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Fix The House Before You Decorate It


… finds me reminiscing about my childhood.  

I will never forget my mom’s voice yelling to me from downstairs, “Jr, get me the Christmas decorations from the Cubby-Hole.”  

Ok PAUSE:   I’m sure there’s 2 things that you want explained right now:

  1. I’m Barry Wayne Eichner Jr, so I was dubbed JR as I grew up.  I worked very hard to eradicate that name.
  2. A Cubby-Hole was a tiny little room on the 2nd floor of our family home that my Mom used to store anything and everything.  

Anyway, I digress, when I heard Mom holler about Christmas decorations I would cringe!  This was my Mom’s favorite thing to do! She loved decorating for Christmas. But before we could decorate we had to clean every inch of the house and fix up anything that needed some TLC!  The whole house got torn apart, cleaned re-organized and spit shined! It was a colossal amount of work.

So as we approach the holidays, I thought I’d throw an homage to dear old Mom and help everyone get a little Rejuvenation and Repair for the holidays!  So, as was her custom, I wanted to dispense some advice on how to do a little face “pre-holiday TLC” before facing the family.


I mean let’s be real, if you have to put on a fake smile to talk to that cousin that everyone hates, let’s make sure it’s a face we can be proud of!  

This Pop 5 Products To Rejuvenate + Repair

dmSkincare Hydra Repair Mask

Our favorite way to repair is to mask away the damage!  Find out how this mask hydrates and repairs simultaneously – Click Here

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Non-Resorcinol Peel by M.A.D Skincare from CSS

The best way to get great skin is to peel off the dead skin.  Want to know how this peel works? Click Here

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Intensive Moisturizer by NeoGenesis

Can’t rejuvenate without moisture!  This baby’s got it! Want to know its secret ingredient that will rejuvenate while it hydrates? Click Here

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The Rejuvenator Dry Oil Emulsion by C2 California Clean

Hello… It’s right in the name!  Want to know how a dry oil can rejuvenate? Click Here

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CopperICE Cream by ClearChoice®


Want to know how Copper can help with repair? Click Here

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So, If you’re not quite ready for the family pictures, don’t worry – we’ve got your back!  We want everyone to be gorgeous this holiday season! We’re so excited about these 5 products and how they can give you the R+R you need to face your family and friends.

Thank you to M.A.D. Skincare, California Skincare Supply, dmSkincare, C2 California Clean, NeoGenesis, and ClearChoice by Dermastart for sponsoring this article.

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