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Hempfield Botanicals Effectively Serves The Community As B Corp

Hempfield Botanicals Serves Community As A B Corporation

Hempfield Botanicals, a Lancaster, PA-based cannabidiol (CBD) product manufacturer, became a Certified B Corporation on May 2, 2019. After a rigorous assessment process, the company has achieved a distinction that only approximately 2,200 companies worldwide can claim.

B CorpTM Certification is far more than a stamp of approval on a business’s products and services. It involves an in-depth assessment (and verification by the non-profit organization B Lab®) to determine if a company meets “the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.”


10 Ways Hempfield Botanicals Serves Community As a B Corp

Hempfield Botanicals’ business certifications, practices, processes, and protocols that have enabled it to achieve B Corp status include:

  • Supplier Diversity Policy – Buying from “preferred” local, minority/women-owned suppliers within a 200-mile radius
  • Paying team members for monthly community volunteer involvement
  • Charitable giving practices – Such as donating to local non-profit organizations
  • Tracking use of water and electricity to determine ways to lessen the company’s impact on the environment
  • Taking steps to become a zero-waste manufacturing facility
  • Chemical reduction methods – Use of non-toxic cleaners and unbleached paper products
  • Increase in fair trade purchases
  • Regular monitoring of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to assess if the company is meeting its social and environmental objectives
  • Providing advanced skills and life skills training, quality assurance methodology, and other development opportunities for full-time team members
  • A Board of Directors that has formally agreed to balance profit and purpose

Hempfield Botanicals, along with its sister-brand, Makes Scents Natural Spa Line, attained a score of 81.2 on its B Impact Assessment by B Lab®, which will be updated and verified every three years to maintain certification.

“Achieving B CorpTM Certification provides validation of what our business has always stood for,” explained the CEO and founder of Hempfield Botanicals, Heather Kreider, “We have always believed in our responsibility to ensure our business has a positive impact on our customers, employees, the community, and the environment.”

For more information about Hempfield Botanicals and its B Corp Certification, visit the company’s website.

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About Hempfield Botanicals

With the proven healing abilities of hemp-based CBD, our 100% THC-free products provide an effective topical treatment for muscle, joint, nerve pain and inflammation. Hempfield Botanicals uses whole-plant hemp extracts otherwise known as isolated crystalline Cannabinoid (CBD). Hempfield Botanicals is available in a range of products including Massage & Body Oil, Muscle Recovery, targeted Salve, Oral Oils, Face Oils, and healing Lip Balm. For more information, visit www.hempfieldbotanicals.com, email Info@HempfieldBotanicals.com, or call (717) 874-8480.

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