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5 Holiday Gifts For Literally Everyone

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It’s Friday after Thanksgiving. The leftovers are in the fridge. The family and friends are headed back from where they came and those warm fuzzy feelings of gratitude and joy are now replaced with the shame eating about a metric ton of food yesterday.

But that’s ok, because it’s officially the “Holiday Season” so we can shop that shame away!  It’s time to start holiday shopping. We don’t care which holiday you celebrate. We just want to make sure that you give the best gifts!  Whoever said, “It’s better to give than receive” has obviously gotten some really crappy holiday gifts!

This week’s Part Of The Pack is all about gifts.  It’s just 5 gifts. But if you’d like a complete list of epic holiday gifts, you should check out our 20 Amazing Choices in the Lipgloss + Aftershave Holiday Gift Guide!

Pop 5 Holiday Gifts For Literally Everyone

well-cbd-bath-salts-lipgloss-aftershaveCBD Infused Body Products – by WELL

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with CBD.  We feel like the spa industry’s CBD ambassadors.  If you want to know why we love WELL – Click Here


Glow Kit – by Tu’el

Want a FREE Eye Cream?  Duh! Of course you do, Tu’el will give you one if you buy a Glow Kit for a limited time – Click Here

Beauty Around The World Gift Set – Lira Clinical

Want to know which 3 of the hottest products from Lira are included along with a gorgeous tote – Click Here

grande-lips-hydrating-lip-plumper-lipgloss-aftershaveHydrating Lip Plumper – Grande Cosmetics

Want to know why we love this Plumper so much?  Find out the ingredients that make it amazing – Click Here


This device plays well with every skincare line and every skin type.  Literally, an amazing gift for everyone – find out why – Click Here

Ok, that is our short list for holiday gifts that we’re 100% positive that anyone you have on your list will love!  Now, if you’re not into any of these, you can check out our 20 Amazing Choices in the Lipgloss + Aftershave Holiday Gift Guide.

Thank you to MYSKINBUDDY, Lira Clinical, Tu’el, WELL and Grande Cosmetics for sponsoring this article.

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