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Spring 2023 – Botanicals In Clinical + Medical Aesthetic Services

A botanical enzyme mask or an organic chemical peel treatment is one of the most common ways of leveraging botanicals in a clinical or medical aesthetic setting. Combining botanicals with technology based devices will improve the efficacy of your treatments. Incorporating clinical botanicals into your professional services and home care recommendations can improve the results your clients see in the long run.

Botanical Enzyme Mask /  Peel with CBD and Hydrodermabrasion 

A botanical enzyme mask combined with hydrodermabrasion using silicone tips can be an incredible sensitive skin treatment on your menu. It’s also a great starting point for a new client to get a feel for their skin and what it can tolerate. A more advanced botanical clinical treatment can combine a chemical peel with CBD and hydrodermabrasion using the diamond tip. 

Clinical Botanical Medical Aesthetic Treatments and Home Care

We found an all-new medical skincare collection that leverages botanicals to stimulate the skin’s cellular function! We’re also showcasing a unique treatment that uses botanicals in a disappearing sheet mask with powerful results. We also found a powerful botanical antioxidant that is a must-have for home care! 

Fruit-Based Actives In Clinical + Medical Aesthetic Services

An organic chemical peel collection is a go-to for any botanical clinical + medical aesthetic treatment menu. We have a Pineapple / Mango Enzyme Mask that is a great botanical desincrustation tool for your treatment room. We found a Glow For It Facial that uses organic, wildcrafted active botanicals. 

Clinical Services with Botanical Infused Facial Massage 

Look for a Cannabis Renewal Facial that uses extensive massage with CBD and a pop of oxygen. You can soothe and calm your clients’ skin by massaging an Ice Facial of botanicals and herbs to reduce inflammation in between aggressive medical aesthetic services. Stimulate the skin’s blood and lymphatic flow with a delicious facial massage with antioxidant-rich Greek olive oil.

Let Technology Boost Botanicals In A Clinical + Medical Aesthetic Service

You can use a Blue LED Light Therapy Device after a botanical enzyme mask or chemical peel to improve the results of acne treatments. Show your clients a silicone cleansing brush with LED and Microcurrent to boost botanical home care. Finally, you can give your clients a boost of botanical infused hydration in the unique EpiFusion Facial

BiON Skincare’s Pineapple Mango Enzyme Mask

We love all of BiON’s fruit based enzymes! This is delicious! They’re versatile and effective! 

This Pineapple Mango Enzyme Mask is a gentle, active exfoliant for normal to oily skin types, as well as problematic and mature skin. The six main ingredients work to exfoliate the skin naturally. Salicylic Acid prevents pores from clogging and helps fade the appearance of inflamed skin. It is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin C, beta-carotene, and flavonoids, and the Mango Seed Butter, with its high content of fatty acids, assists with moisturization.

Enzyme Mask

Celluma CLEAR 

The Celluma CLEAR is a single-mode device for the treatment of acne, pimples, and lesions. The Celluma CLEAR measures 16” x 8” overall with a treatment area of 14” x 6”.  Learn more about BLUE LED Light Therapy and the treatment of acne, pimples, and lesions. The Celluma CLEAR is just $495 and makes a great addition to a Celluma LED Light Therapy collection. You can also own several and earn extra revenue by renting them to clients for home use! 

Enzyme Mask

Dawn Lorraine Organic Chemical Peels

The Dawn Lorraine Organic Chemical Peel consists of 6 peels and a peel prep.  Get to know the best sellers –  Blueberry Creme Peel and Coco Creme Nourishing Peel. Then there is Dawn Lorraine’s most universal Peel – the Pure Pro Enzyme Peel.

Learn about the L+A Fav award-winning – Honey Nectar Healing Peel and Lemon Pumpkin Peel. Dawn Lorraine’s Cinnamon Detox Clarifying Peel was nominated for an LNE award. While these aren’t the full collection. You can learn more about Dawn Lorraine’s Full Collection of Organic Chemical Peels.

Enzyme Mask

DermaJEM’s Anima Ares

This is a great device to strip and build! You can do so much by combining chemical peels and hydro and micro-dermabrasion. You can also – boost the efficacy of any botanical serum with the ultrasound!  Cold therapy is a delicious way to calm skin!  

The Anima Ares is a quad-modality machine that will allow estheticians to provide the highest quality medical resurfacing and botani-clinical treatments, These are red-carpet-ready treatments that provide an instant glow! 

Enzyme Mask


The Advanced Paramedical training was switched to DMK MD, an advanced paramedical personalized esthetic program. DMK MD offers esthetic efficacy in a cross-sectional domain, where mid-spectral dermatology conditions are addressed through in-clinic professional procedures and Home Prescriptives TM.

The sole objective is to empower DMK MD Professionals with clinically effective, user-friendly tools and techniques to treat skin conditions concerning epidermal stem cells, the skin microbiome, and other inadequately managed processes in the skin. 

Enzyme Mask

EpiStep’s EpiFusion Facial 

If you’re looking for a “Wow” botani-clinical facial – check out the EpiFusion Facial. This will use hyaluronic acid and botanicals to infuse, plump, brighten and improve the overall glow! 

The EpiFusion Facial is like nothing else you’ve ever seen. It’s good for all Fitzpatricks and all skin types! 

Infuse botanicals and Hyaluronic Acid at the same time that you create channels through the stratum corneum without injury so you can work effectively and safely in your scope of practice! The injury is created with nano pins made of hyaluronic acid, infused with botanicals that dissolve into the skin as they create channels.

Enzyme Mask

Hale & Hush Incredible Enzymes

We’re obsessed with this enzyme! It can be a staple on your back bar for virtually every client. A great treatment for sensitive skin all by itself, you can also combine with the silicone tips on a hydrodermabrasion device for an extra boost.  You can go beyond sensitive skin with this product. Incredible Enzymes is a cult-favorite botanical enzyme and is a great go-to for acneic clients, mature clients, and congested skin!  “Never put baby in a corner”! This enzyme can do many things on your treatment menu! 

Enzyme Mask

KM Herbals Glow For It Facial 

This hydrating facial provides the perfect date night glow. Help your clients put their best face forward⁠ with some of KM Herbals best-selling products! ⁠The purity of the organic, wildcrafted botanical products from KM Herbals is unparalleled. This therapeutic treatment includes a professional-only Nutritive & Rehydrating Mask is the cornerstone of the Glow For It Facial! The ultra hydrating moisturizer and eye cream in lusciously rich cream bases make it almost impossible for the skin not to shine bright like a diamond! 

Enzyme Mask

M.A.D Skincare Mandelic Peel 25% with CBD

This is such a yummy, universal peel! Who isn’t obsessed with Mandelic Acid? Yet, when you add CBD, it becomes an even-greater obsession! This should be a go-to peel as a staple on your back bar!

 The Mandelic Peel 25% with CBD will improve various skin concerns such as: acne, skin texture, hyperpigmentation, and fine lines & wrinkles. Can help regulate sebum production. The exfoliating action of mandelic acid removes dead skin cells, which may leave your skin firmer and smoother. May help stimulate collagen production, which tends to decrease with age.

Enzyme Mask

Save Our Skin’s C2S from Medspa Distributors 

A go-to home care item for virtually every client, you may want to exercise caution with sensitive clients! This silky serum glides on and is ideal for use with your at home devices that offer transdermal infusion. C2S is a Winner For Age Management!

The C2S Serum is an ideal antioxidant to have on your back bar and for clients to have in their daily skincare home care plan. The product is a clear, lightweight liquid with a viscosity that is just a little thicker than water. It glides onto the skin easily and is virtually odorless. The product absorbs perfectly into the skin. 

The product is going to have long-term benefits because of its potent antioxidant attributes. It also has some brightening capabilities as well. This makes it a go-to age management product. It also offers those clients with congested and acne-prone skin a perfect antioxidant and skin-balancing serum.

Enzyme Mask

Nature Pure’s Skin Awakening Cannabis + Oxygen Renewal Facial 

Nature Pure has done it again! Combining Cannabis with Oxygen to create a professional-only treatment that will awaken the skin to an abundance of radiance!

This treatment is Infused with over 3,800mg of Pure 99.83% CBD Isolate plus Certified Organic Hemp Seed Oil and so many other Exotic Botanical Ingredients!

The Spring Awakening Cannabis + Oxygen Renewal Facial has cell vitality boosting action and it promotes longevity. The anti-inflammatory benefits will work to alleviate redness and skin irritation. The high dose of antioxidants and omegas nourish the skin and provide an instant glow that will enhance the complexion. This is an ideal anti-aging botani-clinical treatment to combat wrinkles.

Enzyme Mask

Ouli’s Facial Massage Techniques

Give the skin a delicious treat! Take your facial massage game to a new level! 

The Ouli’s Facial Massage Techniques are an ideal enhancement to any botani-clinical facial. Especially if you use the Oui’s Ola Oil. It’s got an ideal glide. It’s lightweight and sinks into the skin while providing an optimal massage medium! The oil is rich in antioxidants to ensure you’re giving the skin ample fortification. 

Enzyme Mask

SculptICE ICE Facials

Ok, we’re obsessed with these treatments! They’re an incredible way to offer something truly unique to your clients. We’ve done several webinars with them and they get rave reviews! 

SculptICE Facials activates your lymphatic system to allow our body to get rid of toxins and impurities in our skin, removing toxins and water retention which slims and tones your skin while making it healthier overall.

SculptICE Facials are available in a variety of treatment options! 

Enzyme Mask

Sesha Skincare’s Evanescent Mask Treatment

This 2 step professional treatment was a viral TikTok sensation on the L+A TikTok! We love that it draws its power to target pigmentation and reduce inflammation from Seaweed! 

The Evanescent Sheet Mask Treatment from Sesha Skincare will give you a glow and plump skin. The first step is massage with the Clarifying Serum. This serum contains ingredients that target pigmentation and reduce inflammation. The second step has you combining a Seaweed Polysaccharide Sheet Mask and an Australian Seawater Activator to reinforce the cohesion between the dermis and the epidermis, preventing skin from aging. This also produces a healthy glow and increases moisture in the skin.

Enzyme Mask

ZAQ Sonic Microcurrent LED Cleansing Brush

Barry uses this religiously, 3 times a week for the incredible lifting and toning benefits of LED and microcurrent. 

It’s two sided – one for cleansing – one for clinical treatment. 

The Microcurrent, low-level electrical currents to stimulate the skin and underlying tissues. This modality on the Sonic Microcurrent LED Cleansing Brush is combined with LED light therapy. The microcurrent works to stimulate and serve as a transdermal delivery system of so many luscious botani-clinical serums! 

You can’t lose with this device.  It’s totally waterproof and the charge lasts for weeks! 

Enzyme Mask

Thanks to all of the above brands mentioned for sponsoring this content. 

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