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What Device Did This Award-Winning Esthetician Select For Her Spas? 

Melissa Mercado is an award-winning esthetician in THE SKIN GAMES! She’s been a licensed Cosmetologist since 2003. She owns a successful spa and training center and is an educator for Hale & Hush

Melissa chose this versatile device for both of her locations! Find out why this award-winning, esthetic trainer recommends her most-used device to so many estheticians

Melissa Mercado

The Nail And Wax Room – Melissa’s Spa 

The Nail and Wax Room has three rooms and three manicure and three pedicure stations.  Melissa and twelve employees, including three other estheticians, work in this location. 

The Nail and Wax room offers natural nail manicures and pedicures, full body waxing, intimate treatments and brightening, lash lifting and extensions, facials, microderm,  chemical peels, and hydradermabrasion.

The Skin & Body Network – Melissa’s Training Center + VIP Treatment Room 

The Skin & Body Network was born during COVID when capacity restrictions were in place and Melissa could no longer educate others from a small treatment room within her spa. She teaches classes such as intimate lightening, brazilian waxing, vajacials, and lash lifting. She’s also an educator for Hale & Hush so she teaches in-person classes in The Skin & Body Network. Additionally, she brings in outside educators from different companies to educate other estheticians.  Melissa began teaching others since it was always a challenge for her to travel to New York or Boston to get a quality education. Melissa is passionate about bringing education to Connecticut. 

The Skin & Body Network has an open space for classes and two treatment rooms. Melissa works here on her own providing facials and teaching classes.  She occasionally brings in other contractors to teach classes.  Melissa’s mother, who is also a licensed esthetician performs services such as Reiki, Reflexology, and Craniosacral Therapy at The Skin & Body Network, she also has a lash artist in the location on a part-time basis performing eyelash extensions.

Melissa offers  VIP Clients “experiences” at The Skin & Body Network where she offers ninety-minute skincare treatments beginning with a M.A.D Skincare Foot Enzyme Treatment using heated booties and always incorporating the DermaJEM Anima Ares into every treatment.

Melissa Mercado Owns 2 DermaJEM Anima Ares 

We asked Melissa, “How do you use The DermaJEM Anima Ares?”

“At The Nail & Wax Room, I have it listed as its own service and we use three of the four modalities that the Ares offers. We use the Hydradermabrasion with the DermJEM Mederi Serums. My favorites are the Mederi Delicate Mandelic and the Mederi Hibiscus Fix. We also use UltraSound to infuse serums and to tighten and tone the skin. Then the protocol is to finish with Cold Therapy to calm and soothe the skin. We usually incorporate a nice soothing mask such as the Hale & Hush Hush Hydrate Mask. I also use the Ares in some intimate treatments such as underarm and vajacial services which is wonderful for stubborn ingrowns!” Melissa Mercado 

We asked Melissa “What product lines do you use with The DermaJEM Anima Ares?”

I use the DermaJEM Mederi Serums and Ageless Serums for the machine. I pair those with Hale & Hush which is my lead product line, and also Green Envee and Circadia.” Melissa Mercado 

Tell me about the training center? My training Center was born during COVID when capacity restrictions were in place and I could no longer educate others from a small treatment room within my spa. I personally teach classes such as intimate lightening, Brazilian waxing, vajacials, and lash lifting. I am also an educator for Hale & Hush so I teach in-person classes here. In addition, I bring in outside educators from different companies to educate my CT esti friends. I began teaching others since it was always a challenge for me to travel to NY or Boston to get a quality education. So I am helping bring the education to CT.

Melissa’s Review of the DermaJEM Anima Ares

We asked Melissa, “ How do you like the DermaJEM Anima Ares?”

“I love it.  It is super easy to use, my clients LOVE the results and more importantly, as a business owner, I love the price point, hence why I purchased two!”  Melissa Mercado

We asked her,  “What’s your favorite feature about the DermaJEM Ania Ares?”

She told us, “I love the Cold Therapy.  I use it in EVERY service regardless of brand used or treatment performed.” Melissa Mercado 

Melissa’s Feedback On Working With DermaJEM 

We asked, “Have you ever taken any of the DermaJEM online webinars?”

Melissa told us, “Yes!  Too many to count.  They are wonderful because they will show you different brands to be able to incorporate and I feel like I always learn something new from one of the educators or product companies.” 

We asked about DermJEM’s customer service, “Have you ever had to use DermaJEM Customer Service after you purchased the device?”

Melissa told us, “I have had to call a few times, more when I first purchased my devices. Not for any bad reasons but because I had forgotten silly things like how to clean the machine properly and one time I forgot the ml of serum to fill per service.  The experience is always wonderful. Elizabeth and her team are quick to respond and easy to get in touch with.” 

Melissa Emphatically Recommends DermaJEM

We asked her if other esty’s should trust DermaJEM as a device manufacturer. 

Melissa told us, “Absolutely! I am in a lot of Esthetician Facebook groups and you will always see me suggesting the DermaJEM Anima Ares and other devices. You really can not go wrong with any of the machines. Everyone I have referred to DermaJEM has also loved their purchases. The reason I refer to them is that I understand what it is like to be a true “Small Business” and I do not want to throw away my hard-earned money. Personally, some of the other brands are outrageously priced and I can not justify spending that much money when I already spent a ton to be able to use my hands on someone’s face. For some clients, my hands are not enough and this is where my Ares fills the void.  

I must add that their new DermaJEM training and education team is top-notch! I am so excited to see what they will be bringing to us in 2024.” 

Hale & Hush + DermaJEM

Melissa Mercado has been an educator for Hale & Hush for years. She uses the brand extensively in her spa. Hale & Hush has worked closely with DermaJEM to create protocols that estheticians can use in their treatment room. One of the most notable is Hydrodermabrasion for Sensitive Skin

This brand partnership has allowed estheticians across the country to provide treatments to clients who would not normally be able to receive a hydrodermabrasion treatment. The unique tips on the DermaJEM Ares hydrodermabrasion wand combined with the sophisticated formulations of Hale & Hush synergistically unite to create a treatment ideal for the most reactive clients. 

Thanks to DermaJEM for sponsoring this content so we can share Melissa’s story!  

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