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5 Best Skin Care Gifts To Offer When Selling A Spa Gift Card

5 Best Skin Care Gifts To Offer When Selling A Spa Gift Card

 The best skin care gifts are always the ones given at holidays!  LOL, we kid!  If you’re selling holiday spa gift cards, it’s always a great idea to offer something to go with those spa gift cards.  We have some suggestions for the best skin care gifts that are a great add on to any spa gift card sale. 

Just image all of the shoppers who come to your business for a spa gift card for a loved one on their list, now imagine them adding on one of the best skin care gifts on our list to help increase your holiday product sales revenue!  


5 Best Skin Care Gifts To Offer When Selling A Spa Gift Card

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5 Best Skin Care Gifts To Offer When Selling A Spa Gift Card

#1 Skin Rejuvenation Kits

 Skin Rejuvenation Kits by BiON

BiON’s Skin Rejuvenation Kits contain products that are carefully formulated to work together to achieve healthy, youthful looking skin. The 1/2 ounce products are packaged together in a zippered vinyl bag for easy travel or can be sold as a trial kit. The rejuvenation products stimulate collagen and elastin production to increase the firmness and tone of mature skin. Moisture, sun protection and peptides are added to the regimen to prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. All four of the products are best sellers from BiON and include Cleanser for Normal Skin, Collagen Revival Serum, Youthful Eyes Peptide Cream and Titanium Dioxide SPF 35 Suncream.

# 2 Aromatherapy Massage Oils

Aromatherapy Massage Oils by Dermamed Solutions

The Aromatherapy Essential Oil Massage Blends are produced in an eco-ethical manner by small grower/harvesters with the highest standards. We use only the highest quality base oils to yield a high quality, clean and beneficial product. Maximum skin nourishment and moisturization is achieved with scientifically formulated aroma-therapeutic essential oils mixed into antioxidant-rich coconut, jojoba, and peach kernel oil. Designed to feed your skin, soothe muscles and stress, and provide lasting moisture.

#3 1 oz Hydrosols & Toners

1 oz Hydrosols & Toners by KM Herbals 

These Hydrosols & Toners are available in 5 fragrances.

Bulgarin Rose Hydrosol & Toner

Frankincense & Rose Hydrosol & Toner

Frankincense Hydrosol & Toner

Rose Geranium Hydrosol & Toner

Rosemary Hydrosol & Toner

Hydrosols are obtained at the same time as an essential oil during the steam distillation process of plant material. There are oil-soluble and water-soluble constituents that are extracted from the plant, both bearing many of the same healing properties. The resulting oil portion is the essential oil.

This extract is highly concentrated and often must be diluted before making contact with the skin. The water portion of the distillate is the hydrosol. Hydrosols are much lighter in concentration, making them safe for direct skin contact and useful for a variety of applications.

As facial toners, hydrosols continue the cleansing process, refreshing your pores and calming the skin while adding moisture, balance, and protection. Our hydrosols can be lightly misted over the face without disturbing makeup or sensitive eyes.

Their user-friendly spray-on application makes them a great on-the-go product, perfect for your purse, desk, or locker. You can also enjoy hydrosols as: room or body fresheners, aromatherapy spritzers, powder makeup setting sprays, post-workout skin refreshers, liquid bases for powdered masks.

#4 Queen's Cloth

Queen’s Cloth by Queen City Beauty Group

The packging allows you to slip this into an envelope with a Spa Gift Card. 

Grow your retail sales bottom line, increase your product line’s efficacy, and save a planet!

The Queens Cloth is:

1. First Step to Healthy Clear Skin.

2. Daily Gentle Exfoliator.

3. Removes all traces of make-up.

4. Perfect for the gym/traveling.

5. Chemical Free, for all ages, all skin types!

Just add water!

#5 Wash Your Face Necklace

Wash Your Face Necklace by Be The Good

What an incredible message to give your clients!  A lovely reminer when you’re not there!  You can customize the message to Wash Your Face on the Be The Good customizable necklace page! 

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Thanks to Be The Good, BiON, KM Herbals,  Dermamed Solutions, and QCBG for sponsoring this article.

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