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How Red Light, Roses + Yogurt Rejuvenate Skin

An organic facial with roses combined with Red LED light therapy….

How can Red LED light therapy along with yogurt mixed with crushed rose petals and rose essential oil help rejuvenate and hydrate mature skin? 

We’re so very glad you asked!  

It All Started with KM Herbals Wildcrafted Organic Glow For It Facial

As we planned for our Spring Botanical Skin Care Guide, KM Herbals created a gorgeous wildcrafted organic facial called the Glow For It Facial. We fell in love with the professional-only Nutritive & Rehydrating Mask in the treatment because of its ingredients and ability to be customized. 

Nutritive & Rehydrating Mask Features Rose Petals + Rose Oil 

The professional-only Nutritive & Rehydrating Mask is the cornerstone of the Glow For It Facial that is designed for mature and or sun-damaged skin. The mask is a dry base of crushed Rose Petals, Lavender, Oats, and Almonds which allows it to be incredibly therapeutic to the skin – estheticians can also add the pure essential oil of Rose to the mask for additional hydration. 

Rose is a healing hydrator, it’s full of potent antioxidants and it helps to ease wrinkles. When Rose is combined with the other ingredients in the Professional-Only Nutritive & Rehydrating Mask, the skin is given a boost of hydration and antioxidant protection to help it! 

Nutritive & Rehydrating Mask Can Use Yogurt or Honey To Come To Life

The mask’s dry base is brought to life by mixing it with a wet ingredient based on your clients’ needs – possibly using yogurt, honey, or a hydrosol. 

Jenni used non-fat, plain Greek yogurt as suggested by KM Herbals to create a fluffy, velvety rich consistency. She used it on herself and fell in love with the results! 

“This customized combination felt cool and soothing, as the yogurt has just come from the fridge! After whipping up the mask, I allowed it to dry and used a sonic spatula (with warm water) for removal to aid in a bit of extra exfoliation.  My skin was left smooth, hydrated and felt so nourished – with a glow that I loved!” – Jenni Nagle

Let’s Add Red LED Light Therapy After The Mask For The Win

If you’ve been part of the Lipgloss + Aftershave community – you know that we love to be creative. One day Barry was reviewing the Glow For It Facial protocol. As he reviewed the ingredients – he saw Rose petals in the dry base of the Nutritive & Rehydrating mask and then saw the option of adding pure essential oil of Rose and just then, ‘Rose + Red Light’ popped into his head! “What if I asked KM Herbals to add Red LED Light Therapy into this protocol?”

Here’s what we know about Red LED Light Therapy.“Clinical studies in the use of red LED (630-700nm) on human and animal tissue, have demonstrated it activates fibroblast growth factors, increasing type 1 procollagen, an increase in Matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9), and a decrease in MMP-1. (2). These result in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, improvement in photo-aging, a decrease in melanin, and softer, smoother healthier-looking skin. Skin analysis studies reveal an increased collagen density in the papillary and upper reticular dermis with the collagen bundles more packed and well organized. The thickness was observed to be greater than when evaluated before red LED treatment.” Celluma.com

organic facial

KM Herbals Added An Optional RED LED Light Therapy Step

Now when you get the Glow For It Facial protocol there’s an optional 30 Minutes of Red LED Light after the professional treatment mask. This will allow the skin to absorb all of the ingredients in the mask.

Then the Red LED Light therapy will work on the skin! 

 “Visible wavelengths stimulate cellular metabolism by triggering intracellular photobiochemical reactions. The observed effects include increased ATP, an organic chemical that provides energy, modulation of reactive oxidative species (ROS), alteration of collagen synthesis, stimulation of angiogenesis, and increased blood flow.” Celluma.com

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