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Bad Extractions Can Keep Clients From Rebooking

How can we make extractions easier for both you AND your clients? There are a few things to take into consideration.

4 Tips From An Esthetician To Make Extractions Easier 

1. Products
Let’s dive right into what types of products should be used to prep the skin before extractions. Exfoliators are the best way to remove dead skin cells and soften the skin. Some examples are enzyme masks, chemical peels, scrubs, and dermaplaning. The list goes on and on for exfoliation options. BiON’s Pineapple Mango Enzyme provides excellent antibacterial action with softening effects from the added salicylic acid. This is one of our most recommended exfoliating options for congested or acne-prone skin. Hydrated skin is also key to simple extractions. Hydrated skin equals happy and healthy skin. Sometimes, adding in a quick hydrating mask after your exfoliation can be what really makes a difference in how easily extractions are going to be. Look at hydrating products such as BiON’s Hydrating Gelee Mask to help soften and open the follicle.

2. Plan Of Attack
Before we get into talking about extraction techniques, I recommend analyzing the skin and mapping out a plan before you start. Take the extra time to see what you are working with and see how the skin has responded to the prep products. Having a plan will set you up for success.


Contribution by Andrea Matczyszyn

Andrea is BiON Skincare’s Licensed Esthetician and Director of Sales & Product Education. In this role, Andrea manages incoming orders and provides support to our licensed professionals on a day-to-day basis. She also attends trade shows to be there hands-on for our customers and to provide education and recommendations on how to use our products. As a big believer in BiON Skincare and our mission, Andrea supports our family-owned and operated business by holding herself to the same level of customer service standards that our customers have come to know over the past 20+ years of being in business. Andrea has held an Esthetician license for over 9 years now.  She attended esthetics school right here in Lincoln, NE at College of Hair Design in July 2011, graduating in December 2011. After graduation, she moved to Colorado where she quickly became the Lead Esthetician at her first esthetics job. After a few years in Colorado, she moved back to Nebraska to be closer to family and has been working in the business industry since. Passionate about skincare and its ever-changing world, Andrea is excited to be able to work with so many different licensed professionals around the world to help grow and learn from each other.

Our Review of BiON Skincare

This review of BiON Skincare is one of my most anticipated 30 Day Challenges.  I’ve known the brand for many years, but they’ve always been sort of low key.  Well, they got my attention this past spring when they helped my nephew deal with his teenage acne situation.  BiON has a simple 3 Step system for treating acne.

3. Proper Technique
Prepare the client for what to expect during the extraction process. This step is especially important for first-time clients. If they are unsure what is happening during this step, it can make them feel uncomfortable and they may not become a return client. Let them know that you have thoroughly prepared the skin and that they will feel some pressure. 

Remind your client that you are open to feedback and to let you know if they need a break or if it becomes too much for them at any point. After all, it is their skin and if they would prefer to skip extractions, it is completely up to them. It is our job as the professional to educate our clients on how beneficial it can be to the skin to get extractions done professionally and with proper technique, but this is their time and we want them to feel comfortable so they trust us and will return time and time again.

4. Proper Tools

Finally, we should look at fine-tuning extraction techniques. It is important to be comfortable with the tool you choose to use. Practice will make perfection. Whether you are using a comedone extractor, two Q-tips, or another tool, extraction technique is key. Avoid causing inflammation or spreading bacteria under the skin. We all have our own methods, but the most important thing is that we don’t damage the skin in the process. Go slow and take your time. Don’t force extractions. Look at other options such as an at-home acid exfoliation. Mandelic, glycolic or lactic acid serums are great options. A gentle daily exfoliator such, as BiON’s Mandelic 8% Serum or BiON’s Mandelic 5% Toner Pads, can be used to soften the pores between facial appointments and successful extractions can be achieved.

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