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A Review Of BiON Skincare: June 30 Day Challenge

Review of BiON Skincare – Barry’s 30 Day Challenge

This review of BiON Skincare is one of my most anticipated 30 Day Challenges.  I’ve known the brand for many years, but they’ve always been sort of low key.  Well, they got my attention this past spring when they helped my nephew deal with his teenage acne situation.  BiON has a simple 3 Step system for treating acne.  

3 Step Acne Kit For All Skin Types

Acne Control System by BiON Research Skincare Products

In learning about a healthy lipid barrier, we discover that healthy skin is contingent upon the adequate production and flow of sebum from the sebaceous gland through the hair follicles to the skin’s surface.  If that flow is impeded, there’s going to be some sort of problem – breakouts!

BiON Research Skincare Products encourages your clients to follow a proven 3 step system to kill bacteria (including p. acne), reduce sebum production, and reduce inflammation without the undesirable side effects of benzoyl peroxide.   Read More

Review Of Bion Skincare

A Testimonial On The 3 Step Acne System

Henry Uses BiON 3 Step Acne System Consistently

BiON 3 step system is easy to use – especially for a 13 year old boy!  Henry, my nephew, committed to following the instructions – and God love him – he did! Reports all month long that he’s washing morning and evening!  Because he was indicating some burning with the “other” brand I asked BiON for the sensitive skin option. I hypothesized that he needed to repair his barrier function.  Read More

review of bion skincare

An Anti-Aging, Brightening, Firming Selection Of Home Care

After the success my nephew experienced in our review of BiON Skincare’s 3 step acne system, I took a deeper look at BiON Skincare and decided there were some key products that I wanted to try!  We had been working with BiON for a few years and we’d tried a few items here and there and like them, but I wanted to deep dive and see how they all worked together!

30 Day Challenge Outline Of BiON

Here’s the routine that I’m using and that I love!

AM Routine

Bacteriostat Cleanser
I only use 2 pumps of this cleanser. Just a small amount creates enough foam to clean my face.  Doesn’t strip, has a fresh, slightly citrus fragrance and rinses easily.  

Collagen Revival Serum
This serum has a milky opaque color, almost no fragrance and is a cross between a gel and lotion.  It spreads easily on the skin.  Packed with the ACE collection and Green Tea.  They had me at REVIVAL!  

Youthful Eyes Peptide Cream
This is a light cream based consistency with no fragrance, spreads easily and absorbs.  After a week of use, it’s safe to say it’s not too rich to cause any breakouts. I’ve also not had any irritation when I work out (sometimes I sweat and product leaks into my eyes).  Can we talk about these two points? 

  • Reduces facial muscle contractions to prevent wrinkles
  • Increases production of collagen and HA around the eyes

Yes, you have my attention!  Come through and get to work ….. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Palmitoyl Oligopeptide, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Soy Rice Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E – 

Oil Free Moisturizing Gel (if needed)
This is a true gel spreads perfectly and sinks in easily.  Hydrates without any greasy feeling.  I love this product!  Your oily clients, who are afraid of moisturizers will love this product. 

Titanium Dioxide SPF 35
The first time I used this SPF, I stopped.  What’s going on here?  It smells amazing!  Finally an SPF that you want to smell!  It’s got a warm deep almond/vanilla scent that’s got a hint of smoke to it!  I love it!  It’s an award winner and has some truly exceptional ingredients.  It spreads easily and doesn’t irritate my eyes!  

PM Routine

Bacteriostat Cleanser

Vitamin A + Antioxidants (every other night)
This is a light weight product with a consistency between a lotion and a gel.  Been alternating for a week as directed.  I’ve got pretty tough skin so I’m not experiencing any peeling or flaking.  

Mandelic Serum 15% (opposite night as Vitamin A)
This is an almost liquid consistency.  I use 2 pumps but also put on my bald head.  I have been using as directed.  I started with the 15%  and not the 8%, so I had a bit of a tingle when applying other products on the 3rd day.  But now, I’m all adjusted.  

Optional: Collagen Revival

Youthful Eyes Peptide

Oil Free Moisturizing Gel

 Fruit Enzyme 1-2 times per week to slough off dead cells.  Just so we’re clear – you can’t freeze this and eat it like sorbet!  You’ll know what I mean after the first time you smell the intoxicating pineapple aroma!  The enzymes are great to keep the cell turnover in conjunction with the Vitamin A.  It has an element of manual exfoliation, but honestly, I’m a scrub junkie and want more jojoba beads in it. But, I always have to stop myself and realize that it may not be good for the skin or everyone’s cup of tea to sand blast their face.  

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