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Clients Say This Brand Makes Their Skin Feel Alive 

Pearl Skin Studio was Jenni’s most recent spa visit! She was invited to Las Vegas, NV to experience a treatment at Pearl Skin Studio. She chose the treatment based on the feedback from clients at Pearl Skin Studio

Owner Katia Simonenko says her clients tell her, “… that their skin feels alive” after this remarkable treatment! 

Jenni’s Experience with the Treatment Clients say Makes their Skin Feel Alive

Pearl Skin Studio offers nail, hair, skin, and “mind” experiences.  The spa carries an array of retail and back bar, because owner, Katia Simonenko wants to provide her clients with everything they need, and she knows that “it’s human nature to get bored and want change.  That is why my clients will always have options – and will not always get the same thing every time.” Katia

“Katia performed DMK’s Enzyme Therapy on me and was sure to highlight that the “downtime” in this treatment can often be a pain point for estheticians. The famed enzyme mask is to be left on the skin for 45 minutes. She wants other estheticians to see that this is a time of great opportunity for upgrades and connecting with your client. This is not the time when you leave the room and eat lunch! Take the time to offer a foot and hand treatment, like the Cause Medic CBD exfoliating and warming hydrating treatment she provided for me that day.

Katia’s firm pressure and precise movements were remarkable – each step felt intentional.  

“My clients don’t just come to me for their face, they come for the experience,” Katia told me and I couldn’t agree more.

DMK Clinics Are Always Innovative 

We see the DMK Clinics that we visit in the United States and Europe are always innovative and leveraging the latest devices with sophisticated technology! 

Katia invited me to lie in the Somadome after my treatment.  This meditation pod uses binaural beats, color therapy, and magnetic therapy, alongside meditation tracks. I was in and out of awakeness for 20 minutes and walked out knowing this was a very unique experience. Katia is the only provider in Las Vegas offering this therapy.

Post-treatment, my skin felt firmed, detoxed, and rejuvenated – my entire body felt rested and recharged!

Katia Simonenko is DMK’s  Featured Esthetician on L+A  for Fall 2023 

Katia Simonenko, Founder & Owner of Pearl Skin Studio, created her studio to help men and women realize their skin’s healthiest potential. She combined her passion for skincare and her experience in nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, energy healing, makeup, feel-good, body and results-only treatments. Twenty years later, she provides the best international treatments to her clients, shares her knowledge with them, and absolutely loves doing it!  

Katia has been an esthetician for 20 years and has owned Pearl Skin Studio for 13 years! She’s been carrying DMK International for 4 years and couldn’t be happier! 

We asked her why she chose DMK International and she told us, “I was attracted to DMK because I believe in improving skin health inside and out. I do not believe in just putting a band-aid on the problem.” Katia

Pearl Skin Studio

DMK Education 

We know DMK has a laser beam focus on education so we asked Katia what she thinks of the DMK education. She told us, “I love DMK education, there are lots of options. You can do in-person training or online. Whatever fits your schedule and need.” 

Her Fav Treatments and Home Perscriptives from DMK

She also loves the  Pro-Alpha 6 Layer Peel by DMK International that we featured in our Fall Guide To Skincare Correction. This is DMK International’s chemical peel. It’s truly unique and requires a commitment from the clinical and the client.  

She also told us that she loves, “Wetter Than Water, Direct Delivery Vitamin C, Revise A, and Melanotech Drops. We have to admit we couldn’t agree more! Although we think she missed Barry’s favorite – Beta Gel

Thanks to DMK International for sponsoring this content so that we could bring you Katia’s amazing story of success with DMK!

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