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L+A To Have a Royal Weekend with Princess Isabella + Nelly De Vuyst

We are thrilled to announce an all-new brand sponsor, Nelly De Vuyst! The team at Nelly De Vuyst has invited L+A to attend their Royal Weekend at The Ritz Carlton in Montreal, April 27 – April 30, 2024. L+A will attend VIP Training Classes on Sunday and Monday, and experience Nelly De Vuyst Skin Care Treatments, and then attend their Royal VIP Gala Dinner At Ritz Carlton With Princess Isabella of Belgium. Don’t miss the recap – sign up for our Hot Topics newsletter.

About Nelly De Vuyst

We’ve loved Nelly De Vuyst for years, in 2018 we were the first media outlet to showcase their organic acne line of spa skin care products. 

Nelly De Vuyst is a high-end skincare brand with natural, organic, and environmentally friendly formulas. Its reputation for effective care that addresses the diverse needs of the skin’s microbiota makes its products indispensable allies for healthy, radiant skin. It uses carefully selected ingredients and high-quality standards to ensure unrivaled efficacy and sustainability. Their products are COSMOS ORGANIC certified, guaranteeing compliance with the highest standards of quality and respect for the environment.

The brand is proudly showcasing an all-new look for their product packaging for 2024. 

L+A To Attend VIP Training Sunday & Monday 

L+A’s mission is to provide News, Reviews + Education to medical + spa skin care industry professionals. We were thrilled to be invited to attend two days of training with Nelly De Vuyst during the Royal Weekend with some of their premier medical + spa skin care providers. 

We can’t wait to tell the L+A community all about these high-level classes designed by Manon Pilon, R&D Director for Nelly De Vuyst! Manon is a highly respected speaker and educator all over the world. We loved meeting her in 2017 at the Women in Wellness event in New York when she was a featured speaker! Manon runs Nelly De Vuyst with her husband Amir Hussein, the President & CEO. 

Nelly De Vuyst

Spa Treatments offered at Spa at St. James at the Ritz Carlton 

Nelly De Vuyst is such a prestigious brand that they are used in treatment at the Spa at St. James in the Ritz Carlton.

Nelly De Vuyst

The Royal VIP Gala Dinner At Ritz Carlton With Princess Isabella of Belgium 

Meet the 2024 Nelly De Vuyst Brand Ambassador, Princess Isabella Orsini de Ligne. Princess Isabella is a remarkable figure associated with elegance and has recently been named ambassador for Nelly De Vuyst.

This new collaboration between Princess Isabella and Nelly De Vuyst reflects the desire of both entities to promote well-being and beauty that is mindful of health and the environment.

Among Nelly De Vuyst’s range of products, Princess Isabella is particularly fond of the BioTense line, certified by Ecocert Cosmos Organique. These ecological skincare products, both moisturizing and anti-aging, embody the very essence of vitality and timeless beauty.

“The results of the BioTense range on my skin are striking!” the Princess told us. “Thanks to its innovative formulation and high-quality organic ingredients, this Line delivers the effective results that I was looking for. With each use, I feel that my skin is enveloped in deep anti-aging hydration, restoring its natural radiance, and I love it!”

In choosing Nelly De Vuyst, the princess has adopted much more than a simple skincare routine. She has discovered a true ally in her quest for eternal, natural beauty and healthy-looking skin. Princess Isabella does not just associate herself with Nelly De Vuyst’s skincare products, she also supports its values, ethics, and ecological movement.

This brand, formulated with carefully selected organic ingredients, corresponds to her convictions and embodies her commitment to well-being and her desire to share the benefits of conscious, responsible, and environmentally friendly beauty.

Don’t Miss The Nelly De Vuyst Royal Weekend Recap

We’ll be sure to send out an email with our recap of the Nelly De Vuyst Royal Weekend! Don’t miss the chance to read our review of the VIP Training Classes and the interactions with the spa directors, estheticians, and distributors at the event. We’ll also give the full details of the Royal VIP Gala at The Ritz Carlton with Princess Isabella of Belgium!  

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