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This Facial Boosts Microcirculation Cutting Wrinkles Up To 50%

Roccoco Botanicals is a brand that we’ve known for years. We featured their GloBiotic Serum and VitaSkin in 2019. We reconnected in early 2023 and featured their Frangipani and Lychee Body Creme in our Get Fit Be Well Guide! Then, in the fall of 2023, we learned that the brand had been given some high level recognition

Roccoco founder, Jacine Drummond, has a bit of a reputation on the global skincare scene as being a bit of a genius! We know this because we’ve been watching the brand since we met pre-pandemic. Jacine has a unique philosophy on treating skin – so we reached out to her and asked to try a full facial treatment. Jacine sent us a facial protocol that boosts microcirculation from a very interesting active ingredient.

The Roccoco Botanicals Philosophy

Let’s start with Roccoco’s philosophy. “At Roccoco, we believe in supporting and repairing the skin barrier. Many brands treat the skin through chemical peels and lasers, which create trauma and the growth of unhealthy collagen. It was out of the desire and belief that there must be a better way to treat acne and sensitive skin that Roccoco was birthed.” roccoco.com

Now, knowing this, we want to let you in on a huge piece of information! 

Microcirculation Is Increased in the Featured Facial  

“volumising treat that won’t just give you glowing skin… microcirculation in the skin is increased….” Roccoco Botanicals. 

Why is the increase of microcirculation important in the featured facial? 

Because….. “wrinkle depth is reduced by up to 50% within 10 minutes.” Roccoco Botanicals 

Now if you’re a savvy esthetician you’re asking – how do they do this?  

Coffee Is The Key 

“volumising treat that won’t just give you glowing skin, but it’ll also help reduce those pesky wrinkles! Infused with upcycled coffee and beets, microcirculation in the skin is increased and wrinkle depth is reduced by up to 50% within 10 minutes.” Roccoco Botanicals 

I mean we know that caffeine is used in lip plumpers because it boosts circulation, but we did a little more digging and found out a really interesting fact about coffee oil. 

“And one of the key benefits of coffee seed oil for the skin is that it aids in the formation of natural collagen and elastin. This results in younger-looking, smoother skin. This is also used to tighten the skin around the eyes.” ButtNakedSkinfood.com

Roccoco Botanicals Revive and Thrive Coffee Infused Facial 

Roccoco Botanicals sent both Barry and Jenni the products for their Revive and Thrive Coffee Infused Facial, here’s the treatment description. We’re also including a complete list of products and their descriptions. 

“Invigorate and awaken your senses with the aroma of mocha coffee. This luxurious coffee facial awakens the skin, increasing microcirculation, and bringing back a rosy glow. Specifically targeting advanced glycation end products, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles by up to 50%.

Utilizing upcycled coffee, this treatment not only aligns with sustainable beauty practices but also packs a potent punch in skin volumization.” Roccoco Botanicals 

Our Review of Products In Roccoco Botanicals Revive and Thrive Coffee Infusion Facial

Jenni and Barry LOVED this treatment!  Barry did the treatment on his own and is using the home care for 2 weeks to look for the wrinkle depth reduction around his eyes!  

“Every product in this protocol is beautiful! Each one has an amazing ingredient list, gorgeous fragrance, and delicious texture! The facial is more of an experience, that gives the skin a luminous glow! I’m using the collection of products on a daily basis and my skin loves them. As someone who is approaching 54, the volumizing, plumping, and hydrating qualities of these products speak to me!”  Barry Eichner

Jenni received the facial from Kristina, L+A’s In-house Esthetician She was blown away and has some great feedback on the core elements of the facial protocol, you can read her feedback below!  

Coffee and Cream Mask

This mask will invigorate and awaken your senses with the aroma of mocha coffee. This decadently creamy hydrating mask that instantly reduces wrinkles by up to 50% in just 15 minutes. Volumizes the skin contours and smoothes the surface of the skin. Visibly reduces the depth of nasolabial folds and visibly firms and lifts the skin.

Decreases advanced glycation end products by up to 78% and increases skin luminosity and transparency. Dramatically reduces the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles. Sustained release DMAE reduces forehead lines and improves the shape and volume of the lips. Fights dullness in the skin and increases microcirculation. Increases the natural rosy pink colour of the skin for a radiant glow. Wound healing is increased. Increases glutathione in the skin and decreases roughness of the skin. Brazilian clay detoxifies the skin revealing a rejuvenating complexion. Embracing upcycled and sustainable ingredients from beets and spent coffee beans. Accelerates wound healing and stimulates collagen in the skin.

“The Coffee & Cream Mask had a delicious aroma! For me, there was a slight tingle almost immediately, so prepare your clients for stimulation!  We left the mask on for about 3 minutes before removing it with a cool towel. My skin was left glowing and hydrated!” Jenni Nagle 

Berry Biotic Enzyme

Envelop your skin in ultimate softness and hydration with this moussey enzyme. It contains two biological enzymes that smooth the skin’s surface and encourage natural exfoliation of the skin, brightening the appearance of the skin. Rich in natural beta-carotene sourced from Sweet Potato. Moisture is locked into the skin, providing unbridled hydration. Balance your skin’s microbiota. Minimize the appearance of downy facial hair. Reveal your natural skin luminosity and get your glow on.

“The aroma was delightful and was easy to mix to a fluffy consistency.  I felt a very mild sensation, nothing uncomfortable, but you knew it was hard at work preparing skin for the next step!” Jenni Nagle

Ruby Crystal Cleanser

Reveal and uncover an unparalleled level of skin softness and radiance. Our ruby cleanser contains real rubies, which are known esoterically to bring healing and channel energy. Infused with a harmonious blend of aromatic and essential fatty acids, skin repair is accelerated, and the appearance of inflammation and discoloration of the skin is reduced. Beta-glucan and Avenanthramides derived from oats suppress inflammation, histamine, and itching in the skin. Passionfruit is sourced deep from the heart of the Amazon rainforest, possessing unique healing qualities. Showing efficacy in reducing the appearance of uneven skin texture, wrinkles, and inflammation. Redness is dramatically reduced for a calmer and clearer complexion.

“This facial is a true luxury experience from the first step, the Ruby Crystal Cleanser. It has a beautiful consistency that is thick, and you can just feel the nourishing infusion happening.  It wiped away beautifully, leaving skin hydrated and ready for the next steps.” Jenni Nagle

Hydrating Essence

Providing 72 hours of sustained hydration, it is the ultimate skin rescuer for long-haul flights and cold weather. This spray can repair the skin barrier completely, without the use of a moisturizer or serum, making it ideal for dry scalps as well as men’s beards. Safe for acne-prone skin who just need a boost in hydration, with the added benefit of being a powerful catalyst for wound repair. Stimulating collagen by a massive 600%, making it the ultimate treatment for skin rejuvenation.

“Refreshing! Whether spritzed on the skin or applied with a cotton square, this mist is a must in between steps!” Jenni Nagle


Defy gravity and reactive your youth genes with our new improved LRT. Our most anti-aging and lifting cream yet, with a visible difference in the shape of the face within just 14 days. Rapidly contours and redefines the jawline and neck visibly tightening and firming the skin. Activating growth factors, the appearance and depth of nasolabial folds are reduced, for a more voluminous look to the face. Hydration is restored, revealing incredible skin softness. Banish dull and lifeless skin. Blood flow and oxygenation are restored for an unmistakable healthy Glow.

“Silky and sinks right in! I absolutely loved the consistency of this product.” Jenni Nagle

Cellular Defence

Introducing Cellular Defence, the ultimate Multi-Vitamin C Serum offering unparalleled urban skin protection. Infused with four types of Vitamin C, it combats free radicals and pollution, ensuring a luminous, vibrant complexion. This serum goes beyond surface beauty, delivering deep, sustained hydration for a supple feel. Experience a visible reduction in expression wrinkles, whilst the skin is brightened with antioxidant-rich Kakadu Plum and Wattleseed Extract. Cellular Defence promises a youthful, resilient glow.

Jasmine Eye Cream

Contains 17 Active Ingredients to smooth, lift, and brighten the under-eye area and surrounding skin. Rapidly decreases the appearance of wrinkles around the eye area. Results are visible within 14 days of use. It addresses the four main reasons for aging around the eye area: Circulation to the skin is stimulated and skin is visibly firmed in appearance. Capillaries are strengthened and less permeable. Melanin and bilirubin are degraded, eliminating the look of darkness under the eye. Glycation is inhibited by up to 75%.

Thanks to Roccoco Botanicals for Sponsoring this article so we could share their products with our community. 

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