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#1 Holiday Spa Treatment Guide for Face + Body

#1 Holiday Spa Treatment Guide for Face + Body

The Holiday Spa Treatment Guide by Tenisha “Isha” Hicks

If there is one thing that 2020 has taught us, is the simple fact that self-care is LITERALLY something that will never trend OUT! So then Esti-besties, what are you doing to ensure that your consumers can/will want to come to you during the holiday season? Sure. They may want to reduce stress, prep for some photos, or even get ready for family gatherings but what is that EXTRA special care that you can give them? The best “pazzaz” for their pennies (which everyone is counting lately anyway). Or perhaps they CAN’T come to you! What are you doing to keep serving the clients you love so much, and in turn have shown you love?

Don’t worry. I got you. Let’s take some of the guesswork out of planning your holiday sales trends, and more energy into those that are also taking huge risks, clients. 

But where do I start?! How about some already SUPER popular Holiday Spa Treatments For Skin!!


A great go-to holiday spa treatment is microcurrent! Some of your biggest money makers are protocols or modalities that you already own! I’m sure you’re no stranger to the up-lifting effects of Microcurrent treatments, but if you are, allow me to ‘splain. Microcurrent is legit the workout for your face! How? Well it stimulates the muscles by sending a low-voltage pulses of current that is very similar to the natural electrical currents of the body.

These focused currents then cause the muscles to relax and contract, giving that instant life feature and feeling that people lose their minds over! Plus, it’s super easy to add to any basic facial, turning it into a luxurious spa treatment that has your client feeling like you’ve gone above and beyond what they expected with your time together. When you finish using microcurrent, give your client some added glow by adding an amazing serum cocktail and finishing product and they’ll shine brighter than Rudolph’s nose…uhm…sans the redness. 


Maybe your clients are feeling a little rough around the edges. One way to smooth out some of those covid-creases would be the old tried and true holiday spa treatment –  Microdermabrasion! There’s so many ways that this method of exfoliation has been revamped and utilized! From crystal “scrubs” to machines and pre-treats, using microdermabrasion gives your clients something that they are familiar with, even if never tried, which in a lot of cases just makes it that much easier to plan their escape (and whatever happens next!). Microdermabrasion is very minimal and super non-invasive with a rather minimal downtime. It can replace any exfoliation process during a basic facial session or be an added bonus (or buff) to your own speciality session! 

Chemical Peels

Yet, maybe you’re a peel person? No worries, we have peels on our list of holiday spa treatments! We got you too. Mild chemical peels are also an amazing way to really rejuvenate your clients skin. Using a superficial peel will do just the trick for getting someone snap-shot-smooth and ready for any occasion. The results will also stand the test of time and can be paired with some amazing stocking stuffer home care goodies that our wonderful industry skincare lines normally roll out around this time! Have a favorite line you use? Ask your rep what they are doing for the holidays by ways of mini kits, and BOOM you have a bundle full of love, added value, and swag! 

Oxygen Facials

I definitely cannot forget the wonderful world of oxygen treatments for they truly are just a breath of fresh air to our treatment room! They make the perfect holiday spa treatment. Your clients need a chance to breathe and so does their skin. There are some amazing oxygenizing masks and tools on the market right now. Ever heard of a dome-facial? It is so cool guys! It’s straight out of a sci-fi movie with results that are really out of this world! What is it you ask? This speciality machine covers your client in a clear dome then kisses the skin with 90% pure oxygen. This is an amazing way to increase circulation to the face and per usual, was started and created by our friends overseas in Korea. Apply your favorite serum cocktail or mask, add dome– vah-la! Be prepared for the ultimate glo-ho-ho and healthy radiant skin that will be so brilliant, you might want to keep sunglasses handy. 

Led Light Therapy Treatments

Everyone loves festive lights right? So why not add some LED sparkles to the mix? Another easy to come by yet effective room treatment that gives you and your client some down time with a purpose! LED therapy is such a “sit and chill” thrill of a modality. You select a light, push a button, and that’s it! Add a hand massage, put on some specialty music, clean up a little, and when the timer goes “ding” unhood your masterpiece! LED aka Color Therapy, was first uncertain on how legit this process was. But with countless studies you can now a norm in the treatment room and for some at home! If used consistently it is discovered that LED can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and beat acne scarring bacteria into submission. So by all means, get in there and light up your clients life for this glimmer of hope! 

But what if my specialty is body?  Oh. Hunty. I definitely got some scoop for you on Holiday Spa Treatments!

CBD Holiday Spa Treatments For Body

Body treatments in the beauty industry are BOOM-ING and nothing says holiday ready like a relaxing CBD back facial treatment! You’d swear that CBD was the Beyonce of beauty products.

Well, you’re not wrong! Though it may not have such a huge following, its name (and properties) are known far and wide throughout the industry. Rather people are gushing about it, or eye rolling, CBD is a hit with the masses and known for not only its tension relaxing properties, but can put forth some amazing results when it comes to skin and body wellness overall! You can find CBD in many forms in the beauty industry. From ice to gels, lotions and creams, it’s super versatile and can be an add on boost to enhance a facial massage or clients tired typing hands! 

Anti-Cellulite Treatments

For me, one of the MOST sought after treatments when it comes to holidays and the body is something that can really help someone feel confident in that little black dress is a contouring body wrap. And though the way events and celebrations may be a bit different in your neck of the pandemic, client confidence is never so important as of now! I love doing contouring body wraps or even exfoliating wraps because it really does take away water weight on my clients. It also is an AMAZING anti-cellulite treatment that encourages clients to be mindful (and maybe eat a little better) this holiday season.

Plus, who doesn’t want to help clients de-stress AND feel their best? Don’t raise your hand if that’s you…I don’t wanna know… What’s so nice about anti-cellulite treatments, is that they are often easy to add to any body scrub session too! Having smooth skin and feeling just overall refreshed is down right awesome! I normally like to couple an express facial or an enzyme facial to the body wrap sessions since the client will be laying in the products anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour! Why not make the most of that down time for them? 

spa holiday gift

But…I can’t do any Holiday Spa Treatments services right now. What else can I do? 

Sell Retail Hunty! 

Boo boo look no further than your own preferred product company! If you’re like me, and many other beauty pros, you are getting TONS of emails from companies that are rolling out their Christmas mini’s or holiday special delights and they would LOVE for you to share them with your clients! But don’t delay…if anything that pandemic-which-shall-not-be-named has shown us, it’s that the mail system can be just as brutal as watching the news has been lately.

Once you decide on what route you are going to go, pull the trigger and order!! You want ample time to get your products in, and please. P-L-E-A-S-E ask your rep for marketing materials if not provided in the initial email announcing the company’s gear. You can grow your holiday retail sales and earn a ton of extra cash – learn how with the L+A Retail Webisode. That will just help you to build the excited for your already ordering online clients, and give them something to look forward too and chiiiillldddd we can all use that!

Gift sets are always game and make amazing stocking stuffers. Plus, unless holiday themed, they last the test of time and can be amazing gifts to your clients who purchase service bundles when things get back on track for you! Or they even make just sincerely nice gifts to your VIPs who have been your A-1 since Day-1.

Gift Certificates

Now if you are a gift giver like me, I am often torn about dawning gift certificates upon my family and friends. Plus, in my humble experience, people tend to sit, and sit, and sit on them. That’s FINE. You’re not going anywhere (claiming that for you) and it gives you a nice marketing line to incite them to return. Maybe offer a special code for online ordering written as a surprise in their checkout email that gives them free shipping for online orders if their certificate is “x” amount of dollars. Or offer a pre-priced gift certificate if clients come in and purchase one of your maybe slower treatment sessions for the holiday season, they’ll get that certificate as an added bonus!  You can also add on some great retail items to the sale of any gift certificate. 

Welp. I hope I was able to not only give you some insight as to what you can do this holiday season but some hope as well! I LOVE talking shop, planning, and gift giving, so feel free to reach out. After all, we estie-besties are TRULY in this together!  


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Guest Blogger – Tenisha “Isha” Hicks

Since the idea to go to “beauty school”, Tenisha “Isha” Hicks (owner of Isha Esthetics And Wellness) has wanted to do nothing but help people feel good about themselves, no matter what GOOD meant!  Tenisha is a Licensed Esthetician located in Murray, UT is a certified Sculptice specialists since 2017.

Her skill set and proficiency in body treatments has not only earned her a place as one of the honored few SculptICE Specialist Trainers, but the honor of winning “Player of the Year” in the Open Category for the 2019 The Skin Games. Her hopes are to continue learning and growing in her area of expertise and hopefully helping others do the same as her both her clients and friend.


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