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This Week’s Pop 5 Products…

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Wow!  What a year it was!  2018 was so much fun here at Lipgloss + Aftershave!  We attended about 18 different events throughout the year.  A whirlwind of travel all over the U.S!  It started in January in Florida and ironically, ended in October in Florida – at the International Esthetics Cosmetics and Spa Conference in Ft Lauderdale! 

It was amazing to get away from the cold of Philadelphia!  Philly’s a great city, but let’s face it – winter just sucks!  

We had a blast in sunny Florida!  We took every opportunity to enjoy a little fun in the sun! 

But it wasn’t all fun in the sun.  We were at the IECSC for two solid days.  We taught a class on social media.  Our class was on how to Stop Treating Instagram Like Facebook.  Jenni and I also consult with many leading spa brands on how to market their businesses and we take that knowledge base to create classes for estheticians too!  

IECSC Finds!  
But our favorite part of the IECSC is to walk the show floor, meeting all the attendees and vendors!  We take a ton of photos of the show and share them with everyone, here’s our show photos.  During the two days we come across some new and interesting products. There’s always so many amazing products to learn about, but we narrowed it down to 5!  

This Week’s Pop 5 Products We Discovered at IECSC!

Nelly DeVuyst Elle Bio Femme Serum Lipgloss Aftershave
Nelly DeVuyst Elle Bio Femme Serum

Nelly DeVuyst Elle Regenerating Serum

Nelly DeVuyst is a trend setter in the industry!  They were the first to offer an Organic Acne line and now they’ve stepped out ahead of everyone else to offer this amazing serum designed for the female intimate feminine area.  Want to know how it works – Click here.

Want to read more articles about Nelly DeVuyst? Click Here!

Derma Swiss Epifactor skin restoration gel lipgloss aftershave
Derma Swiss Epifactor Skin Restoration Gel

DermaSwiss Epifactor

3 Words. 

Prevents Cell Aging. 

Do you really need more than that?  If you want to know how this amazing works AND you want to know which incredibly popular treatment it’s ideally suited for – Click Here

Viviant Skincare Exfol-A vitamin a serum lipgloss aftershave

Vivant Skincare Exfol-A

Vivant Skincare had one of the most beautiful booths at the IECSC!  We had to stop by and ask them about their line!  They couldn’t brag enough about their Efol-A!  It comes in several strengths, I had to take the beginner level which kinda hurt, I thought for sure I was advanced.  LOL Want to know why I needed to start off slow  –  Click Here.

24h Regenerating Cream Caviar of Switzerland Lipgloss Aftershave
24h Regenerating Cream Caviar of Switzerland

Caviar of Switzerland 24H Regenerating Cream

 If you attended a New Kids On The Block concert while you were in college, I’d like to introduce you to your new favorite winter moisturizer!  Want to know how this amazing Regenerating Cream can help mature skin this winter – Click Here.



nudeux post healing cream lipgloss aftershave
nudeux Post Healing Cream

Nudeux Repair Post Treatment

If you’re doing advanced treatments you can trust this product.  With over 1 million treatments completed, this is the best for post laser, and exfoliating treatments – want to know why – Click Here.



We love the IECSC trade shows.  There’s always so much to learn and so many people to meet AND so many products to explore!  We’ll be attending all 4 IECSC shows in 2019 and will have our very own booth.  You can stop by and see live treatment demonstrations and get to know some of our 2018 L+A Favs!  We look forward to a great 2019!  

Thank you to IECSC, nudeux, Caviar of Switzerland, DermaSwiss, Nelly DeVuyst, and Vivant Skincare for sponsoring this article.

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