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Explosive NYC IECSC Sets The Stage for Booming 2023!

The IECSC New York 2023 show had record-breaking attendance and has set the stage to showcase the skincare, spa, beauty, and wellness industries to have a booming 2023! The show started off with one of the largest crowds in the Javits atrium that we’d ever seen. The crowds came and stayed all day. All 3 days were jam-packed, non-stop and the energy was palpable.  

We were thrilled to see so many Lipgloss + Aftershave brand sponsors there!  This event was incredible because of all the Events That Rocked that attendees could enjoy! We saw a ton of New Launches into the industry. One thing is for sure – Devices Are Central To Our Industry

Launches At IECSC New York 2023

It’s always a big deal when Circadia launches something new!  They used the IECSC New York 2023 to showcase the launch of 3 new items. Serum 71, the Circadian Time Balancing Mask, and the Charcoal Milk Clarifying Mask!  Look for an upcoming article on that! 

DermaJEM doesn’t stop! They have an all-new device called the Anima Ares


This all-new brand Neubiome, was created by Ricardo Gray a Nurse Anesthetist, to combat issues he was having with the skin on his hands. 

“To combat the drying effects of frequent hand hygiene required as a nurse anesthetist, I developed a signature hand remedy called Amaretto and Biotic Hand Remedy. Using modern bioferment and probiotic technologies. After the success of the hand remedy, I developed The Biotic Glow™ Ferment Essence, a highly praised product that extends the benefits of the fermented formulas beyond the hands. This results in vibrant, moisturized skin that we call the Nuebiome glow.” Ricardo Gray

IECSC New York 2023

This probiotic brand that we love has launched an all-new back bar collection with protocols for skincare treatments.

We love Christina from their Illustrious Facial – but they have an all-new Line Erase Collection. 

M.A.D Skincare 
You know we love M.A.D and you know all about the Luxe Collection they showcased at IECSC New York 2023 because we got the sneak peek!  

The EpiFusion Facial

Needle-FREE Needling

Dry-channeling and instant wrinkle filling on the epidermal level with 3D-lized Hyaluronic acid! Dissolving Hyaluronic micro-pyramids loaded with other botanicals using epiStep create channels into the epidermis without injury so you can work effectively and safely in your scope of practice!

Events That Rocked At IECSC New York 2023

IECSC New York 2023

Acne Experts Cocktail Party by Face Reality

First, we were honored to get an invite to the Face Reality Cocktail Party at Equinox Hotel. It was such an elegant event with sweeping views of the city. Delicious treats and great cocktails! We listened to a very informative panel discussion and were able to chat with a host of estheticians who are proud to be Acne Experts certified by Face Reality! If you want to know more about how to become an Acne Expert we’ve got you covered here! 

L+A Selfie Museum

I mean, this was an absolutely amazing addition to the show! There wasn’t a moment that it wasn’t mobbed by attendees using props from their favorite brand to snap a selfie. We had so much fun getting in on the action with everyone too!  

Cheers to everyone who got into the fun!  

IECSC New York 2023

L+A Subway Scavenger Hunt

$700 in products! That’s what the savvy IECSC New York 2023 attendee was able to get from our participating sponsors from the L+A Subway Scavenger Hunt! We love swag and want to make sure we’re sharing our love of goodies with you!

We had so many brand sponsors at the show who are thrilled to be able to connect with each and everyone of the L+A Community that they wanted to make sure you stopped by their booth to say hi!

If you got the goodies – good for you! If you’re headed to Las Vegas and West Palm – don’t forget to look for the upcoming Scavenger Hunts!  

IECSC New York 2023

Devices Take Center Stage at IECSC New York 2023

The use of devices in the industry is continuing to grow! We are now seeing more and more treatments using devices to improve the efficacy of products. We’ve seen that penetration can improve dramatically. The impact that devices can have on laxity, hyperpigmentation, and luminosity are incredible. Below is a list of brands that we saw showcasing devices. 

Find The Devices Download the L+A App  And Search Your Favorite Brand Below 

Jet Plasma Pen
Venus Beauty Concepts
Merry Laz

The L+A Sponsors Who Showed Up and Showed Out

We are honored to have a long list of highly respected brand sponsors who also share our love of the IECSC New York 2023!  

Find The Devices Download the L+A App  And Search Your Favorite Brand Below 





Colore Me Perfect



E.F. Tropics



Face Reality


Genesis Biosystems

Germaine De Cappuccini 

Grande Cosmetics

Hale & Hush

Lira Clinical

Luka Cosmetics

M.A.D Skincare


Nature Pure



Pro Plasma Jet





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