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Want to be a Certified Acne Expert?

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Face Reality Skincare can turn you into an acne expert! No, really, it’s what they do! See, treating acne is like being a detective AND a master level Chess champion in your treatment room. You need to know how to uncover the cause and then you need to have a laser beam focus on your strategy for treating acne. 

Face Reality helps estheticians become an Acne Expert through their unrivaled acne education and they help you grow your business with their Acne Expert Locator.

Face Reality Skincare offers skincare professionals the most comprehensive online acne training available so that they can identify and treat even the most stubborn acne cases using Face Reality’s holistic treatment protocol.

Face Reality #1 Acne Education 

With Face Reality acne education you will learn what acne is (and is not), types, severities, imposters, contributing lifestyle factors, treatment protocols, and much more. Face Reality acne education doesn’t stop after you complete the initial course! You can keep enriching your practice with ongoing, advanced education throughout the year.

You can benefit from this acne education for your entire career! The education is based on the science of skin care. In addition to teaching all things acne, you will also receive guidance on the suggested types of treatments for various types and stages of acne. Face Reality prides themselves on offering the best acne education in the industry and you are sure to walk away from this course with an expert level of understanding into the causes and treatments for acne. 

4 Step Process To Becoming A Face Reality Certified Acne Expert

1. The first thing that you must do is complete the online certification course. This is a self-directed course that takes 5 hours to complete.

2. You must pass the open book certification exam. You need to get a 100% on the exam. No worries, you can take the exam as many times as you’d like. 

3. You need to submit a few required documents: your current esthetics license; a document confirming tax-exempt status (Official IRS EIN letter, Reseller’s Permit, Resale Certificate); proof of liability insurance for yourself or the establishment for whom you work; a Seller’s Permit
(if your business is in California or Nevada).

4. Join in on a Face Reality New Acne Expert Virtual Orientation led by members of the Face Realty industry-leading Acne Expert Success Team.

It’s that simple! Face Reality will guide you through the whole process. After you complete the process, you can take your Acne Expert status and feel confident in treating acne and helping clients battle, what can be an emotionally devastating skin disorder. 

face reality

Face Reality Certified Acne Experts Gain Access To Preferred Product Pricing

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After your training, you can save up to $975 when you choose from a variety of bundles that offer back bar and retail product assortments based on business needs. These are only available for a limited time after your training. 

The Face Reality products are expertly formulated, they use only the safest, most effective ingredients to fight acne and nourish the skin. Certified Acne Experts use our fully comprehensive line to build personalized routines tailored to their client’s individual needs. The products are not shipped outside of the U.S and are only available for sale in the U.S. 

Certified Acne Experts Receive Tools For Best-In-Class Business

You can look forward to amazing tools from Face Reality to help you run a truly top notch business. They’ll provide you with marketing assets and client forms. Keep your inventory costs low with their fast, direct-to-client shipping. You’ll have access to Acne Assist, which will help you quickly build routines for new clients. You’ll be listed on their Acne Expert Locator to help you grow your business. When your clients shop online with Face Reality, you’ll receive product credits for the products that you buy!  

Be Part of The Face Reality Community

You will be able to learn and network with other Certified Acne Experts. If you need any information or help, you have dedicated support form the Face Reality Acne Expert Success Team. You’ll be able to join in the Virtual Orientation event to help you get your acne practice up and running.

Preview The Face Reality #1 Acne Education 

You can enter your email address to receive the Face Reality Acne 101 Class. This will give you some insight into what the Face Reality Acne Expert Certification class will offer. You can get an idea of their philosophy and education style. We will give Face Reality your email address so they can reach out to you about their program. 

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Thanks to Face Reality for sponsoring this content. 

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