo, one industry pro remarked that she felt Recovery should be in every household because it is so good to treat so many skin issues:  aging, burns, eczema, and scars. I was like, “You’re preaching to the choir over here!

Then I looked at the NeoGenesis website and found a video where an esthetician with decades of experience spoke of the same results with her eyes and that’s when I knew – this line is amazing!  Check the video out here.

I found multiple videos of another veteran esthetician who raved about Recovery and its many uses. The thing that struck me about her video was that she experienced the same results that I had.  It’s like my words were coming out of her mouth!

I had to know what their secret was! So I talked to Steve McGee, the CEO of NeoGenesis and asked him to tell me a little about the company, here’s what he had to say.

“NeoGenesis provides the most advanced stem cell cosmeceuticals available for the skin and hair. Our products are safe and effective for all skin types and skin conditions as they return the skin to a balanced, healthy state.”


Ok, so the magic in these products is the human stem cells AND the NeoGenesis patented repair science, which are the molecules in exosomes they harvest from human stem cells!  Ok, I’m not going to get into all of the science. Want to know more about how that technology works?   Here’s Dr. Greg Maguire of NeoGenesis with a complete break down in this amazing webinar style interview with Amy Wall.


Other skincare pros are bragging about how Recovery helps to heal scars and chronic skin conditions. Then, I saw what the NeoGenesis line did for my skin, the way it helped my skin to look younger and have firmer texture.  I thought to myself, “This must be amazing after aggressive skincare treatments.” I mean think about it: if it can improve scars, get my aging dehydrated, skin to look amazing, imagine what it can do to the skin after microdermabrasion, potent chemical peels or microneedling.  I asked Steve if Recovery would be ideal to add to a post treatment protocol. He emphatically replied, “YES! It’s perfect to add into a protocol for post peel, post microderm and post needling because it mimics the body’s natural healing process! Take a look at some photos of the rapid recovery from a chemical peel.

So regardless if you’re trying to help a 40 something client get rid of “Crepey Eye”, trying to help a client manage a skincare program through cancer treatment or if you’re looking for a potent post treatment product to speed up the recovery process, NeoGenesis has you covered! This amazing product line has serious science and technology to help you help so many.

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