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Reviews Of Game-Changing Skin Care Education

Purely Clinical is a global skin affair tour that is traveling  across the United States and around the world – literally – there’s even a class in Australia!  

We first introduced the Purely Clinical Tour in May 2023 when we published our article, “Invest In An All-New Approach To Skin Care.” At that time the Purely Clinical Tour had just begun. The Purely Clinical tour was created by the “Fierce Foursome” at Lira Clinical! Of course, we’re referring to the Lira Clinical Founders, Anna, Brenda, Francine, and Metaxia! These four dynamic women founded Lira Clinical and the Purely Clinical tour on their exceptional quality and excellence!

Well, the reviews are in from the Purely Clinical Tour attendees and they’re glowing! 

Lira Clinical Purely Clinical Tour Dates + Locations

Lira Clinical is known in every corner of the US and all over the world, so the team at Lira Clinical has created a global education tour with stops in every section of the country and throughout the world. 

Here’s where you can find the Lira Clinical Purely Clinical Tour, don’t hesitate to Register for The City Near You!  These classes are something you don’t want to miss! 

Lipgloss + Aftershave will be with Lira Clinical on September 25th in Chicago and on October 1st in Trinidad + Tobago! 

September 9-10 – Australia
September 25 – Chicago, IL
October 1 – Trinidad + Tobago
October 5-6 – Netherlands
October 18-19 – United Kingdom
October 23 – Atlanta, GA
November 6 – Arlington, VA

Purely Clinical

Testimonials From Purely Clinical Attendees

Lira Clinical held Purely Clinical classes in April in Seattle, WA and in May in Orange County, CA and Phoenix, AZ. The attendance was impressive, and the feedback was truly remarkable.

Aurora Reynoso

Q: What do you think about Purely Clinical?

A: It has definitely meant a lot to me. I’ve been an esthetician for about five years, and since learning about Lira Clinical, I’ve definitely learned a lot about formulations. The innovation, it’s just such an amazing line. It’s saved my skin, so learning about this line has helped me progress as an esthetician and gave me confidence to enhance my ability, to work with peels, and to know more about formulas.

Q: What do you like about Lira Clinical?

A: Lira Clinical is an amazing line for all Fitzpatricks. It’s skin friendly. I love how versatile it is. It’s definitely a great line.   

Q: What made you want to come out to Purely Clinical?

A: I connected really well with Lira Clinical. It’s helped me progress, especially learning about my clients’ skin. Getting to know them a little more, it just intrigued me as an esthetician to know more about the skin care line and familiarize myself with the line itself.

Q: What did you gain from Purely Clinical?

A: The Peels definitely. The Pure Peel, I finally get to get my hands on the protocols, I’ve been waiting for this. Yes, I tried the Pure Peel protocol, but now I’ve seen the hands-on, and I feel more confident to try new protocols, use the handbook, and just get in there and play.

Q: What do you think of Lira Clinical’s podcast?

A: It’s very playful, but it’s also very educational.

Bill Winfree

Q: Why did you come out to Purely Clinical?

A: Any chance I get to come to any event Lira is producing, I’m there. I’ve been part of the Lira family for the last 10, or 11 years, so any chance I get to see everybody to network, I’m always there.

Q: How was your experience having the Pure Peel done at the event?

A: Today was a new experience for me, it was the Pure Peel, which I never had done before. It was an amazing treatment. My skin feels absolutely amazing. I don’t even feel like I had anything done, even after having a bunch of erythema, and it’s completely gone. It feels really good.

Q: What did you learn or gain at Purely Clinical?

A: I tend to learn something new every time I come here, and today was more about the Hydroxysomes® . Listening to (Dr. Zari) speak was pretty amazing. And just connecting with people.

Q: What do you like about the podcast?

A: The knowledge. It’s a masterclass.

Testimonials From Lira Clinical Team Members 

Gina Onstott

Q: What was your role in Purely Clinical?

A: I am the representative for Lira Clinical in southern California, and I have been for over 13 years. My role in Purely Clinical was to bring my community together. I was able to bring all our attendees to this event today in Southern California.

Q: What does Purely Clinical mean to you?

A: Purely Clinical to me is a completely new approach to peels. Transformation, technology, and science that Lira has brought to the people.

Q: What did you think of Purely Clinical?

A: I think the presentation today was outstanding. Metaxia and Francine always deliver through stories and sharing experiences. I feel like the people can really hear it and they take it to heart and take it home and put it into their practice and business.

Q: What are your thoughts on the textbook?

A: The book is outstanding! It’s been a long time coming.

Lira Clinical Co-Founder, Metaxia Dalikas, LE

“It’s really showing the industry the change. The before and after photos you see on our website, Instagram, and social media are incredible, but there’s a reason why they are getting these results. Purely Clinical to us means that we have advanced to a whole new way we deal with the epidermis.

We’re sharing this knowledge with anyone who wants to listen. It’s global. We’ve captured this knowledge from all over and to share it in this type of forum, there’s nothing in the market to beat this.

It’s not just following a protocol, but actually opening your mind to master the epidermis. This is the key: to master, learn, share, and be part of the movement. Because aesthetics has definitely changed, and we are here to say we understand the change. Lira Clinical is part of that change.

Mastering the epidermis is where it’s at. This is about mastering the epidermis, giving a reason why we deal with the functions of the skin.”

Purely Clinical

Lira Clinical Co-Founder, Francine Kagarakis, RMA

Purely Clinical is a new approach. It was important for us to come out again and talk about all the changes that are happening in skin care around the world. Purely Clinical explains exactly what Lira wants to deliver. We are a clinical line, we are about changes in the skin, and it is a different approach to peels because we began with peels, and peels are a big part of our line, but we know how to work with peels to get the results that we need and keep the skin in motion.

This is what we’re going to review in the Purely Clinical tour: letting people understand the new technology on how to rebuild skin. Peels are one portion of it.

With social media, there’s information overload. There’s a lot of misinformation and our key here is to make sure we have the right information, because having a healthy barrier function matters. That’s the main difference, but we still need correction, so we must be able to put the two together and we do that very well in Purely Clinical.

Purely Clinical

Thanks to Lira Clinical for sponsoring this content and allowing us to share the amazing information on Purely Clinical with our community. 

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