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Top Brand Secures Three Finalist Spots in the Prestigious Alle Awards

Roccoco Botanicals, a Gold Coast manufactured skincare brand has made history for the second year in a row, having three of their products announced as Allē Awards Finalists.  The acclaimed Australian skincare brand renowned for its innovative and natural products, last year made history as the first Australian company to ever win this prestigious award in the entire history of the competition.  Previous winners of this prestigious award include Yves Saint Laurent Beauté, Procter & Gamble, Shiseido, L’Oréal and DECIEM.

Celluma Light Therapy

Do More with Celluma RESTORE

Hair loss impacts both men and women and can be a temporary or permanent health issue. Men tend to have many options for hair restoration, while women suffer in silence as options are limited to thickening shampoos and collagen supplements. Research shows low-level light therapy is a proven, effective, and safe treatment option for not only hair regrowth, but a variety of skin and pain conditions.

The 3-mode Celluma RESTORE is FDA-cleared to treat three common concerns in a single device: hair regrowth, aging skin, and general pain conditions. The RESTORE is shape-taking, non-invasive, non-toxic and can be used by men and women for clinical and at-home use. 

Referred to as the “Oscars of Cosmetic Innovation,” the Cosmetics and Toiletries Allē Awards honor and celebrate outstanding achievements in the cosmetics industry. Roccoco Botanicals has secured its place in the finals with three remarkable products that have revolutionized skincare: Frangipani and Lychee Body Crème, Overnight Recovery Mask, and Charcoal Clarity Mask.  

The Frangipani and Lychee Body Crème has been dubbed a “Tummy Tuck In A Jar” by their loyal customers.  It not only firms, smooths, and tightens the skin but also brightens it.   Overnight Recovery Mask rebalances the skin’s circadian rhythms, this overnight wonder product hides the effects of late nights and exhaustion.  Charcoal Clarity Mask is a game-changing mask that offers an alternative to steroid injections while reducing swelling from acne lesions.

“Our clients trust us to provide solutions to their skincare problems, and being selected as finalists for the Cosmetics and Toiletries Alle Awards for the second year in a row is a testament to our dedication and innovation,” says Jacine Greenwood, Founder and CEO of Roccoco Botanicals.

The company is paving the way for Australian Beauty to be recognized and is proud to represent Australia in the Cosmetics and Toiletries Allē Awards.

Roccoco Botanicals is an award-winning Australian skincare brand known for its innovative and natural products. With a focus on providing solutions for skincare problems, including acne, rosacea, and aging concerns, Roccoco Botanicals has gained a loyal following of clients who trust in the efficacy of its products.

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