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Revolutionary Salicylic Organic Anti-Acne Skincare

I’ve often shared about my experience growing up in the 1980’s and dealing with acne. It was a rough time for me when I hit puberty, my skin just exploded with acne. It was awful, I went from having nearly perfect skin to having a full face of breakouts every single day.

I remember my mom trying to come up with a solution, but there were so few options in 1983! Yes, I’m a child of the 80’s! It was a pretty rad time to be alive! Pop Culture was on fire in the 80’s!  We had some legendary movies like Star Wars and Return of the Jedi! Then MTV went live! We also had THE best music (Whitney Houston, Madonna, Michael Jackson)!  We also had Hawaiian print shirts, and my personal favorite – Benetton!

However, when it came to skincare – especially to treat acne – our options were really limited!  I used harsh, caustic soap to cleanse my face in the shower. Mom always said make sure to get it “squeaky” clean.  I now know, that was actually adding to the problem! “Squeaky Clean” was code for stripping all of the oil from the surface of my skin, thus triggering my skin to push even more oil into already clogged pores – causing even more breakouts!  My other treatment option was a chemical-filled product called Seabreeze – which just continued to strip the oil from my skin. Nothing was actually getting in there and treating the problem. In fact, these harsh, chemical-filled products were making my acne worse!

Acneic skin needs to be treated properly and it needs to be treated with a little TLC!  Acneic skin is not being bad, nor does it need to be punished!

There’s 3 basics when treating acneic skin:

1.   Keep The Pores Clear

2.   Kill The P. acne Bacteria

3.   Calm + Soothe Irritation

You don’t need to use a bottle full of unnatural chemicals to achieve stellar results.  Thanks to a new line of 100% organic acneic skincare that is being launched on June 22, 2018 in Las Vegas at the International Esthetic, Cosmetic and Spa Conference by Nelly Du Vuyst there is now an innovative and high-performance option!

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 BioAcne Serum Nelly Du Vuyst has new professional acne treatment line that is certified organic by COSMOS® and Ecocert®!   It’s the first collection of professional anti-acne products certified organic by COSMOS® and Ecocert®.Nelly De Vuyst’s BioAcne, a reference in organic products for oily and acne prone skin. Anti-recurrence formulas dedicated to durably control and prevent visible signs of acne such as papules, pustules, excess sebum, blackheads and acne scars. These anti-acne products are certified by Health Canada as “Natural Health Products” (NHPs) ensuring safety, effectiveness, and high quality. The line incorporates the latest generation of microencapsulation of time-release ingredients. These COSMOS® certified vegetal biomimetic microspheres combined with the Diadermic MethodTM ensure superior absorption and perfect biocompatibility with the skin for immediate and long-lasting results.

 Nelly De Vuyst BioAcne Cleansing Gel and pH Toner The BioAcne line consists of 6 products.  2 Cleansers, 1 Toner, 1 Mask, 1 Serum and 1 Moisturizer. These products use Salicylic Acid from Willow Bark, Magnolia Bark Extract, Tea Tree Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil to meet the 3 basic requirements when treating acne.


1.   Salicylic Acid – Keeps The Pores Clear

2.   Tea Tree Essential Oil – Kill The P. acne Bacteria

3.   Lavender Essential Oil – Calm + Soothe Irritation

This is revolutionary!  We’re no longer forced into choosing between an active, scientific approach OR a pure and natural approach to treating acne.  We now have a professional line that offers an active solution for acneic skincare AND it’s certified organic by two of the most respected institutions in the world!  These pure and organic ingredients will help this remarkable new line gently and effectively treat acneic skin! Not only will it keep pores clear with one of the most effective ingredients – Salicylic Acid, it will also reduce the amount of P. acne bacteria in the skin and calm and soothe with the Magnolia Bark Extract, Tea Tree Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil.  This line offers a treatment serum and moisturizer to ensure that skin is being properly fortified and hydrated!

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